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Ok I have to make a few things clear
I’m not on here to get knocked out .. if that’s your thing FORGET it .. if it happens fine but If you make it your goal, MATCH OVER ✋
Second thing .. I’ve met some amazing guys and made so good friends along the way,but If you live 1000miles away chances are it won’t happen even if you ask me to visit .. and keep asking 🙉
If you happen to be in an area that I’m in then sure , let’s do it 👍...
I live a busy life so don’t get offended if I say I can’t mate sorry .. I will try if possible.
Gear /kit a huge turn on. .. not into naked fighting .. Stop asking, you won’t convince me

I box, I’m no Muhammad Ali but I enjoy it with the right guy .. 👍 ive also found I like to wrestle but it’s more of a scrap with body blows .
Not scared of a few bruises , generally pick a fight I’ll loose ,but I will fight till I drop 💪
I won’t roll over or quit .. till I’m totally beat...👊
Please have more than one picture .. at least one should be a face 😀👍
If I haven’t put you off, 🙄🤣🤣.
Check me out on instagram please follow weblink👍 🤼‍♂️📸🎥. Stuboxpics



  1. United Kingdom, Gamrie
    (I'm here from 2/14/2018)
    Place of residence
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Age: 40-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Jock , singlet , boxing shorts , Lycra trunks , boxing boot boots , trainer, footie sox, leather ,rubber..

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

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Past Opponents

Friendly Heel OliLifting ozboxer


BoXXXEr is recommended by ozboxer

We have been chatting from some time and "circling" one another, so it was great to finally meet up
We did some good body boxing in the ring at Manchester, and although he is still recovering from an operation and a heavy wrestling match a couple of days before he stood his ground.
He has akeen spirit and over time will get more experience in boxing, a fun guy to hand out with and a natural fighter who will only get tougher as he gains more fights.
I beat him a couple of times with hard body blows, but he kept going.. so I would recommend him to anyone who wants a fun box.
a pleasure to meet :)



ozboxer is recommended by BoXXXEr

I’ve beenTalking to This fighter for over a year now, we seemed to have built up a connection both of us always keen tomeet and fight and lots of fun banter..
We finally agreed a day and place and get together .. ring booked even a photograph to get some shots ..
Hes a fun guy to box with who you can have a laugh with at the same time (this important to me 👍) he takes his boxing very seriously he delivers some very hard punches,
If it wasn’t for the distance I’d think we would meet more often , as he makes a great trainer and friend 👊👊
Any time fella 👍



BoXXXEr is recommended by OliLifting

I met this fighter recently at the wrestling factory in Manchester. We’d met socially before, so I knew he’s a sound a safe guy that enjoys a good physical challenge. We’d talked about his fighting background in boxing and that he wanted to give wrestling a go as well.

He’s a big, powerful guy. So even though I tried to start off slowly with him, it because pretty apparently quickly that he could take some real aggression without being phased. We wrestled for around 90 minutes and had a really good workout. Each round was competitive, although I saw my job as being to introduce him to the fun of wrestling rather than to win. I think I managed that, even though he occasionally has to suppress his instincts to put his fists up and pummel me.

He’s a strong guy on the mats and is definitely keen for an aggressive and physical challenge. I hope I’ve whet his appetite to wrestle more, and maybe even taught him a thing or two. I’d definitely be happy to recommend him. His strength and enthusiasm make him a whole lot of fun to battle.



OliLifting is recommended by BoXXXEr

I met this guy previously and we have chatted about wrestling vs boxing ,
It’s been a long while since I did any serious wrestling,we agreed a day and booked the mats for when I returned to Manchester .
What Really surprised me was the fact that he brought my aggression (not violent )to the surface just like when I Box . I threw everything at him and he handled it, constantly pushing me harder but as the same time we had a good laugh too . 👍 a this is important to me , the perfect mix..
I Can see us having plenty more battles in the future , it’s definitely a sport for me thanks fella 👍👍



BoXXXEr is recommended by Friendly Heel

Met this guy many years ago on my mats when he was young and keen to explore what it was like to wrestle. Very experienced but game to have a go with an experienced wrestler. Great body, great attitude and great he's now back to take guys on now mainly for boxing.
Would happily give this guy another chance on my mats. Highly recommended.



Friendly Heel is recommended by BoXXXEr

I recon that this guy got me started as a fighter ..
We met as friends I was very interested more than I wanted to let on to be honest . True Novice .. against a pro ..
think we had a few fight, I lost all as you would expect .. But I gave it 100% I’ve never been a quitter but I do know when I’m beat ....
I’m more of a boxer now , I still like to wrestle, have to say I do feel disappointed if I win 🤣
Glad we have reconnected.fella ,I’m up for another grapple


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