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Vehicle wreck in March of 2019 has had me away.
Was concussed and now have balance issues.
Trying to get back to what is the new normal for me.
Finally off using a cane - the second week of June 2019.
Scramble words a bit, some times when folks tell me something - it needs repeating for my brain to process all.

Am more a “lurker” here than ever before.

I feel my age now. 11 years have fattened me up, bulged me out (not in a good way), made me a Type II diabetic, and have worsened my vision.
Major dental work on 1/19 - has made my mouth look like that of a washed up hockey player. Most front teeth are now gone. Replacement “partials” coming.

No picture posted on my profile - I look like YOUR Grand-Dad.

I was into female on male boxing before I got hooked on men’s boxing. Ironically boxed with 3 Native American women of different sizes in the 80s. Never have co-ed boxed again.
Never asked again - never found anyone who wanted to.
Now female boxing is the rage.

Spring 2019 - due to much-changed medical and vision reasons - I am out of the game, before I can glove up...
The price of getting old.

When I initially posted, I was just looking for lighter sparring in the Chicago area. If I improve - will start looking for “softer” sparring partners.
No beat-downs, no body mangling. Nothing in the way of boxing gym quality.

Did backyard and living room bouts in the 70's and 80's.
Some fun, some attempted beat-downs on me. Knocked out once.
Nearly all of my boxing partners from then are dead.
Heart issues, stroke and one from AIDS.
Still in touch with others still on this planet - only one boxes now.

Tried finding boxing partners again in the 2000's but never found anyone "normal" or at my skills level. Carried Fed security clearance then and was worried about “improprieties” if I was outed.

Had boxed - way back when - with a variety of guys, but more often with gay guys.
I am not judgmental.
Had sparred with wrestlers and have sparred with guys who like to wear Speedos, I can't.

Am older now and way out of shape.
(I would scare small children at public pools in my current girth.)

No silly cyber matches for me.

Bought 2 new pair of 20 ounce sparring gloves in 2018 but unused - ditto used eBay Century gloves.
{Really miss my Ringside 20’s - my last new gloves, my 1970s Everlast bout 12s, and a set of Indian-made sparring 16s.}

So I look at guys profiles now and exchange mail.
Has anyone figured why there are so many boxers and wrestlers here - way over 6 feet tall? Always a site curiosity.

(Spring 2018 - was flamed by another member after comments on several of his videos. Pretty hate-filled scribes over nothing.
Am starting to block some folks...he was the initial blockee.)

Started blog stories - a mix of people whom I have met or known - with fictionalized tangents.

Photograph a lot - even headshots for OKCupid gals.
Never have shot a fighter or non-pro bout. Used to enjoy shooting at pro wrestling bouts.
Guess I can advise folks on shooting profile or bout shots here - but 95% of you do bathroom mirror selfies.
That always seems a tad creapy! Then again - most of us don’t want the outside world to know about our combat needs.

Had a former co-worker who logged his bouts on video in the early days of DV recording.
To me - that made a lot of sense in case someone got hurt.
Or a trophy for a winner.

I MF mail with folks who sound interesting or who are in the Chicago area.
Have lived in the South and East Coast - most of my adult life. I CAN identify with you!

Too poor to travel these days.
Never a hotel or ring bout in my life, though now I know that I should have booked hotel “rings” for past pugilistic opportunities.

Life goes on.

Have fun.



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Age: 68-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 266 lbs (121 kg)

Gear: Shorts, 16 or 18 ounce gloves

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