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Now living in Colombia so no opportunity to wrestle. I when I was living in London. Happy memories....



  1. Colombia, Santa Marta
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Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 293 lbs (133 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

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Past Opponents

bushchub dadwrestle Dynamo01 musclneck


Bruiser Bill is recommended by bushchub

Outstanding fun wrestling this big guy.
We've been at it for over a month and each time his stamina is improving and his wrestling holds are becoming more effective. Queue up to fight this beast!!!
He is one of the best.



bushchub is recommended by Bruiser Bill

Bushchub was the first guy I wrestled about a month ago and since then we have had several bouts. He was very patient with me and taught me a lot and really got me into the wrestling scene. If only I could get my arm under his chins I would find it easier to strangle him!!

He is a big lump and very strong and a really nice person as well. Highly recommended

Had another session with bushchub on 8th Feb. Again another great session - he is a strong bugger which is great and he knows what he is doing on the mats. Nice guy on and off the mats and highly recommended



Bruiser Bill is recommended by dadwrestle

Now this is one hot new heavyweight! This rookie has only been on the mats for a few weeks, but he is picking up the "trade" pretty damn quick! He looks the bruiser, but is in fact a real gent, safe, sane and fun.We had a superb battle on the Barnet mats. He looks the part in gear and certainly delivers on the mats. I look forward to Round 2. If you get a challenge from this wrestler...ACCEPT! You won't be disappointed. Watch out, too, he learns quickly! 100% Recommended!

Round 2: Another great session with this big, strong tough guy on the Barnet mats. Simply can't recommend him enough!

Round 3: As predicted, this bruiser goes from strength to strength! He's using his power at the start of each session with skill and determination. Watch out for his killer face bar! Only way to keep him down is to keep him back to canvas....whatever it takes! Hugely enjoyable to wrestle: great fun off the mats!



dadwrestle is recommended by Bruiser Bill

Had a great wrestle with dadwrestle at Barnet Mat Room the other week. He is a strong old bugger and we had a real go at each other on the mats. A really nice guy who gave me some hints on moves during the fight which I will use in future bouts. Looking forward to our next fight

Fought dadwrestle again on 10 December. Really enjoyed it - he is good fun on and off the mats and a strong bugger. He won, but I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Again he taught me some new moves. A great guy

Fought dadwrestle again on 8th Feb. Another great session. He has plenty of tricks up his sleeve which he uses to keep me in my place. I continue to learn a lot from him. A great guy to wrestle and fun off the mats as well... A really nice guy



Bruiser Bill is recommended by Dynamo01

Bill like myself is relatively new to wrestling. We had a right old tussle and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. He is a safe, sane wrestler on the mats and a hell of a nice fella to chat to afterwards. I would highly recommend him.



Dynamo01 is recommended by Bruiser Bill

Met Dynamo01 at Battle today. Nice guy and very strong on the mats for a beginner. He will get better very quickly - he learns fast. Sane and sorted and highly recommended



musclneck is recommended by Bruiser Bill

Wreslted musclneck a couple of times in Battle. Great host and good fun on and off the mats. He is a strong bugger - knows too many tricks for me to get him to tap out yet but I am sure I will get there eventually

Highly recommended



Bruiser Bill is recommended by Wrstlr1

Had a great day wrestling with Bill, he's a real genuine guy, relaxed and confident with a great attitude to wrestling and a total pleasure to wrestle and talk with on and off the mats. Good fun, tough, competitive but safe and sane. Very highly recommended.



Wrstlr1 is recommended by Bruiser Bill

Had a great time with wrstlr1 recently. Great to fight and good laugh as well. Highly recommended for a fight, sane sorted and knows how to wrestle. Nice guy and good company