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Serious heel looking for FULL SUB JOBBER MEAT

Lightweights for classic full jobber beatdowns.
Muscle for systematic destruction to submission.
Brutality is real, limits respected but encouraged to be expanded rapidly.

Philosophy: NOT looking for competitive. I'm realistic, I'm 58 and taking on a 30 YO jobber in a fight isn't gonna end well. That said, here's how I approach all this: Pure and simple. I LIKE hurting guys. Some guys don't understand that and I respect those able to compete and win/lose to other guys. But punching, kicking, stomping, choking, sleepering a guy out, making him moan, scream, beg....its the ultimate submission and domination. Pure sadism vs pure masochism. A jobber by nature needs to be beaten up. He wants it, just like a guy getting flogged wants to feel his back beaten, or a guy getting wax dripped on him needs to feel the stinging pain of hot wax searing his body. It is just a primal, animal version of gear, just hands, feet and desire to give and take pain more brutally than most 'normal' people would ever consider. As a good SM top, it is my job to hit, hurt and deliver pain, but be responsible and sane. So I am.

That said: Full Dominant Heel loves taking jobbers thru their painful paces. Punches, stomps, kicks, chokes, sleeperholds, figure 4, nerve and joint locks and overextensions.

Gotten a lot of requests for full boxing face sided, few limits. My answer: Bring it and I'll do it. Skilled at face punching and have gone as far as a guy can go including bloody face, closed eyes and KO. I love working a guy's hot face so let me know if that's you. Video with PunchPig being approved as we speak.

Live NNJ. Have place to take you down and keep you there as long as you're still croaking out NO to "Do you submit?" Longer you take, the more I like dishing out. Finally got the mats in, so now I can bulldog your head into the floor......

I don't do pro-style fake stomps and kicks, punches and chokes. I do it real and want a jobber man enough to take it, and sub for me after. Can do lighter and less intense....I can, I don't like to, but I can.

Ripe pits, jocks, sox, feet, balls a huge plus. Servicing mine after you lose a must.

I'm sane but brutal, like few limits but all limits expected to be adhered to both ways. I support safety awareness, which sounds counteintuative to what I like to do....but a responsible heel does it right.

If you made it this far, you're a true masochist or looking for some sign I can go lighter. Here it is: Yeah, I love to just roll around, share body stink and play around with hot guys. ....with guys who are willing to give and take and exchange power, as well as jobbers who want to learn how to take moves, punches, chokes and sleepers but aren't quite ready for the full beatdown.



  1. USA - New Jersey, Orange
    (I'm here between 7/10/2010 and 12/31/2019)
    Home Base
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I am willing to travel 30 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlet, square cut, rank jocks, singlets, combat BDU pants, nothing. Ripstrip workovers, shred your gear/suit off you.

No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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CoachSal is recommended by ShaunR

What a fucking heel. Sal's only intent is to teach and train...but he only intends to do that by really testing and stretching limits. Nothing in his written introduction is a lie (I dare you to try and call his bluff.) He's introduced me to real punches, and showed me that my pain tolerance was a hell of a lot higher than I thought.

Every session gets gradually more intense. He's left my head ringing until the next day and aching for the rest of the week. I was definitely moving at a slow pace until he (literally) knocked some sense into me and got me up to speed.

All in all, Sal's got boulders behind those fists and he isn't afraid to put them to work on your face...gut...whatever else might me swirling in your mind. He's a great mentor who can help you a great deal so long as you're open with him.

TLDR; The epitome of a sadistic, bloodthirsty heel who gets happier the more you moan, groan, grunt, etc. :)



ShaunR is recommended by CoachSal

I could say this kid is tougher than he knows, but that's wrong on two, he may be young but he's no kid, and two, he's starting to learn that he's one tough cookie.

What I ask from a jobber is the need to learn, the desire to suffer and the ability to grow. Shaun has grown from some taps to the head and gut to craving more and more with every lesson ....and yet desire to go further next time. Someone who accepts the need for pain and trusts the person who is delivering it adds up to ever more brutal and satisfying growth.......and a fucking hot, hard, nasty and violent scene......



CoachSal is recommended by hotprofanmuscle

Like a very very fine wine - CoachSal gets better & better
one hot man to wrestle with....
great setup for great wrestling



hotprofanmuscle is recommended by CoachSal

hotprofanmuscle proves age is a number, limits are temporary and masculinity never goes out of style.......easily both a sadist and a masochist.......and tough as nails, strong as hell.



CoachSal is recommended by badladuk

Wow. I seriously can't do justice to Sal no matter how many adjectives I use.

He pushed limits, earned my trust, gave me extensive heavy punchings to head and body and was a complete gentleman when he wasn't giving me pain!

Despite the mileage between us I can promise there will definitely be a next time... and a time after that... And after that one too. He's way too good a sadist and already way too good a friend for it to end here!



badladuk is recommended by CoachSal

Meetfighters can be a crap shoot for sure. But I hit the jackpot with BadLadUK. He traveled 3,500 miles to meet me. He told me he's been watching me since my videos 20 years ago. I've seen him as the 19 yo twink in wrestling who grew up.....more like exploded.....into the huge hunk he is today.

He is insatiable..,

Consummate target......I got to be his first for face shots and pro style razor cuts to his head, brass knuck gut work....the list goes on and on.

Consummate heel, fighting ButchBoots on my mats, fighting him hard and beating the fuck out of him .....with a little assist from the crooked ref.

We tried everything and we both still want a lot more. And there is going to be more.

Recommendation: BadLadUK is the real deal 10000%.



CoachSal is recommended by ButchBoots

Not for the weak willed, this man gave me the greatest work over of my life, I can't wait for our next meeting, I highly suggest only the TOUGHEST of men step forward, not to mention he's an all around AMAZING guy



ButchBoots is recommended by CoachSal

UPDATE: 10-4-18
Well I said the limits would be updated by him.....last fight was a true total jobber beatdown using NHB gloves with face and head shots, leg and knee stomps, bicep stomps and razor work on is hairline for a dripping bloody finish. I have never had anyone suffer so beautifully, long, hard and brutal and ask as he left, when can we do it again. He is indeed the ultimate jobber.

Original Recommendation: He is a jobber's jobber.....from the second he walked in and I reverse headlocked him to the floor to the final tapout and begging for no more Sir.
I've never been with a guy who takes everything you can give, aching and moaning all the way, but never saying stop. Yeah, I hit him hard, it was a brutal, nonstop, dripping wet with sweat , INTENSE beating. His moans only made me want to do more. Limits were respected.....face shots were limited and sleepers weren't put on fully.....but another match is coming up and those limits may be changing by him......I can't fucking wait .
ButchBoots is one of the ultimate jobbers on this site or anywhere.



oneatatime is recommended by CoachSal

Oneatatime was a fun match, very good and defiant jobber to my heel. Worked him over really hard and kept asking for more. Really handsome and solid guy. Even taught him more about sleeperholds.



CoachSal is recommended by mattz4fun

This dude is the real deal. Just staring off, I wanted a rough and brutal fight and got about all I could handle. Such a rush taking on this mound of muscle determined to break me down. Definitely pushed my limits, but always felt safe. And gave me some holds and good motivation to build my skills.



mattz4fun is recommended by CoachSal

Man oh man, we 'fought' back in the 90s and mattz suffered a REAL beating under me like few have. Targeted his legs and they ended up so black and blue he had to hide them at the gym. He's only gotten 1000% even HOTTER with age, and he's turned heel which I love....looking forward to our tag matches soon against jobber boys and I'd recommend him to any jobber needing a good workover.



CoachSal is recommended by punchpignyc

I've known CoachSal for a lotta years. We've been kind of circling each other - not knowing if the right time would come, only knowing that if it did it would be explosive. It did and it was. CoachSal is exactly the man you're looking for if you're ready to feel the full force of an intensely focused (and turned-on) opponent. He will respect limits but he is very strong & has this irrepressible urge to take you where you've never been, that is, just over the line, so be ready for that. A lot of us say we're ready for that, but you gotta do it to know it. He's a smart, sensitive, terrific man with a lot of life experience as well as fight experience. When we got to our one-sided punching thing (me taking, he throwing) I definitely took shots I've never taken before - let's just say he throws a memorable punch. I'll let you find out the rest. But he's a man to meet.



punchpignyc is recommended by CoachSal

How do you talk about your experience punching up your idol? He says we danced around each other for years. We did, maybe 20 years, but it was worth every second of waiting. Punchpig is the gold standard of punching. Even as you work him over, he's inspiring you to do better, hit on target, do damage. I have never met someone as into being hit and worked over as he is. We talked about trading punches, but in the end he took hard shots from me and couldn't have been happier. I look forward to learning more from him. I like to think of it as brutality with finesse.



CoachSal is recommended by rdy2wrstl

CoachSal is intense. I have to admit I was scared yet drawn in the entire time. He punished me with moves, hurt me good, landed strong punches and even sleepered me out, but he worked me through it all. He's a true brutal sadistic heel. I'm not kidding. I've never been brutalized that way before. You'd better be ready for a beating if you meet up with him. He told me I would be back for more, and I fear I will.



rdy2wrstl is recommended by CoachSal

This jobber boy is hot as fuck, WAY hotter in person than even his pics suggest. From the minute he walked in, i worked his last nerve, using my height advantage to close in on him backing him up to the wall. From there, every thing I could do to him I did, the fear in his eyes only motivated me to go harder. He kept going until he reached his limits and tapped out, and while I kept up pressure on him for a while longer, all limits were respected. Its funny, throwing him around I actually hurt a rib! He says he fears he will be back. I know he will. And I'll be very happy to work him over again.


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CoachSal 8/17/2018

Taking the gloves to PunchPig's face for some blood and pain after 20 years

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