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Young wrestler that's not very experienced. Be close or able to travel for I am a working full time job so it's hard for me to go far distances



  1. USA - Ohio, Logan
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Age: 20-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 145 lbs (66 kg)

Gear: Shorts or underwear

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Past Opponents

BoxerboiOH CollegeStud Schmitc63 Stephencle YoungStud614


Camcam22 is recommended by CollegeStud

He is a great skillful wrestler. Loved wrestling with him and can’t wait to do it again. We had a lot of fun.



Camcam22 is recommended by Stephencle

After chatting for a while with camcam22 we finally met up. Very nice guy and hungry to win! His determination keeps him going again and again. He is flexible and tough. A great opponent if you get a chance to wrestle camcam22 I would jump on it.



Stephencle is recommended by Camcam22

Me and stephencle have talked and got the chance to meet up for a match. He is a skilled wrestler determined to win. Knows a lot of holds and moves. He’s a challenge to the average wrestler but still really fun and he is a great guy. I would definitely wrestle him again.



Camcam22 is recommended by YoungStud614

Cameron is a great guy with a great body, and was an awesome pro heel and jobber. Not as strong in submission wrestling, but he was a blast to grapple anywah. A nice guy when he's not in the zone. Willing to learn and fun to toss around, highly recommend him for a match!



YoungStud614 is recommended by Camcam22

Had a lot fun wrestling him. He is very strong and knows how to get his way in a match. He knows a lot of moves and is a great teacher. He taught me many moves and let me practice some too. And even when we weren't throwing each other around, he was a very kind and down to earth person and he was a good person to talk to. But don't let his kindness get to you, he'd have you tapping out in no time. I highly recommend wrestling him