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I am strong and stubborn, I love the exercise and muscle to muscle contact, I love getting sweaty and dominating other wrestlers but also just as happy being a jobber.



  1. USA - Michigan, Sterling Heights
    Detroit Metro
  2. USA - California, Ventura
    (I'm here between 5/20/2019 and 5/28/2019)
    Ventura and surrounding areas
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 178 lbs (81 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, speedos

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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CRX67 is recommended by rochroll

Had a fun time with CRX the other day. Strong guy who knows how to take it to the right level and not too serious. Great guy to wrestle with and had good conversations during rest periods. Definitely recommend and look forward to meeting up with again sometime.



rochroll is recommended by CRX67

Rochroll was tough, skilled, fun, dependable, and nice to chat with. If you get the opportunity, definitely give him a wrestle.



CRX67 is recommended by jiminmaine

Had a great time with CRX67. He's in great shape, strong, quick, and has a lot of endurance. Lucky for me, I had a size advantage, otherwise we were pretty well matched. It's difficult to make this guy tap, he is scrappy and keeps fighting, even when he's in a difficult position. Very happy I had a chance to meet CRX67 while in Detroit. Hope to meet up with him again.



CRX67 is recommended by fraekstud

CRX67 was a good wrestler. He has a great personality, but beware. Do not let the pre-match conversations (with his smiles and laughs) disarm you, like it did me. He is strong and has good holds and knows how to use his legs effectively.

I highly recommend RX67 and look forward to a future rematch!



fraekstud is recommended by CRX67

Fraekstud was a blast to wrestle with. He is strong and very flexible. He has great stamina and really takes a licking yet comes back for more. I will definitely wrestle him again.

Also he is an intelligent, fun and interesting man to hang out with. I highly recommend.



CRX67 is recommended by Grakoda

After chatting for a while, CRX and I finally got to meet with a friend. It was well worth the wait! He is incredibly fit, agile, and skilled (even if he denies this). He was methodical in his ability to trap your head, arms, or anything else to immobilize you. He definitely won his time, but I look forward to round 2 to try and redeem myself. Incredibly pleasant and nice. Highly recommend.



Grakoda is recommended by CRX67

Grakoda took me by surprise as I was prepared for his skill level. He was very strong, skilled and witty.
Definitely a fun match and look forward to round II.
If you get the chance to wrestle him you won’t be disappointed.



CRX67 is recommended by Wrestlingfan14

Beauty is the word that prevails when you think about this wonderful guy!!! I traveled to Chicago with a friend and by a happy coincidence CRX67 was traveling there too!!! :-D
Since the first moment I saw him I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or if he had escaped from a fairy tale book! He is so handsome that it is really hard to take your eyes away from him! He has one of the most beautiful smiles I have seen and his body is pure perfection: big, strong and breathtaking muscles! He is just as beautiful as the day!!!
CRX67 and I had a very enjoyable match; he is very strong and skilled. It was a pleasure to be trapped in his powerful chest and to test his strength. By the way, he looks stunning wearing a mask!!!
Since we started chatting I realized that he was always kind and respectful, but when I met him in person I confirmed that he is a real beautiful gentleman. He took time out of his busy schedule to meet me, even though that day was his birthday!!! Actually the present was for me! :-) Thank you very much for that!



Wrestlingfan14 is recommended by CRX67

Wrestlingfan14 was very fun match. He was easy to schedule with and very accommodating. On the mats he was much stronger and skilled then what I anticipated so I had to up my game. He has great endurance and flexibility. I look forward to wrestling this fine man again.
Off the mats he was intelligent, kind, and warm hearted. I have met a lot of good guys on this site and is one of my favs thus far.



CRX67 is recommended by jdj2

CRX67 was one of the hottest guys I've ever wrestled. He answered the door in a speedo and wool socks, and it was quite a sight.

Our match was fun. He made a big deal about mentioning his lack of experience, then proceeded to sneak a lot of surprise submissions on me. He's pretty strong and has awesome stamina.

Great dude on the mat and off. And so nice! And, again, I must mention how hot he is in a speedo.



jdj2 is recommended by CRX67

I loved wrestling JdJ2, Very strong, tactical, and easy to schedule a match... watch out for his powerful legs, got me trapped often and I was helpless. Off the mats JdJ2 is easy to talk with and a fun guy, not mention very handsome. Hope to have another round in the future.



CRX67 is recommended by Tyman1314

Great on the mats and great just to talk too. I had a great time wrestling Chris. Would highly recommend him, watch out for the head lock it’s deadly!!!



Tyman1314 is recommended by CRX67

Tyler totally surprised me because of his skill level. He has a lot of strength and sly moves. He is a lot of fun to wrestle and tries his best to taunt me which I love. If you get the chance, wrestle him. I look forward to round II.
Also a nice guy “off the mats”



CRX67 is recommended by flip37

CRX67 and I had a great match. He's super strong and has lots of endurance and energy. Off the mats, he's also a super nice guy. I look forward to a rematch with him!



flip37 is recommended by CRX67

Flip37 is a super skilled, and strong. Watch out for his legs he knows how to use them! I had a lot of fun and look forward to round II.
Otherwise very nice guy off the mats, easy going and personable.



CRX67 is recommended by Samson Jr

Hotel match with this guy on a business trip to Detroit. The trash talk that cracked me up in the prematch emails carried through while we wrestled. But nothing funny about those huge pecs and impressive biceps that he just loved showing off. Two smooth jobbers going toe to toe, equal stats, I knew he'd be a challenge, but his strength surprised me and CRX ultimately won out. If we didn't both have plans, I would have insisted he stay for another round, for sure. Recommended.



Samson Jr is recommended by CRX67

Samson Jr is a lot of fun. He talks a good talk, egging me on and pushing my buttons all in good trash talk spirit. He was a good guy to wrestle, intense and strong. I definitely look forward to round two!



CRX67 is recommended by WrslMscl

Excellent match – fast and intense. This wrestler is tough, quick, strong, and muscled. And has a great personality to match. Ready for another round.



WrslMscl is recommended by CRX67

Had a fun time with WrslMscl, he is strong, skilled and intense. I enjoyed going at it with him and look forward to another go round! Nice guy too.



CRX67 is recommended by Rusnak

I was finally able to meet up with Chris after many months of chatting. He is well worth the wait. He shows up when agrred upon. Definitely a man of his word. Strong with great stamina he is a going to be formidable as he gains more mat skills. Catch him now guys, he wont be a newbie for long. Awesome guy in and iff the mats. Highly recommend him.



Rusnak is recommended by CRX67

Matt knows his stuff, skilled and strong. He is fun and persistent and a good guy. Look forward to round II.



2pt takedown is recommended by CRX67

2pt takedown is a great guy to wrestle, he is strong, good skills, safe, and a nice guy. Def want to go at it again with him!



CRX67 is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

This is one strong lean muscle guy with great wrestling skills and very fun to be with. Highly recommend



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by CRX67

Hairywrestler has a lot of skill, stamina, and strength. He is a super good guy off the mats and I look forward to wrestling him again and often as schedules allow.



CRX67 is recommended by GrapWrestler

Met CRX67. A super great guy. Very strong. Enjoyed wrestling him and sharing some tips. His game is good and will definitely get better the more he grapples. Watch out for this one. He's a fast learner and will be a good match.



GrapWrestler is recommended by CRX67

Great time wrestling. Grab wrestler is very meticulous, strong and able to implement punishing holds. He is also nice guy and I look forward to wrestling again.



CRX67 is recommended by Boxerinpa

I had an awesome match with CRX67 & made a new friend in the process. He is tough and strong & can take one hell of a punch & kept on coming back for more. He can also dish it out as much as he took it. I showed him some basic boxing & he picked up right away, he however kicked my butt wrestling. CR is also as nice as he is tough. I am looking forward to many more matches with this guy in the future.



Boxerinpa is recommended by CRX67

I had a great time with BoxerinPA! He is a tough wrestler, but he also introduced me to the intensity of boxing. I loved receiving got punches from him, but I also enjoyed punching him back. He's a good guy, and all around a lot of fun. Look forward to future rounds.



CRX67 is recommended by royboy

Chris is tough, doesn't give up.....strong and a great guy to wrestle. He has a body of a 39 year old.......If you have a chance to wrestle it!!



CRX67 is recommended by submissiowrestling

A fun and nice guy. Really strong and looking to learn more about wrestling. He is very tough. I enjoyed our match!



submissiowrestling is recommended by CRX67

Submissionwrestling is very skilled, patient, strong, flexible and a blast to roll with. He is fun on and off the mats with a super nice and witty personality. I am glad I got to meet him and hope to wrestle again sometime!



CRX67 is recommended by Youngwrestler94

Don't let his really nice personally off the mats fool you, this guy is though! We wrestled for a few hours and while I was able to get a few holds on him, he always ended up finding creative ways to get me to submit. Watch out for his arm bars and scissors! All-around awesome guy. Learned a lot from my match with him. Can't wait for the next one.



Youngwrestler94 is recommended by CRX67

Young wrestler94 is strong persistent and surprisingly quick. He has great stamina and a lot of fun to wrestle. Off the mats he is a great guy and I look forward to another match very soon!



CRX67 is recommended by technics2

I will call him a tight and very fit stud muffin. Very powerful with good skills. I believe if my skills were matched he would own me. He tired me out and made me work hard for every submission. We must do this again. Great and fun guy all around.



technics2 is recommended by CRX67

technics2 was a lot of fun, he showed me various training holds during the match which I like since I am a newbie. He had a great personality, and traveled with mats which is a big plus. I look forward to wrestling him again when he is in town.



CRX67 is recommended by MKell

CRX67 is a tenacious grappler. He is a fast learner and picks up moves quickly. He is very fit and brings great energy to the match. Off the mats, he is a great guy! I look forward to the next round!



MKell is recommended by CRX67

MKell is hard core, intense muscle domination and a lot of fun. I struggled but had a good time. He has a slight cockiness ( in a good wrestling way ) which made it fun. Although he could easily crush me, he was always respectful and professional. I also appreciated the time he took to demonstrate various holds, which was very helpful. I look forward to future matches!



CRX67 is recommended by Black Titan

Had a fun tussle with this guy. Fun, cool, laid back. .Strong as hell. Learned some things about submission from him. Great workout too! Looking forawd to the next meet !



Black Titan is recommended by CRX67

Had a great wrestling experience, black Titan has great energy and is a lot of fun. Look forward to future matches.



CRX67 is recommended by liketowrestle

CRX67 is an awesome guy to wrestle with! He has lots of stamina and is a great scrapper! He is safe sane and a fun guy to wrestle with! If you get the opportunity to meet him, do it! You won't be disappointed! I highly recommend him and lookng forward to many more matches! Mark



liketowrestle is recommended by CRX67

What a great match, Liketowrestle is strong, skilled, patient, and a good mentor. He is safe, sane, and fun. I like the strength tests he put me through. I look forward to future matches with Liketowrestle!



CRX67 is recommended by Wrestlstev

CRX is a strong, enthusiastic novice and a quick learner. Reliable, safe, fun and an overall good guy. Will definitely wrestle again next time I am in Michigan