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Looking for a good time, but humiliation of looser is ok. No injuries.

Like to wrestle both women and men. Wrestling should be fun!



  1. Sweden, Stockholm
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I am willing to travel 30 kilometers


Age: 41-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (189 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Swedish

Gear: Speedo, Singlet

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BlondViking is recommended by Talldavidla

Great guy. Chatted a while to set up the match and the follow through was great. aggressive fun match. ultimately dominated him and he was a great jobber and opponent. If you get a chance to wrestle BlondViking, do it. You'll have a great time!



Talldavidla is recommended by BlondViking

He is a friendly and handsome man. We started in speedos and he was a tough opponent for me. After some struggling it was clear that I was on my back more and more. I escaped and we exchanged grips but he was in a top position most of the time until he finally stripped me and was declared as the winner.

I had a wonderful time and want a revenche.

Highly recommended!



BlondViking is recommended by dg duffy

I had the pleasure of battling BlondViking (or should I say Thor) during a recent trip to Stockholm. First off, BlondViking showed on time and accurately matched his description. Despite a small hotel room and a busy schedule we had some great battles. He is fundamentally a jobber but I think that his calling is as bad boy. Fellows, take advantage of grappling with this fellow in Stockholm.



dg duffy is recommended by BlondViking

Ringmaster is a very friendly and strong wrestler. We had a bout in his hotel room and it was so good that I came back the day after to get a revanche.

A pro tip: Don’t let him get over you since he is almost impossible to move, at leadt with legal moves.



BlondViking is recommended by Lutte Cannes

Sunday! Sunny Sunday! Nice meeting this Viking! First time water wrestling! and much more with him! Totally recomanded!



Lutte Cannes is recommended by BlondViking

I am still overwhelmed by Lutte Cannes hospitality. Very friendly and nice. We wrestled both in the sea and at his place. He is strong and a great opponent.



BlondViking is recommended by lotta 70

Nice and friendly jobber, who loved body contact and (safe and sane) suffering. It was a pleasure to meet him, even if for a too short time. Hope to play again!



lotta 70 is recommended by BlondViking

We rolled around in a not too competitive way. He has quite a few holds that keeps you down. He is fresh and hot.

He is a nice guy that you definately can have a conversation with over a drink or coffee.



imper is recommended by BlondViking

I met Imper for a shorter session. We realized very soon that he was too good for me. Imper coached me and I learned a lot from the session. He was friendly. I can recommend him.



BlondViking is recommended by Raufbold

BV is nice guy and it makes a lot of fun to dominate him. Strongly recommended to meet him.



Raufbold is recommended by BlondViking

It was very easy to setup a fight with Raufbold. He is a nice person. We wrestled in his hotel room in a non competitive style since both of us were slightly injured.

He used his weight advantage to hold me down and he definitely enjoyed being the top dog.



BlondViking is recommended by erialc

BV is a nice and interesting guy who while making juste for his name as viking also happens to be a fun jobber and is great fun to dominate and trap in holds. Takes it in great stride, with fab spirit and attitude. Of course will have a heel in there as well! Well worth meeting :)



erialc is recommended by BlondViking

erialc is a nice person - friendly, openminded and intelligent.

We wrestled at his place and despite my size advantage, he won pretty easily. He is a great heel. Don't let his size and friendly attitude fool you. For me as a beginner, I felt safe all the time.

Best recommendations!