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also like hardcore matches, nip play, muscle play, daddy-boy, etc

Love doing piledrivers, crabs, swings, clutches, chokes, scissors, headlocks, arm bars, surf boards, back breakers, suplex, and more

Please guys be local or visiting SF area if you contact me for a match.

Have mats and can host.

My boy is HIwrestling



  1. USA - California, San Francisco
    Place of residence
  2. Canada - Ontario, Toronto (I'm here between 6/30/2018 and 7/02/2018)
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers
I am willing to host.


Age: 47-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 235 lbs (107 kg)

Gear: Pro

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BrutalWrestler is recommended by chicagomuscle

I had the pleasure of rolling with this German Beast over the weekend. When he walked through the door I thought “Oh shit.....this is not gonna turn out well for me”. LOL!! I Tried flexing and showing off my guns to try and intimidate but he just smiled and proceeded to toss me around like a chew toy and bend me in ways I’m not supposed to bend. I managed a couple of scissor holds but he seemed to enjoy watching me try to squeeze a tap out of him. I never got one. Brutal Wrestler could have sent me to the ER if he wanted but was very careful and controlled, allowing me to enjoy his holds and respecting my taps. Super great Muscle Beast. I’m lucky to have wrestled him and hope to do it again one day.



chicagomuscle is recommended by BrutalWrestler

I wrestled this big bull at his place on his mats. He is really strong, very well built, and a blast to roll with. I def had fun throwing him around, Enjoyed watching his muscles strain against mine. He's is easy going and really great guy, If you like pro and muscle , he's your guy.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by MKell

Locked up with BrutalWrestler and Hiwrestling back in April. Brutal is a mountain of muscle and skill. He is one tough dude on the mats and a great guy off them. He is aggressive but controlled. Wrestling him was one hell of a workout! He also gave me an intro into some pro moves. It was a great time and I can't wait for round 2! Do not miss the opportunity to take BrutalWrestler on - you will get in a fun and intense workout.



MKell is recommended by BrutalWrestler

I wrestled this beast on the mats in my garage. He is very strong and very skilled, He knows his sub moves well, and will def make you tap. But he is safe and sane always, he keeps it all calm and controlled. And a nice, real, guy as well. If you like a challenge you should def wrestle him !



BrutalWrestler is recommended by NightWolf

Been a bit behind on updating my profile with everyone I wrestled. wrestled a few round with this handsome muscle bear sometime last year and its been on more than one occasion, just have been behind with writing reviews. Very strong wrestler very skilled also very controlled always felt safe wrestling with him and looking forward to many more battles in the future :)



BrutalWrestler is recommended by ricky gonzo95

I had an amazing time with Brutalwrestler. He is an awesome guy off the mats and a beast on the mats. Incredibly strong man with an enormous knowledge of many holds. Also super respectful of limits. Must have match for any jobber or anyone for that matter. Can't wait to get another match with Brutal.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by Dudewrestler

this Guy did not disappoint, he is big he is strong , i knew i was in trouble so i tried to let him know am strong and challenged him to arm wrestle first , it was a battle and i almost had him and it would have been a huge win for me but he came back and took my arm, then we wrestled and he gave me a beat down , i fought back hard but he would knock me down again. Next time i will fight harder . Highly recommend this big brute .



BrutalWrestler is recommended by goat

Fun powerful dude with attitude. Looking forward to the rematch.



goat is recommended by BrutalWrestler

hot handsome fit strong jobber boy with a great attitude for pro. Def want more of him



BrutalWrestler is recommended by toughjobber1

Having a heel vs jobber tag team match with brutalwrestler, hiwrestling, and tombstoneyou, was one of the best wrestling experiences I've ever had. These three men are all incredibly strong, well built, and know exactly how to execute moves in a safe and sane manner. From piledrivers to sleepers to over the shoulder torture racks, these wrestlers have the skill and the strength to make you suffer, while enjoying it all at the same time. Off the mats, these guys are a great group to hang out with. If you ever get the chance to wrestle any of these powerhouses, you won't regret it.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by tombstoneyou

Finally got to meet this Beast after many years. He is a brutal heel that can put his bulldog in place. Luckily I was able to get a few moves on this beast before he pinned me. Look out for when we both tag team and destroy jobbers in the future.

3/31/18: had another great match with this beast but this time as my heel tag partner as we destroyed the Jobbers his boy hiwrestling and toughjobber1. It was a great time and they are great guys off the mat. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fun match.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by MississippiJock

Got an opportunity to wrestle Brutal. He opens the door, and immediately a vision of a pro wrestler straight off the TV comes to mind-Big, built, tough-looking muscle. He’s as Powerful as he looks on the mats with some good submission skill as well.( worked and earned a good key lock submission out of me) Awesome afternoon of wrestling. Will have a good memory of that and hope for rematches...



MississippiJock is recommended by BrutalWrestler

This man is a beast ! Tall, strong, and knows his stuff. Beat me up good, and that doesn't happen that often. He a true heel ,but safe and sane. Cant wait to go again with him !



BrutalWrestler is recommended by Monkas Garcia

Amazing guy on and off the mats. He crushed me like a crab between his strong arms and legs. Piledrivers, backbreakers, camel clutches, boston crabs, torture racks, you name it. He has an arsenal to bring you to your knees. He is hot as hell, and looks amazing in his pro trunks. The dream heel for any jobber.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by CRedfield

Definitely lives up to his name, was incredibly sore the next day. Definitely get a match with this guy.

Also, he takes move/hold requests and delivers them better than you ever expected.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by Groundcombat

Great guy. Highly recommend. Met with him and some others in the ring near SF and it was a great time. Built like a truck and knows how to work the ring. Great gear and a great guy as well.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by polyethylene33

We had a blast with this hunk and his partner in the pro ring facility, they have tons of knowledge to share on pro moves, very laid back and fun to wrestle with. Would be happy to retry a pro session with them, Meet them if you have the chance!



BrutalWrestler is recommended by socal74

Had my nuts handed to me by this Beast, and it was as HOT as it gets. Definitely a David vs Goliath squash job, and squash me he did. Tossed me around like a rag jobber, but respected limits while making it intense and fun. Surfboads, racks, camels, tombstones with ball-claw...he's got an arsenal of holds that will bone any jobber. Nut-up and take him!!



BrutalWrestler is recommended by Wrestlecub

Meeting BrutalWrestler and his boy in the ring was one of the best experiences in my wrestling 'career' to date! I had so much fun the first time around I had to go back for a rematch.

BrutalWrestler lives up to his name in every way. He is tough, strong and looks the consummate heel in trunks and boots! He knows his stuff and really put me through my paces in a variety of punishing holds and humiliating verbal abuse.

Off the mats he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him and HIWrestling and I can't wait to go back for round 3!



BrutalWrestler is recommended by Squashlad

01/07/2017: Getting to wrestle this legend of underground wrestling on his most recent trip to Europe was a bit of a dream come true, if rather a painful one! Big, strong (so strong), skilled, powerful and sadistic, if hardcore wrestling is your thing, this is the man to be getting in the ring with: the Grove Park ring in my case. (Hopefully we'll get some footage from the beatdown edited together soon and available to view by those with strong stomachs!) You will be unsurprised to know that I got totally demolished, and the mismatch in our skill levels, let alone our strength, did make a few things a bit challenging, but as well as being very well named BrutalWrestler is safe and sane, capable and willing to pitch the destruction at a level that you're comfortable with, so wrestling him is an amazing experience. If you get the opportunity to wrestle the wrecking ball, count yourself among the lucky ones and go for it. BrutalWrestler is very highly recommended: and I'm still grinning about being offered a San Francisco rematch with him! Bring it on! 👍



BrutalWrestler is recommended by GEOFFESSEX

Absolute privilege to wrestle this guy and his partner. Been a long time in the planning but was worth the wait and he is everything you see on his profile and more. Super nice guy and a total beast and works to whatever level youre at . 100 % meet if you get the chance...glad I did.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by ProudBrute78

This is a bucket list match no one can pass on if the opportunity comes up to meet this guy. Solid, handsome, skilled, fucking decent and nice (hard to come by) and easy to chill with as well as lock horns with. If my second chance to do so comes up - I'm ready.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by Sky joe

I fought Brutal twice in the past and I want to do it many times more. He is strong and super tough, we connected and then I was on the mat that quick. He dominated me in more ways then one and I loved it.

No one I've been with has bought out the wrestler in me like he has. I strongly recommend this beautiful tough and genuine great guy.



Sky joe is recommended by BrutalWrestler

Totally fun guy, with absolutely amazing body, beautiful chest! Had a lot of fun rolling with him, wrestling , boot play too! Did i mention beautiful built body ?



BrutalWrestler is recommended by sfBruce

One of the strongest wrestlers on this website, always ready to give a rough but safe match. I always have a great time with him. I hope I can make him tap and defeat him one day. But it's almost impossible, since he is sooo f**king strong. I would still take every chance I have to challenge him. Any wrestler who visits SF should not miss him.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by CasualWrestler

I had read all the reviews, and seen his photos but meeting this awesome man in person was intimidating.

I can't add much to what all the others have said, he's powerful, able to turn up the pressure and make you tap repeatedly, but for someone with my limited experience he made me feel incredibly safe at the same time.

I'd like to say I got one submission from him, but I'm scared he'll make me pay for it next time we meet.

I'd recommend anyone who gets the opportunity to find out for yourself how brilliant a few hours with this big man can be.



CasualWrestler is recommended by BrutalWrestler

Incredibly sexy man, very very strong, especially for his size, great legs and chest, he will crush you in his scissors no problem. Has an excellent attitude as a heel , tough and domineering. And a really nice guy as well.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by hiwrestling

Best daddy heel a jobber boy could ever ask for. Strong, aggressive, respectful, hot as hell, amazing, experienced... I could go on forever and I hope I get to. Best wrestling I've ever had, but just as amazing off the mats. I look forward to many, many MANY matches and much more with him. Best torture racks ever! I love my daddy heel!



BrutalWrestler is recommended by athleticwrestle

A great person and amazing wrestler. He delivers on being a heel and totally worked me over making me his jobber bitch. He worked me over in so many holds simply toying with and humiliating me. I've wrestled him twice and have loved every minute of it.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by Physical

Had a great time on the mats with this guy, he's built, strong and gives a mean stare as he applies his chokes. He knows his stuff, loves his sport and really gives a good workout on the mats. A great time was had and I wholeheartedly give him a big thumbs up. Hope to meet again one day!



BrutalWrestler is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Great Match!. Great Guy! Great Time!. I you're in Bay Area, look him up. We had a great match and lots of fun. Good knowledge and strong as an ox. Can't wait for the next one.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by Wrestlg

This guy Can be Brutal, but definitely Fun.
Was my favirite opponent when i lived in the bay area. Last few times, ive missed out on getting my hands on him again, due to Me being a gentleman and letting others go first! But Never again!
Looking forward to our next match up!



BrutalWrestler is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

brutalwrestler is brutal, from the start till end, and totally turn me into muscle jobber within minutes, before literally get broken down with multiple camels, crabs and backbreakers, since i dont give up easily, he makes sure that i submit to him the hardest way possible - camel me till almost upright, piledrive me, then take me through a brutal crab that left me breathless and whimpering. I would recommend anyone who wanted to see how much he can dish out to you before you start tapping but I would definitely want to come back for more!



BrutalWrestler is recommended by busted open

BrutalWrestler is a top-quality pro wrestling heel....he knows the scene, is a very powerful and skilled wrestler, and can take it from mild to wild....great guy to boot....highly recommended



BrutalWrestler is recommended by dfwguy77

This guy is the real deal. He's got mad skills and is the epitome of what a pro wrestler should be like - head to toe. All around highest marks awarded to him.



Jake Zane is recommended by BrutalWrestler

the toughest jobber Ive ever met! totally fun to squash



BrutalWrestler is recommended by DenverWrestler

Magnificent body, as strong as two oxen, very skilled, AND one of the nicest, friendliest guys you'll meet on this site. Wrestling doesn't get any better than a match with this stud.



BrutalWrestler is recommended by boine

The real deal :)



BrutalWrestler is recommended by ARGONSA1

great piledrivers to get from him !he has a special way of doing them !



BrutalWrestler is recommended by sfbeef

Hot as fuck, strong as an ox, one of the best guys you'll meet on here.