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Love sliding on the trunks and lacing up the gloves and boots, climb into the ring and face off with a bud for a few sweaty rounds of punches, working in close...up on the ropes or in the corners...grunting and groaning....sounds of leather smacking into the body.



  1. USA - California, Long Beach
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Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: gloves, trunks, boots, jock or nude

Boxing Boxing

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Boxnmech is recommended by stillfighting1963

Great guy. Awesome boxing match. We went toe to toe for the 6 rounds and boxnmech getting the best of me in the final round. I have done other sparring with him. Highly recommend getting together with him. Great guy and he is for real.



stillfighting1963 is recommended by Boxnmech

Mark and I have known each other for years. He's a true gentleman inside and outside the ring, but don't let that fool you. He can pack a mean punch! I was sore for days after our last bout. Don't pass up a chance to glove up with him.



Boxnmech is recommended by sfvbri

Really enjoyed my match with Boxnmech. He is a tough boxer and has a lot of endurance. He is also a great mentor and a lot of fun. Would never pass up an opportunity to meet with him. Hope we can meet again



sfvbri is recommended by Boxnmech

Tough opponent and quick learner. Strong and can take a punch....good infighter and look forward to a rematch!



Boxnmech is recommended by scubawrestler

We've been after each other for years and have developed a very good online friendship, but our schedules never permitted a face to face match up until tonight. We did a medium contact match that lasted the better part of an hour. Watch out for his liver shots and his overhand right. He will have you seeing stars. We had a great time and are on the docket for another match. You southern Cali Guys need to get with it. He's right in your back yard, and you visitors need to get in touch. You won't be disappointed.



scubawrestler is recommended by Boxnmech

Great to finally meet Sid! Great guy and good puncher.



Boxnmech is recommended by Glovesup

Dave is the real thing...Good give and gloving up with him. Anyone would be lucky to get into the ring with the "mechanic"!



Glovesup is recommended by Boxnmech

Don't pass up a chance to glove up with this guy! Great bud to trade punches with but watch out for his hooks to the chin ;-)



Boxnmech is recommended by HarborFighter

I had one of the BEST TIMES with Dave that I've ever had with any boxer in any ring. And I've boxed guys all over the world. When you meet a guy that matches you in so many ways...size, strength, ability, love of the sport, love of manhood in the ring...that meeting is AWESOME. Dave and I had several of those AWESOME experiences together in the ring. I look forward to gloving up with him again, the next time I come back to the US. When Dave and I are in the ring together, we are BROTHERS IN THE FIGHT...MEN BONDED THROUGH BOXING.



HarborFighter is recommended by Boxnmech

Boxed with Tom several times, good opponent and great guy. Miss smacking him around the ring ;-)



funfghtr is recommended by Boxnmech

Bill is a tough opponent and always reliable. Don't miss the chance to take him on.



Boxnmech is recommended by ozboxer

A great boxer and a great mate!



ozboxer is recommended by Boxnmech

Great guy and tough fighter- would glove up with him again any day!


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Boxnmech 2/18/2017


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