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Enjoy submission wrestling. My goal is to become more skilled, stronger and more formidable in 2018



  1. USA - California, Monterey
    (I'm here from 6/20/2014)
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Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

Gear: Speedos, jockstraps, briefs, shorts

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Bxwrestler is recommended by NightWolf

Had a great match with this Bear. Big and strong did not make the match easy for me at all, He is a lot bigger in person than he looks in his pics. Very strong and very deadly chokes and arm locks used his weight advantage brilliantly. Made me work for my submissions. Had a hard time in the beginning had to wear him down to get an advantage. Beast on the mats but very careful and intense :) Looking forward to wrestling this Bear again :)



NightWolf is recommended by Bxwrestler

Wow, what a battle against this cub. Much tougher than he looks, it took every ounce of energy I had to keep him under control. After gaining the advantage in round 2, he came back as strong as ever in round 3 and took Me down hard. A supremely nice guy on and off the mat, don’t be fooled by his pics... he is a bear hunter! Looking forward to a rematch!



Bxwrestler is recommended by Brown Bomber

Just had an awesome match with this stud. He knows how to work a guy over and can take some punishment as well. New York should be proud to have him



Brown Bomber is recommended by Bxwrestler

Had an awesome battle against Brown Bomber. It was a really fun match. B.B. put up a good fight but in the end, the jobber was defeated and victory was mine!



Bxwrestler is recommended by Ctgrappler1

after 10 years I finally had my rematch with the amazing fighting machine known as BXwrestler. we met in a private basement in quickly stripped down. We locked up fast in furious with few rules, tight holds, and hard punches we really went after each other. I fought as hard as I could but ultimately I had no choice but to submit to the superior fighter BX wrestler. After the match we hung out like brothers, and it made me remember why I play this fight game in the first place. It's all about the bonding experience between two like minded guys who enjoy beating the crap out of each other, then hanging out after. if you have a chance to fight this skilled fighter do not miss the opportunity he is very special, and highly recommended. I look forward to many more rough brawls in the future. win or lose I'll always be in for a fight with this stud.
Chris and i wrestled again yesterday, and after being totally vanquished on virtually every previous match I finally got to hear the words ive longed to hear from this bull., i give up! Truth be told he got me to tap a few falls before but later on i did get him to tap after a lot of dirty tactics.
We've already agreed to fight again and I look forward to our next bar room brawl. Chris is a great fighter and an even better person to get to know. Look out when he gets his knee in your gut because he's about to make you give.



Ctgrappler1 is recommended by Bxwrestler

CTGrappler and I had 2 tough battles about 10 years ago. He was a worthy opponent that I bested in both of our encounters.

Today, we had a rematch. The first time in 10 years. The CTGrappler1 that showed up in 2015 was far thicker, stronger and more skilled than in our previous matches. I knew he wanted revenge and was planning to come at me hard.

We stripped down and immediately went at it. I kept the pressure on him and except for a quick 2
Minute break, we went at it non stop. In the end, I overwhelmed him and took all the submissions of the match. He made me work very hard for the wins though! It was a great, rough battle between to warriors! Look forward to the next match!



Bxwrestler is recommended by BigGuyNYC

One of the best experiences I have had - hands down!

BX is super strong - even giving up height and weight - really knows his stuff, and is TOUGH. Was a long, rough, exhausting match - and an amazing workout!

All that said, "off the mat" he is a really cool guy - fun to talk to and genuinely nice. If you want a serious challenge with a great guy, take him on!



BigGuyNYC is recommended by Bxwrestler

Big and strong as Hell, BigGuyNYC lived up to his name. We wrestled in a small space and it took all
I had maintain control in the match...including resorting to some less than sportsman like techniques! One of the toughest matches I ever that that had me feeling like I could be in trouble with the slightest misstep. As tough as he is wrestling, He is gentleman and all around friendly guy off the mat, If you wanna take on a strong wrestler, BigGuyNYC is the man.



Bxwrestler is recommended by Spoiler18

Hey Guys,
If you're looking for a really good, intense, sub match this is your guy. He's quick, strong and agile and really knows his stuff. Don't be fooled by his smaller stature, he'll have ya suckin air on the mats.
Great guy both on and off the mats and I HIGHLY recommend a match with this guy. His technical knowledge of sub surpasses a great many guys I've wrestled which makes wrestling Chris both a challenge and a great learning experience. I look forward to us hitting the mats again sometime soon.



Spoiler18 is recommended by Bxwrestler

I had an opportunity to have a few Matches with Spoiler18 this month. A wonderful guy off the mat and a beast on it. He is naturally strong and one of the most powerful Wrestlers I've gone up against. It took all I had to get any kind offense going. Truly a great match and looking forward to locking up again.



Bxwrestler is recommended by joewrestler

Bxwrestler is a great wrestler and good guy on and off the mats– skilled, strong, fun with no ego. Don't let his mild demeanor fool you, he will work you VERY HARD...and you will enjoy it very much. He always pushed me to compete and have fun. He remains one of my favorites.



joewrestler is recommended by Bxwrestler

I've wrestled Joe in the past and hope to wrestle again in the future. He is smaller than me but always proved to be a very tough and challenging opponent. Strong, skilled and tenacious, he doesn't give up easily. A great guy and a tough wrestler!



Bxwrestler is recommended by Ricotewrestler

I met with Chris(Bxwrestler) this past Feb at the NYC Wrestlefest! WOW What an awesome couple of matches we had. It had been a whole lot of time since I had encounter such an unexpected formidable opponent. For me th best type of match I could ask for is the type of match I got with this great guy. Competitively tough and exciting rough technical showdown between two tough competitors. He is quite the hidden gem in the circuit. I simply can not say enough great things about this guy, his awesome wrestling skill and tenacity! Can't fucking wait to meet with him again, hopefully in better mats! My best for ya buddy!



Ricotewrestler is recommended by Bxwrestler

I wrestled Ricotewrestler (Pedro) last year and he proved to be the toughest opponent that I've come across in quite a while. He is deceptively strong and hits you like a ton of bricks. If you want to have a technical roll, he will surely oblige and he has the skills to keep you on your toes (or on your back, as that is most likely where he will put you!). A true gentlemen off the mat and a passionate warrior on the mat, I look forward to our next match!