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I'm a beefy / stocky masculine, hairy musclebear into powerlifting, wrestling and other types of Alpha-male centered activities.



  1. USA - Illinois, Chicago
  2. USA - California, Anaheim
    (I'm here between 9/11/2015 and 9/23/2015)
  3. USA - California, Palm Springs
    (I'm here between 9/11/2015 and 9/23/2015)
  4. USA - California, Los Angeles
    (I'm here between 9/11/2015 and 9/23/2015)
  5. USA - California, San Diego
    (I'm here between 9/11/2015 and 9/23/2015)
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I am willing to travel 2000 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 283 lbs (128 kg)

Gear: shirtless, barefoot, speedos, nude

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No holds barred No holds barred
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Chicago Wrestler is recommended by festygoer00

Such a fun guy to be around with! Great strength and a really good wrestler!



Chicago Wrestler is recommended by leanmachinetn

Chicago Wrestler really made this Southern boy feel special with all his ruff and tuff attention on a recent Saturday night and again Sunday morning. I highly recommend this powerful, but ultimately gentle beast. Great guy and now great friend.



Chicago Wrestler is recommended by Roughmatch

I wrestled this massive hunk at the OKIE Rumble. During part of the match, I got on my knees with my hands behind my back and allowed him to use his big feet to kick me in my midsection. It was a hot time we had. He likes it rough, as do I. Am hoping for another limited rules bout with him sometime.



Mike86 is recommended by Chicago Wrestler

What can I say, Mike86 is one of a kind - big and strong and knows how to control in a match. If you are looking for a very aggressive match he is the guy you should challenge. If you're looking to get tested at multiple levels he'll school you. That being said, he won't dish out more than you can take. His elbow smashes to my gut were among the most devastating I've ever taken - I can't wait to receive some more.



A Wrstle-bear is recommended by Chicago Wrestler

This opponent is lean , strong and tough. He will take and give abuse and he enjoys taking on the big grapplers and loves using his legs to apply painful scissor holds. If you are into body hair he has loads of it and I won't soon forget having my face smothered on in his hot chest. I highly recommend him and am looking forward to our rematch.



Chicago Wrestler is recommended by Ringmuscle

This Beast is the ultimate pro wrestling fantasy opponent. Awesome build and attitude. Also this big man can move so bring your A game.



Ringmuscle is recommended by Chicago Wrestler

I had a great time and a fun match with Ring Muscle!!! He is both a gentleman and a powerhouse.



Chicago Wrestler is recommended by rassler 315

The Hungarian HAMMER - as i know him...has faced off w/ the Mizzouri Grizzly three times. He is one of the biggest, beefiest, brawling bears you could ever meet.
Strong, good endurance, likes to own the action, but he's found the GRIZZ a bit hard to tame...he get's mauled and still comes back for more.
He's a welcome site on my mats anytime. A true gentleman, competitor, and friend.



Chicago Wrestler is recommended by the123champ

I wrestled him when he was "Atlanta" wrestler, and he was pretty dang tuff back then! Big and strong - definitely difficult to work a pinning combination on. Wish he was still in Altanta, I'd love a rematch!! Hey big man, if you're even in Texas - BRING IT ON!!!

You think I schooled you the FIRST time!? Next time, you gonna swear you back in Kindergarden!!



the123champ is recommended by Chicago Wrestler

The "champ" loves verbal and can be somewhat of a "chump" on that front but he's a great guy and very skilled wrestler. I would suggest not underestimating him. That being said, our next encounter he will be thoroughly "owned".

Hammer (a.k.a. - Chicago Wrestler)


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Gut Punching, Punching, Bigger, Smaller, Bear,

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Gut Punching

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