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There's two things I really like to do and that's whoop ass and look good. I'm doing one of them right now ...



  1. United Kingdom, Birmingham
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 31-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts / boxer shorts

Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Bham87 is recommended by spud999

Bham87 is a perfect gent both on and off the mat. A great level of stamina and good skills all lead to a really enjoyable meet. Looking forward to being able to lock to up with him again in the future.



spud999 is recommended by Bham87

Don't underestimate this wrestler, he has a good skill level. Strong and his leg locks are lethal. Spud999 has a magnificent physique, really fit with a great personality and a lovely smile to match. Loads of stamina. We both was dripping in sweat which are my favourite types of matches. I would def meet him again as he comes highly recommended.



Bham87 is recommended by resl4top

It was good to meet Bham87 finally. We have tried for some time to be in the same place together. At last we succeeded and it was worth the wait! Although he is new to wrestling and still learning, he is a real handful - strong, muscular and a quick learner. He is also the nicest person you will meet this year. Meet him before he gets out of control!



resl4top is recommended by Bham87

Had the pleasure of locking up with Resl4Top today at Grove Park. I can only agree with all the great recommendations this guy has. Lean, agile and strong and a cracking guy to wrestle. He's a total gentleman on and off the mats and VERY generous with his knowledge. He taught me every move he used and let me practice until I had them down. A nice guy with a vibrant personality, funny and a humble guy with nothing to prove to anyone. Well worth meeting him. HIGHLY Recommended



Bham87 is recommended by joncw8

Bham87 is what it says on the tin. He is genuine and likeable. He was on time and found the location with no fuss. I am very inexperienced and yet we managed to have a meaningful and enjoyable match. We agreed to meet for more bouts and I have no hesitation recommending this member to others. 10 out of 10!



joncw8 is recommended by Bham87

It was a real pleasure to be the first meefighters opponent for this top quality handsome guy. Jon and I indulged mostly in pro but we took the opportunity to work on some submission holds mixed in. He's a quick learner and intends to make his mark in the wrestling world (and he will).
The 3 hours wasn't enough time with this guy. He can take punishment but is always back on his feet ready to learn and take more. He definitely gave as much as I handed to him. Jon was reliable and off the mats fun to be with, It was very easy to schedule a match with him, and I would already say that he will prove to be one of the most reliable guys on this site. I recommend him highly and look forward to future matches with him



Bham87 is recommended by LdnGrapple

Arranged for AJ to come by and and take on another heavier guy. He is starting a transition from a whoop ass pin up boy (zillions of photos) to becoming a serious able opponent.
He has good looks, a great physique and a real desire to fight and win. Overly modest about his strength and potential, AJ is capable and safe.
This smart and gym trained guy is a real must for anyone who is prepared to roll and put themselves about as strength alone won't be enough. He is an instinctive wrestler and will benefit from some more technique . Hope to fight again very soon. Highly recommended.



LdnGrapple is recommended by Bham87

What a great guy Simon is .. Really friendly, warm, engaging chap, very easy to talk to and get on with. A great wrestler who knows he’s stuff. Nice and fit and he looks very good in gear. What else can be said that hasn't already. He will destroy you, but he will make sure it is safe and you are having a good time. A class act. Definitely recommended.



Bham87 is recommended by varsityb

This unexpectedly turned out to be one of my best matches , and not just of 2017. Aj is a handsome lad , and looks superb in his red speedos - even better than his photos. The unexpected part was me having a 2 stone weight advantage, and more knowledge , and having to sweat so hard to get him to submit -he's very fast and strong for his weight. We had a really great match and fought each other for nearly 3 hours of good humoured, muscle straining action - just wish had taped it. Maybe next time we meet - hopefully soon !!
He's very reliable ( something that sadly can't always be said ) and is a really friendly guy. There's nothing I can add- he's a genuinely great opponent. I will jump at the chance to wrestle him again.



varsityb is recommended by Bham87

A fantastic all-around guy and a terrific wrestler, one of the absolute BEST on this site. His profile doesn't capture the actual skills and strength. Deano is a natural in the wrestling field and he can tune the intensity according to the opponent's level. Definitely worth your time for a match, he playfully locks on holds and is always ready to get the tap. Even when you end up on top, he'll keep fighting to not loose. His wrestling skill, his strength, his body, his personality, his reliability – it just doesn't get any better. A phenomenal guy and wrestler whom I consider myself very lucky to have met. Make sure he's on your next to wrestle list ..



Bham87 is recommended by reslograppler

It was a real pleasure and honour to meet AJ. He is a good looking, well mannered lad with a great physique and its clear that he has spent a lot of time in the gym. His strength proved to be the deciding factor in our meet which was great fun and we both got on a good sweat. He is totally safe at all times, has speed and strength to go with his wrestling skills and he looks great in his trunks! Both of us really enjoyed our meet and I hope its the first of many!



reslograppler is recommended by Bham87

A great guy to grapple with, a well trained grappler with skill - technique - stamina and agility. Nice guy to get along with and definitely worth meeting. recommended



Bham87 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

It was really easy to arrange the match with AJ despite issues of distance. We had lots of chatter in the weeks beforehand and decided on a really long match so that each of us could work out what the other was made of.

I am pleased to say that AJ's pictures do not do him justice and he was very mild-mannered indeed before we began the match. When we armwrestled, however, he was certainly not the shrinking violet I had supposed he might turn out to be. His right arm is strong and although I gave him a good test he overpowered me with his stronger arm. Fortunately I decidedly returned the favour on the left and so it was to be our wrestling skills that decided this.

AJ was certain that even though he had very little experience in wrestling his youth, strength and stamina would mean that he would easily get the better of me. It would seem that even though he had done his research on my recommendations, he was sure he was better than the guys who have failed to make me tap in the past.

I have now reprogrammed his firmware and his attitude adjustment has been completed! I will not reveal the score - I will leave that to him - if he is bold enough to show it.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Bham87

Sometimes you just have to admit it ... I was COMPLETELY outclassed by this amazing wrestler! He is totally safe, sane and easy to make arrangements with. Off the mats hes charming and great to chat with. On the mats, he is fast, skilled, amazingly strong and has got the most incredible stamina and just doesn't quit. Added to this, he has a physique anyone would be proud of. HIGHLY recommended!



Bham87 is recommended by fallenangel07

From the moment I spotted AJ's profile,I knew a meet had to happen. Upon messaging him a positive engagement followed right up to our first fight.
AJ is all that is needed to have a solid friendship and a great fight. This guy has it all, good looks, great physique and a real desire to fight and win. He is always calm and polite, but that is where it ends when fighting. Overly modest about his skills and strength, AJ is formidable and yet safe enough to go up against.
This smart and very able young man is a real must for anyone who is prepared for defeat or a hard battle. There is something within him that lets it all come out in a split second as he knows what he is doing.
In short AJ is a total natural and definitely not one to miss . We will fight again very soon. Highly recommended.



fallenangel07 is recommended by Bham87

Where do I begin? It's difficult to find the words to express just how highly I think of this guy, Firstly, Robert and I hit it off so well. We quickly established a solid relationship, which only continued to thrive and flourish over the next few weeks from the moment we made contact. Having met Robert, I'm happy to tell you he exceeded my expectations. He's got a lovely voice, a winning smile, he is friendly, genuine, good looking (his pictures definitely do him no justice).. Basically a man you'd really, really want to meet. We had a very intense, long session. Great sweaty brawl and work out. His legs are strong and his biggest advantage. Highly recommended and I look forward to meeting him again soon.


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Light combinations - being patient is key.

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Hitting the heavy bag BK !!!

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