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Just normal straight acting college guy who may have a turn on for wrestling of all sort; such as pro fantasy, Erotic Fantasy,Grecko, etc. Nothing sexier than two good buds going at it in some gear getting sweaty and musky, while enjoying the man musk and sweat as their bodies rub together. Rubbing each others faces into each others gear covered asses and crotches. Yes i am gay, but i can still have regular wrestling matches as well. Role-play knockouts only. Nothing serious, unless it involves someone knowing how to properly apply a choke hold or scissor hold.
Ever since i was young exaggerated long drawn out knockouts of men/men has given me a certain stiffy throughout the year. Knockouts- "Slapstick" such as Three Stooges would be fun to experience with another like minded dud,e would be ideal.
Facesitting is an awesome way to dominate and pin a fellow guy.

I am stocky but not "fat", I am currently down 55 lbs and plan to keep the healthier regime up to get to my goal comfort. We all have our goals when it comes to perfecting our body, it is part of the adventure that makes it fun.
MAJOR NOTE: I am an absolute ameteure so much respect and patience is appreciated.



  1. USA - Tennessee, Knoxville
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Age: 24-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 230 lbs (104 kg)

Gear: All kinds, speedos, trunks, satin boxers, athletic shorts, bball shorts, football gear, wrestling singlets. The ore gear the better.

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