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I can be pretty complex in opinion and I'm very technical but very straight-forward of what I like and want. In recent news joined a new boxing gym that accepts me with open arms and will get me into fighting shape. I haven't competed yet, don't let that fool you. I am a tough fighter and will not give up. Keep an eye out for me I'll be fighting soon! I'm an open book, other than meeting with guys to fight and spar. You never know where life is going to lead you.



  1. USA - New York, Tonawanda Town
    Current Location
  2. USA - Texas, Dallas
    (I'm here between 2/08/2019 and 2/11/2019)
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I am willing to travel 300 miles


Age: 23-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Gloves, trunks, mouthguard

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Boxing dude is recommended by CNYWrestler

Wow. We’ve been messaging back and forth for about a year or so trying to set up a match and it finally happened. Boxing_Dude is one tough, built powerhouse. His arms and legs are solid like cement. We wrestled first and my size was a factor, if we were the same size he would have beat me. Then we boxed and he played around and showed me the ropes because I am a complete novice and he packs a knock out punch. If you are in western ny do yourself a favor and set up a meeting, and get ready to rumble.



CNYWrestler is recommended by Boxing dude

This dude is super personable and kind. He's a tough wrestler but I didn't give up on trying. We sat and talked alittle bit, he's a great guy. Glad I met him after all the times we tried before. I even had the chance to teach him some boxing. Highly recommend for wrestling.



Boxing dude is recommended by soloboxerboy

Met Nick over the Memorial Day Weekend (May 25-27) and boxed with him on May 26th. Southpaw Nick is a good boxer, and not to be taken lightly! He is quick, skilled, and will keep you on your toes. The hunger for a good boxing match can be seen in his eyes. There is a passion for boxing that comes through right from the start. He will give it his all and you won’t be disappointed…I know I wasn’t!

Nick knows how to punch. Hooks, jabs, straight lefts, upper cuts, you name it, he will use them all in your match (and he did in ours!). Crisp, sharp, clean punches delivered at a pace that will keep you guessing, so be prepared to do a lot of blocking, or face the consequences of getting tagged by the power behind those punches. That innocent face of his hides a very skilled boxer. No slouch here, Nick’s a fighter that will give as good as he gets. He is fast, fierce, and not to be missed or dismissed.

Nick landed a punch to the chin that how a lot of power behind it. Had I a glass jaw it might have dropped me. He immediately stopped and asked if I was alright. THAT my friends, is TRUE sportsmanship! I can honestly say that it was the second hardest punch I have ever received (the first was from someone who is now a retired pro-fighter from the cruiser-weight division, back before he went pro, in an intense sparring session). Nick is NOT out to hurt anyone, just to have a good boxing match. He can also take a good punch as well, as I did land a few that I thought might have been a bit too hard, but Nick said, "All good, no worries," and he smiled, then we continued to box. He reminded me of just how much I have forgotten, and how much I need to get back to a proper boxing training regimen. We did do a bit of gut punching at the end, and it was a good way to end the day in the ring.

I haven't boxed in a while, and while we went hard at first, we toned it down so that we could keep the action going for a while longer. Nick is friendly, polite, and an all-around great guy. Don't let his good looks fool you, he knows how to box and IS a challenge in the ring! I can't wait for us to have the chance to meet up and box again. If you have the chance to meet Nick and to box, grab it! He is a worthy opponent. He will give good suggestions, pointers, and advise on ways you may improve your skills; and at the same time is able to take the same advice from others. Humble is a word I rarely have used to describe anyone, but Nick is a humble, caring, and a good person.

Enjoyed boxing and getting to know Nick. He is welcome to box with me anytime! I honestly cannot say enough about this incredible young man. I look forward to meeting up with and boxing with Nick in the future. First though, I will need to get back to the boxing gym and train, as Nick is one tough man that I want to be in the best condition and training to box with again. Don’t need another shot like the one to my chin! Just awesome. Can’t recommend him enough to anyone who has thought to possibly challenge Nick. Do it, as the only regret you will have is in NOT meeting him.



soloboxerboy is recommended by Boxing dude

Met Stephen over this past weekend and boxed, what a great experience it was. He said he was rusty, definitely wasn't as rusty as he may have thought. He stayed with me the whole fight. He has quite a bit of skill and it shows, Stephen packs a punch for sure. First few punches that landed clean definitely woke me up and made me guard up. he managed to trap me in the corner and on the ropes a few times, I had to work to get out of trouble for sure. He's a tough guy and for a guy who has a little extra weight, he's a fast dude. Stephen was a gracious host and treated me with the utmost respect in and outside the ring. I learned a lot about Stephen and we will most definitely meet once again, sooner than later. If you have the chance to meet with this guy, don't pass up the chance. He's a gentleman and a very intelligent man. Thanks again to Stephen and hope to see him soon.



Boxing dude is recommended by DrWrestle

Excellent boxer! And a great guy too!



DrWrestle is recommended by Boxing dude

Pretty cool guy, good sport and tough for sure. High recommended and meet him won't be let down.



Boxing dude is recommended by wrestler noob

What can I say that hasn't been said already! I guess all I can really say is it was an amazing work out and I got to see where I need more work! Don't underestimate him by his looks he is solid muscle and fast! Not only was he kind enough to take it easy on me boxing, he was also kind enough to agree to some before hand ground rules. He is a great person and very willing to help offer advice mid round and quick to make sure if you are ok or not ! Do not miss the chance to try his skills !!! I worry if he continues on with his MMA training his chokes will be impossible to escape!



wrestler noob is recommended by Boxing dude

Finally got to meet this great dude! He tried boxing, he's not too bad, hits pretty hard. He is a beast at wrestling, if you have a chance to roll with him take the chance. There is room for improvement but he has a great starting place to build from. It was a really fun experience and hope to hang again with him. :)



Boxing dude is recommended by nature muscle

Despite his name, Boxing dude is also a tough and feisty wrestler. He's very flexible and acrobatic. After he made me submit, we had fun ganging up on Roc Rassler. :). He's also a nice and intelligent guy to talk to off of the mats.



nature muscle is recommended by Boxing dude

Pretty awesome dude, really great wrestler. Super nice and hospitable really great having a partner in crime to gang up on a another wrestler, Rocrassler.
Highly recommend him



Boxing dude is recommended by boxingforever

Well worth the wait for this action-packed meet. Boxing dude truly loves the sport of his namesake–anyone interested in an enjoyable boxing match needs to hit him up. Thankfully he scaled back his power to avoid knocking me out, but I could still feel the might behind those crisp head hooks and body blows, especially when he had the opportunity to work me over against the wall. Lost count of how many rounds we went; he pushed me far beyond what I thought I could last. I learned a great deal from watching and experiencing his skills firsthand. He's a very fun and easygoing guy (unless a timer app is misbehaving, haha), and it was awesome getting to know him as both a boxer and a person. Gets a glowing recommendation from me! Wish him all the best in his training, and I sincerely look forward to the next time we touch gloves!



boxingforever is recommended by Boxing dude

This meet up has been a long time coming now. We talked for quite a few months and we finally had the pleasure of meeting one another. This dude is all-around a great guy, he may be small but don't let that deceive you in any way, he packs a mighty punch and most definitely can hold his own. Pinned me against the wall a few times and worked my gut good. We had several amazingly hot big gloved rounds, I couldn't have asked for a better two days. He was very polite and eager to slip on gloves. It was really nice to find a guy that was into having fun with boxing rather than the normal competitive back and forth. Boxingforever fits him well, he's an energizer bunny just keeps going until the round is over, then once the bell sounds again he's right back at it. He's extremely genuine and kind-hearted. I truly appreciate him making the trip, I really hope to meet up again soon and I highly recommend him for a boxing challenge. I wish him and his opponents best of luck in future fights. Until then I'll keep training and be ready for the copious amount of fun to come.



Boxing dude is recommended by RocRassler

Pretty intense boxer who can definitely throw a punch. Good guy to meet up with to go several rounds. Keeps getting better. Definitely looking forward to future rounds with this guy!



RocRassler is recommended by Boxing dude

Super tough fighter, Great dude to meet with, puts his all into everything. Highly recommend if you are looking for a fight he will give you a fight! Better be on your A game.



harroitsme is recommended by Boxing dude

Super awesome dude, he has a lot of skill and great form. Definitely knows what he is doing and packs a punch. Tough opponent gave me a great challenge. Until we meet again, I highly recommend him to any boxers daring to slip on the gloves and a few rounds.



Boxing dude is recommended by PHLBoxer

This guy is awesome to box with. First of all, he's nice, he's fun, and he gets boxing on all levels. On top of that, he knows what he's doing. Add to that the fact that he's a southpaw and you're in for a challenge.

Our one session was way too brief and I can't wait for a rematch. I honestly don't think I landed a clean punch on him, his defense is so good. If I did, it wasn't more than a glancing blow.

He connected with plenty of clean, crisp punches. I gave him the minute between rounds to work on my abs and almost regretted it. I love body punching and he had me rock-hard inside my pro cup.



PHLBoxer is recommended by Boxing dude

Amazing boxer, experienced for sure. Has a ton of equipment total turn just watching him gear up. Well rounded, great personality outside of a fight atmosphere. Meet up with him if you are in Philly won't regret it.



Boxing dude is recommended by nicky7

Here it is. If you're looking for a good match you found him. If you want to fight a fierce boxer here he is. Yeah, He looks like a nice guy when you meet him but don't fall for it. This nice guy loves to box, has skills, and that he will find every mistake you make and take full advantage. He is tireless and he never tires throwing punches. We did soo many rounds I lost count. Be forewarned he has powerful sharp hooks, snaps an uppercut with a powerful velocity and his jab is stinging. He snapped my head back soo many times I looked like a bobblehead. Do not forget your defense with this one. He is intense and focused. A real alpha. You'll know you were in a fight. He brings it and then he brings it up. Meet this guy , you will not forget the experience. Also, he truly is a great, great guy. He is very down to earth and a great person to know. I can't recommend him anymore than I do.



nicky7 is recommended by Boxing dude

Where do I start? I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing and very tough guy. We went several hot rounds, with alot of back and forth. He can take a punch just as well as he can dish them out, He has a mean right hook. Clipped me many times with it. Sexy guy and super down to earth outside of the ring, super easy to talk to. Inside the ring all friendships are off the table, he is fierce and very aggressive. Made my nose bleed a few times but it's all in the name of the sport. Highly looking forward to meeting this stud very soon. You want a good match you found your dude right here. He is an opponent to be reckon with, don't underestimate his size, he has alot of power behind his punches. Again can't wait to go toe to toe with this sexy beast of a dude very soon. DING! DING!



Boxing dude is recommended by Cronus

A great host and an awesome guy. Didnt know much wrestling but didnt mind me tossing him around for awhile. Glad we both were able to enjoy our match and each others company. Im sure hes a better boxer than wrestler. Definitely excited for round two!



Cronus is recommended by Boxing dude

Really great guy, super nice, definitely gave me a new experience with wrestling took me out of my comfort zone and I tried my best but he kicked my butt anyway. Meet him if you are a wrestler, it'd be fun to roll around and wrestle him. Hope you do it again really soon.



Boxing dude is recommended by DrStrange97

Great kid, had a real fun fight, recomended! Can't wait to brawl with him again.



DrStrange97 is recommended by Boxing dude

Super chill and we meshed amazingly, really great guy outside of the ring. Tough fighter will not back down, he definitely packs a punch. I can't wait to meet again. Highly reccomended!



Boxing dude is recommended by Smallbutstrong1981

I had such a great time with this guy. We did some boxing rounds and mixed the game a bit up. Don't miss out when you are in the Buffalo area to meet this guy. I hope we can do it again sometime.



Smallbutstrong1981 is recommended by Boxing dude

Super great dude! Tough dude knocked me around wasn't an easy fight. Totally enjoyed the time. If you a chance to meet him don't miss out. Would love to meet him again somewhere down the line. I thank him greatly for the experience.


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