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Im into submission wrestling and ballbusting. Love using my strong tighs to crush my opponent. I prefer being the heel but in the right company jobbing is fun too! ;)

If you cant take any ball bashing just skip the send message part of your visit. To me that's a huge part of the match usually.

Im not super active here, but im always ready for a hot bout. Hmu if you're visiting Helsinki!



  1. Finland, Helsinki
    Place of residence
  2. Spain, Barcelona
    (I'm here between 1/02/2019 and 1/09/2019)
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 23-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (169 cm), 132 lbs (60 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Finnish

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PassionatePowerPlay pojtsu87 Tyro


Buster97 is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

What a nice man. Has lots of energy, and really loves wrestling. It’s nice to meet people who are devoted to the world of wrestling, and like similar things with me. He is a rookie, but has a kinky mind that makes fighting with him a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to meeting him someday again.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by Buster97

This dude definitely proved me why his username is PassionatePowerPlay, i mean he was so into the bout! He took quite a ball bashing and afterwards told me that i could have given it even harder!

An extremely nice guy, very friendly, time flew by going between sweaty wrestling and chatting. Was fun humiliating the hell out of him and end up winning 3-0. Next time i won't go so easy on him!



Buster97 is recommended by pojtsu87

Fun enthusiastic guy who doesnt give up easily. Eager to learn more and to become a better wrestler. Had really pleasant match and conversations with this guy. Watch out his scissors! ;)



pojtsu87 is recommended by Buster97

It's been a while since my last wrestling match and i was super nervous about meeting Pojtsu. Luckily he was very chatty and easy to talk to which i loved about him! He didn't go too hard on me, and I even learned some new submission holds from him that im going to use from now on hehe 8)

Hope his balls aren't sore!



Buster97 is recommended by Tyro

I got honor to be Buster97s first meetfighter opponent and we had quite evenly wrestling match last week. We both are still learning when it comes to wrestling but that didn't prevent us for having a good time. It was really fun and while we mainly wrestled, we did also have nice conversations and there wasn't any awkward silent moments during our meeting. Setting up the meeting wasn't that problematic either and everything wen't well without problems.