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Trained boxer and semi-trained wrestler. Looking for fun, give-and take matches. Not looking to hurt anyone or get hurt.



  1. USA - Virginia, Springfield
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Age: 47-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 160 lbs (73 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: trunks

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Boxer VA is recommended by Sam

I had an awesome sweaty time with this handsome man. As thunderstorms raged outside, our fists were flying inside. He was kind enough to make all the arrangements. He was kind enough to allow me to survive 6 rounds of body boxing and 2 rounds with head shots. I exacted a measure of revenge when we wrestled, but found him to be a strong and determined opponent. Enthusiastic recommendation for Boxer VA!



Sam is recommended by Boxer VA

I finally got the chance to meet up with Sam today. For a person who hasn't done as much boxing as I have, he sure does hit hard. We did eight total rounds which were both competitive and fun. Afterwards, we wrestled where he was kind enough to show me pointers (that didn't stop him from tapping me out numerous times). It was a great time and I highly recommend him.



Boxer VA is recommended by DrWrestle

There is no question that this one of the best-skilled boxers I've met! His form is outstanding! He is accommodating based upon his opponent's skill level and is very personable too.



Boxer VA is recommended by mdbxrwrslr

After months, maybe years of chatting with Boxer_VA, finally got the chance to glove up with him. Great guy/great boxer (watch out for his jab/cross!), and look forward to meeting again soon. Would highly recommend that you glove up with him if you get the chance.

07/08/18 - Sparred again with Boxer_VA, and got in some good work. Great guy, both with and without the gloves on; only regret is that we don't live closer! If you get to the DC Metro area, be sure to check him out!



mdbxrwrslr is recommended by Boxer VA

Finally was able to meet up with MDBxrwrslr. A great guy and great boxer. Skilled, sane and a whole lot of fun. Highly recommended!

Updated 7/8/2018. Sparred with MDBxrwrslr again. Even better and his skills are superb. Looking forward to our next time.



Boxer VA is recommended by In this corner

Had a great time with Boxer_VA He is one great boxer and wrestler a super nice guy. If you are lucky enough to have a chance to box or wrestle him take it great guy.



In this corner is recommended by Boxer VA

I’ve always enjoyed my time with In_This_Corner. He’s a strong wrestler and talented boxer - and a true gentleman off the mats. Don’t pass up a chance to meet up with him!!



Boxer VA is recommended by Spruceman

I owe it to BoxerVA to update you on how this wrestler I'm mentoring has improved so much over the years and recently. Had a match with him yesterday (Feb 19, 2018) as was so impressed how his already hard body had become so much harder and his skillful wrestling had become so much more skilled recently. I've tangled with him for over a decade; and he keeps getting de facto "younger," stronger, leaner, and more skilled.

I recommend this really nice person to anyone from a total newbie to the very experienced. I trust him enough to have been the first guy to box with and to mentor me at it. He can work the full light-to-heavy action spectrum.

He has gone to great efforts to meet me so many times over the years – a friendship which will last our lives. And you can bet he will be one tough boxer and wrestler 10, 20, 30 or more years from now. Go for it! But be real; because he can (1) spot phonies and (2) can throw one of the hardest punches I've taken. Check my blog for more about him.



Spruceman is recommended by Boxer VA

Spruceman is a fantastic wrestling partner. I've known him for about 10 years, and have nothing but the highest opinion of him. Tough, strong, skilled, and a true gentleman off the mat. Very highly recommended.



Boxer VA is recommended by DenverWrestler

A very good sport – he's a boxer but agreed to meet me for wrestling since I'm useless at boxing. He's very fit with a lean hard body and is a super nice guy. He put up a good fight and took his beating like a champ (LOL). We really had fun rolling around, and a match like this, where we laugh a lot and goof around, is my idea of a great time. Would gladly meet him again!



DenverWrestler is recommended by Boxer VA

Had a great, fun (though too short) meeting with DenverWrestler. He's a strong, knowledgeable wrestler who can wrestle at your level. Highly recommended.



Boxer VA is recommended by volcano

I highly recommend Boxer VA for both boxing and wrestling. He is skilled (boxing/wrestling), willing to work with you to make sure you have an enjoyable time, and is a really nice guy.

Still recovering from a catastrophic car accident, Boxer VA was willing to be my first and recent step back into wrestling action after a long period of recovery. He is patient, adjusts the level of intensity to what is appropriate, and willing to adjust styles to what suits the situation. We did some general pro move moves, some body punching, and some practicing of holds.

We met and wrestled once many years ago and he remains a great guy and a great wrestling/punching friend. You can't go wrong with him!



Boxer VA is recommended by SeattleWrestler3

Excellent boxer. Boxer's years of formal training equips him well for boxing. We have boxed a few times and I look forward to more fights.



SeattleWrestler3 is recommended by Boxer VA

I've met him multiple time and enjoyed each time more. Strong, aggressive, fun boxer who likes to compete - but doesn't take it too serious. A great meet if you have the chance.



Boxer VA is recommended by boxerwrestler64

Coleman is a super guy and an excellent boxer. He took it easy on me in light of the difference in our ages and skill levels. We boxed and then wrestled. Great fun all around.



boxerwrestler64 is recommended by Boxer VA

It's been way too long since I've met him. He's a strong, aggressive boxer who is enjoyable to spar with. Very recommended.



Boxer VA is recommended by AussieBoxer

Excellent, trained boxer - fast, aggressive, skilled. Have enjoyed sparring him in the legendary mat room on a number of occasions. Very highly recommended.



AussieBoxer is recommended by Boxer VA

A great, skilled boxer. He's a tiger in the ring, but a true gentleman outside of it. Don't pass the chance to meet him.



Boxer VA is recommended by LuckyLarryLoser

Great young man who was patient with this old guy! Friendly and cordial Great host. Very skilled.



LuckyLarryLoser is recommended by Boxer VA

It's been too long since we last met. A great guy who is a lot of fu.n to wrestle with. Hope to meet him again soon.



Boxer VA is recommended by Irishboxer

I have known Boxer VA for more years than I care to remember. He's a wonderful friend. He is in great shape and I enjoy doing pad work with him very much indeed. Boxer VA has real skills, as others have said. He's fit, strong and skilful enough to accommodate his intensity to those he's with - others have said the same, and it's not true of all the trained boxers on the site. Absolutely to be recommended. Boxer VA is the real thing and anyone with experience wanting to spar and/or develop as a boxer should beat a path to his door. Oh yes, and he's a wonderful person too!



Irishboxer is recommended by Boxer VA

I've known IrishBoxer for over 10 years. He was trained by a legendary coach and it shows. Highly knowledegable in boxing with a personality.. He's taught me so much in the past years and I continue to learn more from him each time we meet. I would not hesitate to meet with him - you won't be disappointed! (Plus, he has a incredible left hook).



Boxer VA is recommended by Bikerguy516

I was looking forward to meeting BoxerVA since he has an excellent reputation on Meetfighters and he did not disappoint. Though I was greatly outmatched by this skilled fighter, we sparred at least 6 timed rounds (I lost count) and had a good exchange of punches. He has a good defense and it was tough to land a lot of shots but I got a few in. He also kept to our agreement to full power body shots and "less than full power" head shots. Good thing for me! He got me in the face a couple of times! But it was all safe and sane. He was also very gracious in giving me, the newbie, some advice and pointers and even did some mitt work with me. I would highly recommend him to any boxer looking to glove up with a reliable opponent and I hope to be able to spar a full 10 or 12 rounds with him in the future.



Bikerguy516 is recommended by Boxer VA

I met Bikerguy516 today and had a great time. We boxed for about 7 rounds, and had some really good exchanges. I was surprised to learn that he'd had only been boxing for a less than a year. Though some of his skills raw, he has a good punch, good instincts, and a lot of heart. Even more, he's a gentleman in and out of the gloves. I look forward to meeting him again, and seeing how he has gotten better.



Boxer VA is recommended by Txwresl

Great guy, very fun to wrestle, in good shape. We had a tremendous hour of rolling. Really Nice guy off the mat. Well worth the time and effort to meet. High recommendation.



Txwresl is recommended by Boxer VA

Very good wrestler, ever better guy. Had a great time with him on the mats. He's strong, sane, and a lot of fun. Definitely, don't pass up an opportunity to meet him.



Boxer VA is recommended by WrestleBob

Boxer can wrestle too. Met him a few times and wrestled several styles from light to really intense. Always great fun and a friendly guy as well.



WrestleBob is recommended by Boxer VA

Great wrestler. Will wrestle to your level. A must meet if you have the chance



Boxer VA is recommended by denvrboxer

Good boxer and works with his opponent to be at the same level



denvrboxer is recommended by Boxer VA

Great boxer, great guy.. Definitely recommended.



Boxer VA is recommended by SurreyGuy

Had a great sparring session with Coleman - he's quick and packs a good punch. Nice guy with the gloves off too, I'm happy to recommend him and look forward to another sparring session!



SurreyGuy is recommended by Boxer VA

Had some great sparring with SurreyGuy. Tough, strong, sane with the gloves on and a great guy outside the ring. Definitely recommended.



Boxer VA is recommended by Phillip

Have been wrestling Coleman for years he probably only weighed about 130 lbs. when we met. and I could beat him easily-now he his bigger and stronger than me and puts me through the paces. Very nice guy I consider a friend.



Boxer VA is recommended by ctrwash

This man is TOUGH! You want a good boxing match? You won't be sorry. Skilled with over 8 years of boxing experience, he can deliver punches so hard you may end up on the floor in a K/O. And very much a gentleman. He will be a lifelong friend.
Thanks, Coleman!



Boxer VA is recommended by btler

Had a great spar with Boxer_VA. Good skills, speed and tenacious. Certainly one of the best boxers in the DC area. Also easy on the eyes, good host and can highly recommend.



btler is recommended by Boxer VA

Finally was able to get together with btler. He's a tough skilled boxer but also a gentleman outside the ring. Was a great time with him and he is recommended highly.



Boxer VA is recommended by PHLBoxer

Has been WAY too long since I last gloved-up with Coleman, but he's definitely worth arraging to meet. Hoping to see him across the "ring" from me again soon.



Boxer VA is recommended by commuter

Highly recommend Boxer VA. Great guy, gives a great workout, always safe and sane.



commuter is recommended by Boxer VA

Great guy and great boxer. Safe and alot of fun.



Boxer VA is recommended by scubawrestler

Honest; Good; Experienced; and Fun.
Don't miss out on a good workout, and a good friend.



scubawrestler is recommended by Boxer VA

Great guy, fun opponent. Strong, competitive, and sane.