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country lad with limited experience but hungry to learn .. Friendly and sane, enjoy after match massage too if that appeals.
Generally can't travel far due to work commitments, but have a good space to wrestle and decent mats ..



  1. United Kingdom, Worminghall
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I am willing to travel 150 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 214 lbs (97 kg)

Gear: singlet, shorts, trunks

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Bucksboy is recommended by Perseus

Great mountain of man on and off the mats. Very strong and once his technique homes in a real force. Had a great bout at Barnet hopefully one of many to come. Great fella wrestle him. Off the mats Great company host and a cool fella to hang out with.



Perseus is recommended by Bucksboy

Having met Perseus socially on a couple of occasions I finally had the chance of short tussle with him at a group meet. A gentleman on and off the mats he has a perfect wrestlers build, strong leg scissors were too much for me, a very experienced class act . Meet him if you can .



Bucksboy is recommended by danwrestle

Met bucksboy on Saturday 25/0217 at Barnet. Had a short bout on the mats he a very strong guy. And very friendly to talk to would highly recommend him.



danwrestle is recommended by Bucksboy

What a nice guy Dan is, had a short bout with him at Barnet on Saturday, he's a strong and tough opponent, a pleasure to meet you .



Bucksboy is recommended by mikeswuk

A strong guy with instinctive technique. With more experience he will be awesome. Keen to wrestle him again before he gets too good lol



mikeswuk is recommended by Bucksboy

Met Mike at a Barnet group meet . Nice sociable guy, who is obviously very knowledgable. A tough feisty opponent . I look forward to picking up some tips from him in the future .



Bucksboy is recommended by dadwrestle

What a guy! This beefy powerhouse hasn't been wrestling long, but he's learned FAST from the experienced guys he has met. Tough, strong and determined on the mats (he has a good set at home!) he is totally safe and sane. He looks the part in gear and delivers a hard but safe and sane bout. He uses his weight well, and I have to admit it, I struggled to get the subs!! I think we agreed an evens fights, but that was him being the gracious host! This is one of the nicest men and best hosts I have met in the wrestling community. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED gold star rating! Roll on the next time!



dadwrestle is recommended by Bucksboy

After chatting for many weeks, I finally agreed to wrestle this big fella after his visit to Oxford .. I must admit to feeling a little nervous about meeting this heavyweight Daddy of wrestling, with over 200 fights under his belt !! I needn't have been, he's a really lovely natured and interesting man, but with a real passion for his wrestling !! Nothing I can really say that hasn't been said before, just a strong but fair battle commenced , and I have to say this mans stamina is something to be reckoned with!!
A friend of mine who is interested in starting also joined us , and Paul was more than willing to take the time to start him off with a few basic holds !! A thoroughly enjoyable evening had by all .. Very Highly recommended.



Bucksboy is recommended by hardfitsub

Big strong bear of a guy new to the wrestling scene. Reliable with no fuss in making arrangements, and a friendly relaxed host. Had a lovely time so have no problem recommending.



hardfitsub is recommended by Bucksboy

Very pleased to meet this great lad, had a very enjoyable few rounds with him when he was up visiting family.
He's in great shape, strong legs and good technical knowledge .. Another fine opponent who was happy to show me some moves too.
Very sociable and easy conversation , look forward to meeting again , and very highly recommended ..



Bucksboy is recommended by grappleguy66

Met Tom yesterday. He's a Big strong masculine guy. Great fun to wrestle. Sexy and charming he has a good laid back attitude. He's a generous host and great company. He's a very welcome addition to the wrestling community.

Thanks for great day Andrew



grappleguy66 is recommended by Bucksboy

Andrew made the journey down to mine at the weekend , I was feeling nervous as he looks a big strong bruiser of a man in his pics .. And I was right , he is a big strong bruiser, but a very safe and controlled grapple ensued .. I know he had plenty in reserve but I still felt distinctly outclassed on the mats , his experience clearly showing as he quietly let me wear myself out , and then finished me off with relative ease . Such a nice guy tho, easy company and a very enjoyable few hours .. Very highly recommended :)



Bucksboy is recommended by eastcheshireguy

Been chatting with Bucks for a while and finally got the chance to call in when passing. He has a great set up for a mat match and we were soon rolling. He's a big, strong guy so took some shifting but we rolled well, and sweatily, with subs going either way - his on me usually wright related but still effective. With him being a recent starter we practiced some moves to broaden his repetoire and he picked these up well. Safe and sane thoughout, he was a great opponent who I'd definitely like to see for longer and as his skill builds he'll be an exhaustingly tough opponent - sweat towels at the ready, fab! A fine host to chat to over lunch too.

Well recommended here.

BTW - if he mentions massage snap his hand off!



eastcheshireguy is recommended by Bucksboy

Andy was good enough to stop off on his way south to a weekend of matches .. And I have got to say I am so glad he did .
His strength and agility soon had him running rings round me on the mats, but was good enough to show me a few moves I hadn't experienced .. He has a physique that would put most gym going 30 year olds to shame and his stamina soon had my old carcass sweating buckets .. Although I did have a weight advantage and soon realised I could counter somewhat clumsily using that ..
An immensely enjoyable bout .. A complete gent and thoroughly nice guy. Def highly recommended and can't wait for a re match ..



Bucksboy is recommended by Squashlad

20/03/2016: Bucksboy was kind enough to accept my last-minute request for a match and turned what would have been a dull Sunday afternoon into a fantastic day's grappling at his superb home set up. I'm really pleased to have wrestled him while he's just starting out because his farm-boy strength took this flabby office worker down nearly every time and I was constantly defending: once he's got a bit of technique behind him to continue with his attack he'll wipe the floor with me! He's already mastered distributing his weight and riding out my puny counterattacks, and any submissions that I did take off him came solely from him being the one to risk something and make the match: really good wrestling instincts in other words. Bucksboy is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Off the mats he's a very kind, generous and attentive host and a very interesting guy to chat to. Safe, sane, friendly and fun, I'm very much hoping for more matches with him.



Squashlad is recommended by Bucksboy

I met Craig at short notice on Sunday, very easy to arrange, and was amazed how far he was willing to travel for a meet ..
Once again a thoroughly decent friendly chap to meet, quickly put any nerves I had at ease ..
Despite my slight weight advantage this fighter has vast experience, with his resilience in any attack I tried causing me immence frustration !!
He is a very calm wrestler and if he was in any discomfort during my largely futile attempts to get him to tap out , it certainly didn't show !! He calmly lets you wear yourself down , and then springs his very effective counter attack.. I quickly learned they were very succesful tactics .
Really great wrestle, really nice fella, thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an evening, thanks Craig .. Until the re match !! T 😁



Bucksboy is recommended by Rutland

What could be better after a dull work trip to Slough than a wrestle on the way back. Well it did get better! Meeting this top bloke!!

Although Bucksboy has only wrestled a few times, he certainly has ability and it was no walk in the park. He is strong, fit and determined and has a vice like grip. He is also very quick to pick up moves and counter defend your attack and adapt. Defiantly one to wrestle as he's going to be very very good.

Quality bloke to spend time with on and off the mats. He made me feel very welcome.

I can't wait to meet him again and would 110% recommend him.

See you soon, Al



Rutland is recommended by Bucksboy

Had the pleasure of wrestling Al yesterday. Came across initially as quite a shy quiet guy, but being a fellow country lad we soon hit it off .
His experience over mine quickly showed on the mats , he's lean quick, and fast and very quickly had me tapping out with his very effective headlock..
I don't think I've met anyone so flexible, needless to say, almost impossible to get a sub out of !!
Very sound , likeable chap, def up for a rematch .. Thanks Al. Oh and for possibly one of the biggest bags of M&M's I've ever seen 😁😁



Bucksboy is recommended by Broc

Had a great evening with this awesome bloke. Although he is just starting his life as a wrestle this strong guy knows how to use his physique to best effect. He already has some powerful arm locks and uses his legs to good effect. Bucksboy has a real intensity when he locks up which certainly worked for me. As a bonus, got a great massage and even some tasty home cooked food to round off a superb evening with this real gentleman. Give him a go particularly if you like a hairy opponent.



Broc is recommended by Bucksboy

Yet again I had the pleasure of meeting a complete gent off this site.. after a long drive Broc had the patience to teach me his style of fighting and we quickly got into some good long give and take tussles. Long intense holds and some very strong legwork from this powerful fighter .. It's a shame he lives so far as the journey time inevitably cut short what was a very enjoyable meet.
Broc has an amazing physique and boy does he look good in his gear .. !!
Hope we can meet again someday for another bout .. Thanks Broc, meet him if you can :)



Bucksboy is recommended by The Kestrel

Met Tom yesterday for a last minute fix match, and had a great time with him! He's very keen to learn and picks things up fast, and he has good instincts when trying to apply what he has learned into a grapple.

Off the mats he is a great guy to meet, easy to talk to and has great taste in pets.

Fully recommend him, especially for experienced guys who like to help teach/coach.



The Kestrel is recommended by Bucksboy

Met Kes yesterday after a couple of days chatting .. I can only echo what the previous recs have said .. A really sociable clever and genuine guy off the mats, who took a great deal of time with me on them to show me some strong , powerful moves and confidence boosting a coaching session ..
He's quick, rock solid and a very determined opponent who clearly is passionate about his wrestling .... Don't pass this guy by . He's a gem ...
Oh and Happy Birtday mate .. Look forward to next Time .. Tom



Bucksboy is recommended by Pitbull

Met Bucksboi after some chat for a wrestle at his. Tom has never wrestled before so we went through some holds and tips then started a match. Tom has all the makings and instincts of a great wrestler strong, determined and got some strong holds on . Lovely fella to meet and a fantastic host and does a awesome massage . Will defo be meeting again. Highly Recommended. 10/10. Cheers Tom.



Pitbull is recommended by Bucksboy

As a nervous beginner I am so glad I met Gaz as my first opponent !! He happily spent the time to teach me what he knew about holds, submission, safety and quickly put my nerves at ease ..
We went on to spend a good hour grappling and testing our strength against each other .. He was very encouraging to me and quickly raised my confidence ..
This guy is a compact little powerhouse. Sane but firm, and just a really nice fella .. I repaid his patience with a good long massage..
I will most definitely fight him again, and look forward to the next challenge , totally ace guy, A++++ Cheers Gaz