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Black guy from London, England, new to the fight scene looking for guys to wrestle. Safe and sane. Hoping to learn more holds as I become more experienced. Looking for good, sweaty matches.



  1. United Kingdom, London
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Age: 55-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 181 lbs (82 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Blackuk is recommended by Guyntheshadows

BlackUk is one serious wrestler! If you're big on thrash talk, he is your opponent that specialize in that! Very strong guy with special moves and techniques. Did I mention he has plenty of stamina! Our hot sweaty tiring match lasted 2 1/2 hours! Do not judge him by his age, he is capable of showing up and showing off too! Be warn, if he dominates you...he humiliates you! As a jobber, I didn't mind though lol. Yes, I had a awesome hot sweaty power match with him. His strength against mine and then my stamina against his. Was a lot of fun and great workout!



Guyntheshadows is recommended by Blackuk

What a great guy! Tall, handsome, fit and very charming. This guy is new to wrestling but he has great stamina. Watch out for his leg scissors too. He has powerful legs! Our match went on for well over 2 hours but would have loved it to go on for longer. He will only get better as he has more fights. It was a great battle with plenty of long held holds! Lots of sweat and a great struggle. I highly recommend guyntheshadows and look forward to a rematch sometime in the future. Wrestle him guys, you won't regret it!



Blackuk is recommended by DenverWrestler

A very nice guy, a great host, and a tough wrestler with a very strong tight muscular body. Beware his bearhug, which he uses to toss you on the mat, and then converts it to a full-body press and pin which is impossible to get out of. He took me down twice that way before I had any chance to use my submission wrestling skills. On the mat he's safe and sane, and off the mat he's an interesting, outgoing, friendly reliable guy. Was a real pleasure to meet and wrestle him!!!



DenverWrestler is recommended by Blackuk

A friendly, interesting and very likeable guy who loves to wrestle. It was great fun getting to grips with him.



Blackuk is recommended by solidguy

Really enjoyed my match with Blackuk. Amazing physique especially arms and looks much younger than his age. Very strong guy. A good challenge for me and hope to have more opportunities to pin him next time! Really friendly and welcoming. Such a shame we had to cut the match short. Hope to wrestle him again really soon!



solidguy is recommended by Blackuk

This was a pretty good match up as Neither of us are particularly technical and we both seem to rely more on strength. Don't underestimate this guy as I first did as he is pretty strong and can catch you by surprise. This started out to be a hard sweaty struggle. Certainly looked like it was gonna be a good battle. Unfortunately it ended prematurely but certainly recommend this strong, friendly guy.



Blackuk is recommended by lazarus25

I had an excellent match with BlackUK. He is very strong and knows a lot of holds. He is incredibly tough and hard to get a submission from. I hope I get another match with him.



lazarus25 is recommended by Blackuk

Tall slim friendly guy who loves to roll. Don't be fooled into thinking it will be a walk over! This guy is much stronger than he looks and difficult to tame! It was a good sweaty battle as we both struggled to dominate each other. Off the mats, he's a complete gentleman and good host. Highly recommended.



Blackuk is recommended by ckfigter

If you are looking for a great match this man will not disappoint! He is much stronger than he looks and we have you at your limit and begging for more. Even more than that hes a really cool and genuine dude so don't hesitate to challenge him! Bring ya A game tho!



ckfigter is recommended by Blackuk

Ck fighter is a really friendly guy who loves a good scrap. Thoroughly enjoyed our sweaty battle of strength as we both struggled to dominate each other. Make sure you avoid his lethal leg scissors! Well worth the trip to Philly. Highly recommended and a really great host.



Blackuk is recommended by KnockedOutPunch

50 yrs old?! I ain't buying it! Had a nice sweaty rumble with sub holds and a few pro slams ;) Can't wait to get this strong and powerful man in the ring for a real pro battle!



KnockedOutPunch is recommended by Blackuk

What a great guy! Handsome, friendly guy who loves wrestling. Though he is more of a pro fighter he has the strength to be a great sub fighter too. Like me he depends more on his strength than submission skills so our meet turned out to be a hard sweaty battle! He also showed me some pro moves. Highly recommended !



Blackuk is recommended by greekwrestler

Very strong guy, very good wrestler. Also very nice guy. Wrestling with him was real, sweaty, horny, fun. We will beat each other soon again. Highly recommend him



greekwrestler is recommended by Blackuk

This guy is as strong as an ox and he'll try and squeeze the submission out of you! He's a big stocky guy with powerful legs. A really great guy to wrestle. This was a tough, sweaty, even match. We met at very short notice and the space wasn't ideal but it was still very enjoyable. Highly recommend him. Looking forward to the rematch.



Blackuk is recommended by birmingham uk fighter

This is a great guy, awesome strong n really up for some ruff n tumble! Great match n a really nice guy too - def worth a challenge - meet again soon man!



birmingham uk fighter is recommended by Blackuk

Nice friendly, sociable guy. Dont be fooled by the pic, this dude has big strong legs! This was a long, hard, sweaty match up. A hard but thoroughly enjoyable match and we were both probably exhausted at the end of it. Look forward to a rematch. Highly recommend him.



Blackuk is recommended by JUDOMARS

dominant dans l'âme, et excellent grappler naturel!, il sait lutter comme d'autres respirent. Très bon combat entre taureaux, ou 2 boas... un gars sympatique hors tatamis, à qui on peut faire confiance, hâte qu'on se rebatte encore,
à bientôt!



JUDOMARS is recommended by Blackuk

Don't be fooled by his friendly smile, this guy is strong with lots of stamina and knows how to grapple. We had a long, sweaty, enjoyable match. A nice guy too. Highly recommend him and look forward to a rematch.



Blackuk is recommended by SPWrestler

Really great guy. Wrestles well and very strong. Had a good, long, sweaty match with him. Really enjoyed it. Recommend him.



SPWrestler is recommended by Blackuk

Lovely, friendly guy off the mats. Strong, fit, athleic body with lots of stamina. Our match turned out to be a long, hard, sweaty one. Highly recommend him.



Blackuk is recommended by RojoLion

Great, genuine and good guy on the mats and off. Much stronger than I initially thought and learning fast to become a very skilled wrestler to augment his natural skill. I would recommend to all. Looking forward to the rematch.



RojoLion is recommended by Blackuk

Nice, friendly guy who certainly likes a good old long sweaty wrestle! Looking forward to a rematch!