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I get really turned on by aggressive fights.
Love different kinds of fights: freefight without face shots, submission wrestling, Hard but sane fights with well trained, muscular or athletic guys. Possibly with humilation and rape action after the fight. I like competitive fighting as much as a more erotic match or being a heel for smaller guys. I am into leg sissors and everything including feet.
Trained in Muay Thai and some MMA and BJJ but wouldn`t call my self a very technical fighter. Prefer plain ground fights. Love to fight in MMA-Outfit, Sportgear or Uniform and Bomber jackets in outdoor fights. Also into mutual Training and strength tests like armwrestling.

Write me only if you are near or plan to come to Berlin in the near future, Empty messages like "nice body" or so are not welcome.

Ich spreche natürlich auch deutsch.



  1. Germany, Berlin
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I am willing to travel 300 kilometers


Age: 47-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 207 lbs (94 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: AdidasShorts, UFC-Shorts, Sportswear, Army pants, Bomber jackets, Sneakers and Socks

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Plkrmk is recommended by Berlin

Young inexperienced, but full of energy and fighting spirit. I had a great time in coaching and fighting this young and talented guy. He gave everything to win, never give up easily and was full of enthusiasm.

We had a great sweaty fight. He gave me more assistance than I expected. He is fast, flexible and has good body control.

Besides the fighting he is a very nice and sympathetic guy. I fully recommend fighting with him. Hope we will meet again soon.



Berlin is recommended by ROGAN RICHARDS

I had the chance to go head to head with this alpha in Berlin and film it for my website (out this summer! ... Aussie summer) We did a grappling match with no holds barred punches to the body... I could tell my blows were making him wince but he never asked me to stop and took everything I came at him with! We were both sweaty and breathless by the end. And we both got off on our ripe testosterone fuled body smell. A true man and animal - can't wait till I'm back in Berlin for a re-match.



ROGAN RICHARDS is recommended by Berlin

One of my bests fights over meet fighters. Rogan is 105 kgs of pure masculinity.
We had a super powerful and aggressiv e boxing match. He blows amazingly hard punches and he can take a lot of punches as well.
It was hard to breathe when he took me into his bearhug. Super strong also in armwrestling.
When Rogan started sweating you could literally smell the Testosterone.
Really hope we will have the chance to meet again.



Berlin is recommended by DavidVdw


Berlin and i actually know each other before i joined meetfighters.

He’s a cool guy who likes a rough game with the right amount of aggression but in a sane way. He’s not the most technical but he compensates this with his muscled and strong body. Having said that, he’s not for the weak hearted.

In my case you also have the weight difference which comes in play... so for me it’s always a massive workout fighting Berlin.

This year i got the chance to meet up with him again and we actually fought twice. The first time i was jobbing in a public area, with a nice applause from the crowd in the end (apparently people like to see me struggle) and the second time we wrestled a bit more private.

He’s my first opponent and the one who showed me this small community here on meetfighters. I’ve grown very fond of the wrestling community over the past 9 months. And it’s providing me with a much needed relief of daily live and work related stress.

So a big thank you for Berlin and obviously I recommend you 100%!



DavidVdw is recommended by Berlin

I have really a great time fighting with David. Though I was the Gloiath in that fight Davis always came back after every tap, again and again. Giving us chance to recover in between. Though due to weight difference he had to work much harder than me he wouldn’t get tired easily. So the fight turned out to be very exhausting, sweaty and demanding. It was always competitive with both of us giving everything, willing to win. The applause after our first fight was clearly dedicated to him as he was the smaller guy and still never gave up.
Besides the mat we also had a great time together.
I clearly recommend David to all who want to fight competitive.



Berlin is recommended by justforfighting

Berlin is a big, strong and skilled fighter always willing to dominate. He really enjoys to give a good punishment to his opponent but all safe. Out of the match he is a really friendly and charming pal. A must if you are in Berlin, lol.



justforfighting is recommended by Berlin

I am glad we can meet during his stay in Berlin. We had a great boxing match. These fast, skilled and has good power. His abs can take a lot of punches and kicks.
I hope we can meet again in the future.



Berlin is recommended by slimwrestler12

Berlin is a very experienced fighter, but is 100% respectful. He is almost double my size and was one of my favorite matches. He beat my ass but knew when to let go. Great time rolling with this guy.

I want to go to Germany to fight Berlin again. If you get the opportunity to roll with him you wont regret it. Also make sure you practice before.



slimwrestler12 is recommended by Berlin

It wasn't a really fair fight. I still had a lot of fun wrestling with slimmwrestler. He is always eager to win and gives his best. It's full of energy and power. I hope we can meet again in the future despite of the distance.



Berlin is recommended by newyorkchicago1122

I was able to meet up with Berlin while I was visiting his city. He has a great mat set up and was very accommodating with the schedules. Fierce opponent on the mats, but very nice guy off of them



Berlin is recommended by Alex wrestler87

Es war wie “Berlin“ schon richtig sagte eine Art Spitzentag. Wir haben uns schon lange ein Kampf gewünscht und uns nun fest verabredet. Als ich ihn abgeholte, dachte ich…wow das wird heute mein Untergang. Uff ein riesen Kerl mit gewaltigen Muskel ist das! Pure Kraft.
Als wir dann auf die Matte sind, hab ich das direkt spüren dürfen mit was für eine Power er mich in den Griff bekommt. Er hat ne gute Technik drauf, was den Kampf sicher und kontrolliert macht. Nach den Matches das wirklich alles bot was Spaß macht, waren wir beide extrem platt und Tage später heheh. Von meiner Seite kann ich echt nur positives über ihn berichten, ein sympathischer Typ der auch noch super entspannt und freundlich ist. So soll sein ;) Ich kann ich auf in jedem Fall empfehlen wer ein guten Kampf will. Sag Bescheid wenn du nochmal auf meine Matten willst.



Alex wrestler87 is recommended by Berlin

Ich hatte selten so viel Spaß beim fighten. Es macht richtig Spaß die durchtrainierten und definierten Muskeln in voller Action zu sehen.
Alex ist immer angriffslustig und kämpft Runde um Runde hart und unnachgiebig. Wir haben insgesamt 5 Stunden fast ununterbrochen gekämpft bis wir beide völlig platt waren. Wobei er aufgrund des Gewichtsunterschieds natürlich mehr gearbeitet hat.
Es hat alles gestimmt, die Power, der Kampfgeist, etwas dirty Talk und der Spaß an der Sache. Auch außerhalb der Matte hatten wir eine gute Zeit und interessante Unterhaltungen, sodass es ein wirklich schöner Tag war. Die Reise nach Mainz hat sich voll gelohnt.



Berlin is recommended by Gym berlin

Amazing fighter. Really skilled and really really strong guy and at the same time really nice and sweet person.
If u in berlin dont miss him. Strongly recommended.

Thank u for teaching me so many things in such a short time and for the fight.



Gym berlin is recommended by Berlin

Highly motivated beginner. He still has to learn a lot of technique, but he is strong and full of energy and gives everything in the fight.

I hope he will learn a lot in the BJJ class and we can meet on another level after a few months.



Berlin is recommended by jeunesoumis

Very strong and skilled fighter. A lot of power and agressivity, but also a lot of fun!
Was very nice fighting him, very intense and just violent as it should be!
I recommend him to anyone who wants a good fight vs a strong, experienced and trained bully! Lol
Thanks for coming buddy, and see you soon for even harder fights ;)



jeunesoumis is recommended by Berlin

It was very much fun to fight with this guy. He has a very nice muscled and defined body and quite a bit of strength too. He is an amazing taker. Still never gives up rather takes more and more punches. Outside the mat he is a good host and it was nice to spend a weekend with him in Geneva.



Berlin is recommended by Blackfighter07

I am very glad to get the chance to meet this goodlooking beast for a great fight.
He is a very friendly goodlooking and kind man off the mat, on the mat he is just a freaking real fight machine.
This guy is not only looking good and very muscled, HE REALLY IS MUSCLED, VERY FIT, POWERFULL AND VERY STRONG.
He know exactely how to fight good and very hard.
Using strong powerholds to drain all your power and than he just going on with some real hard punishing.
He is an damn good master in giving some real hard punishing, he just got totally no mercy and he does enjoy it in every way!

Now i still want my REVANCHE!......I would for sure fight this machine again, it was for sure big fun.



Berlin is recommended by guy321

100% pure beef! Muscular, dominating hunk. Those pecs are worth punching, which of course I take every opportunity to. His punches are fast and hard which i choked a few times from his punches. Nearly knocked me out with his scissors hold. I will be back for a rematch! Strongly recommend meeting this alpha male.



guy321 is recommended by Berlin

guy 123 has huge biceps and you can feel that if he is punching you. He also has great sixpack abs that can take a lot of gutpunching. It was so much fun rolling around with this guy. I hope we can meet again soon.



Berlin is recommended by GrappleViking

June 2017
Met frontalbln during my stay in Berlin, at his own mats in his apartment.

He is absolutely everything his pictures suggest; defined, huge, strong and handsome. We had an aggressive bout, of which a pool of sweat was the result. He is way stronger than me, so it made for a tough fight, at the very end of my Berlin stay.

He was very accepting of my somehow lack of energy, and my bruises and damages from all my previous wrestles, but I managed to give him a very tough fight nontheless. Think I may have surprised him..

A very charming man, with a lovely smile, and full of knowledge who will gladly show you around Berlin, given the chance. Had a great time, and definitely want a rematch in the future.



GrappleViking is recommended by Berlin

We spend a great day together while he was visiting Berlin. As he was exhausted from so much wrestling the days before we agreed to have a softer and easy match. That didn't work at all as he was just as competitive as me. So it turned out we had a real aggressive and competitive bout with lots of sweat.

GrappleViking is a strong opponent and is already quite skilled. His leg scissors were amazingly strong. Probably the strongest head scissors I have ever experienced.

Besides the mat he is a nice guy and you have a lot of fun together.



Berlin is recommended by Military Wrestler

Met this fighter several years ago in Berlin and I was pleased to find him again here. He is a very strong, tough, aggressive and talented fighter. We had a pretty hard fight, but it was safe and no one got injured. For me is just an honor that such a fighter remembers me after all these years.

April 2017: Met again this strong fighter during a recent visit to Berlin. He is even stronger, tougher and more aggressive than the last time I met him. He has an amazing hard and fit body with some really nice tattoos.



Berlin is recommended by wolitar1

Frontalbln хорошо борется, рекомендую его



wolitar1 is recommended by Berlin

Very good fighter with amazing stamina. We had a competitive and always fair and sane fight.
Highly recommended.



Berlin is recommended by pndfighter

Meeting Frontalbln was a perfect way to end my weekend today! Off the mats he was a pleasure to talk to and hang out!
On the mats he's a great guy to roll with. Aggressive, but still controlled, strong, but gentle in a way. He definitely knows how to use his strength to his advantage and coupled with a good amount of technical knowledge can make your life miserable if you end up on your back!
If you want a good match-up for an aggressive and sweaty fight on the mats - meet this guy, you won't be disappointed!
I hope we can repeat this match-up today, as he's highly recommendable!!



pndfighter is recommended by Berlin

I had a really good match with pndfighter. We rolled together about 1 1/2 hours and I think I lost liters of sweat. We had a great, aggressive, competitive but sane match.
Since he is training permanently it was a good technical combat. He is always aktiv, keeps attacking so it was all the time full of action and never boring.

Besides rolling on the mat it was very nice spending time with him. He is friendly, talkative and sympathetic guy.

I can clearly recommend him and I really hope we can meet again.



gregorw is not recommended by Berlin

  • Unreliable / no show



Berlin is recommended by alexxwrestler

I had so much fun with Frontalbln! An amazing afternoon with domination, scissors and muscle worship. Huge pecs and massive arms! really cool guy to talk as well. I highly recommend him!



alexxwrestler is recommended by Berlin

Fighting with Alex was a lot of fun.he is really enthusiastic about fighting and always gives everything. Because of the weight difference it was not a really fair fight, he was all the time brave enough to continue fighting though. His leg scissors were and amazingly strong and painful.
Alex has a very nice athletic body with very muscular legs and biceps.
Besides the fighting we had a really good time together.
so I really hope we can meet again soon.I strongly recommend Alex.



Berlin is recommended by on the line

A very strong fighter! Despite the weight difference our match was quite even. Every minute of our match was very intense. If you want an big opponent who can take a lot he's the guy! Outside the mats he is very nice and knows much about history. I fully recommend him!



on the line is recommended by Berlin

When we met I thought i would have no problem defeating this 10 kg lighter guy, but it soon turned out that I had a very strong, fast and flexibel opponent that knows how to use his talents. He brought me into severe difficulties during the fight. If you have the chance to meet him you shouldn't miss the opportunity.

We had really good fights and a good time together outside the mat.



Berlin is recommended by MadGT

Very strong guy.. solid muscles everywhere you look at him.. his arms are like rocks on fire.. always ready to fight.. he moved me easily... I was lucky to use some skills to control his ground game and submit him..
Thxs for the visti here.. you are welcome all the time



MadGT is recommended by Berlin

great wrestler with good stamina, Keeps fighting for hours round after round. technically skilled and fun to fight with. Hope we can meet again



Berlin is recommended by tnorfmod

Strong and tough opponent. Was a pleasure rolling with him



tnorfmod is recommended by Berlin

very strong and competitive opponent.
We had really good matches together



Berlin is recommended by wrestler tr

he is really big muscle man...manly ,agressive muscle action with must fight him if you are macho man...GGOOAARRRRRRR



Berlin is recommended by bubble13

Strong guy, had a a great time with frontalbln on the mat



bubble13 is recommended by Berlin

was really fun to wrestle with bubble13. I hope we will wrestle again some time soon



Berlin is recommended by Gforce199

Very strong guy. I had to sweat to control his huge arms. Also good skills, it was really hard to escape from some of his submissions. We enjoyed also out of the matts, awesome body,he is all the time attacking, great matches , he will be always welcome for new fights!



Gforce199 is recommended by Berlin

Very well skilled BJJ Fighter. It was really fun to fight with him. Highly competitive but always safe and sane. He loves to attack, is never passive so the fight was very intense all the time.
One of the best fighters I met so far. He mad me tap a few times more then I submitted him.
Besides that a nice guy ti hang out with It was nicht to spend some days together with him. I am sure we will meet again.



dster is recommended by Berlin

it wasn`t really a fair fight, as I have a big advantage in weight and strength. Dster still kept resisting and didn`t give up easily, so that it was fun to fight with him.



Berlin is recommended by fracle2

Very strong and muscular opponent, agressive but always safe and sane. I really spent a good time with him and hope to meet again!



fracle2 is recommended by Berlin

great wrestler with a good fighting spirit:He allways keeps struggling and doesn`t give in easily. Also a very nice trained body. Was really fun to wrestle with him.



Berlin is recommended by Noby

Es war ein sehr heißer fight mit frontalbln, nicht nur wegen dem sehr heißen Sommertag. Er ist sehr stark, was man seinem muskulösem Body schon ansieht und hat auch eine sehr gute Technik. Mir hat der Fight viel Spaß gemacht, gerne wieder.



Noby is recommended by Berlin

Der fight mit Noby hat trotz oder wegen der an diesem Tag herschenden 32°C echt Spaß gemacht. Keine Ahnung wieviel Liter Schweiss ich dabei verloren hab.
Vor seiner Technik, Schnelligkeit und Gelenkigkeit kann ich nur den Hut ziehen. Wer auf höherem Niveau fighten will (und kann) liegt bei Noby genau richtig. Außerdem ist er ein netter und charmanter Typ, mit gutem body und hübscher Fresse.



Berlin is recommended by livingforfight

I had really enjoyed the fight with him. He's so strong, muscular/maculine, and skilled. I would fight him next time. :)



livingforfight is recommended by Berlin

it was fun to wrestle with him. He has a very nice body and he enjoys to fight. I hope we can wrestle again



FightingCologne is recommended by Berlin

Erfahrener und technisch guter Kämpfer. Es war ein harter aber immer fairer Kampf. So macht das fighten Spaß.



Berlin is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

strong fighter, was an even match, needs to work on the cardio
if you want a guy not roll around but for tough action straight from the start he is your guy.

nice man off the mats



Berlin is recommended by swiss-boy83

Frontalbln ist ein super netter Typ mit unglaublich vielen Muskeln. Er kämpft hart und intensiv. Plus wenn er einmal im Rausch ist, stopp ihn nichts so schnell. Er teilt aus und kann immens einstecken! Intensiv und wild ohne dass wirklich jemand verletzt wird! Immer wieder gerne!



swiss-boy83 is recommended by Berlin

Zäher Kämpfer der sich zu wehren weiß, Kampfgeist und viel Power hat. Er hat bereits die ein oder andere Technik drauf und wenn ich gewichtsmäßig nicht so deutlich überlegen wäre hätte ich bestimmt meine Schwierigkeiten mit ihm gehabt. Hat trotzdem viel Spaß gemacht. Ich kann nur sagen: der Schweiß floss reichlich.
Darüber hinaus ist Alex ein guter Gastgeber und ein angenehmer und freundlicher Mensch

my full recommondation for this ambitous and tough fighter



Berlin is recommended by anakron

When we agreed to fight, I did not think that I'd have much of a chance against this muscular and way heavier fighter, but him already being a bit exhausted after working out in the gym before, led to a way less one-sided match than I had thought possible. It was a lot of fun and I hope we can go for another match again. He's also a very friendly, reliable and uncomplicated guy.



anakron is recommended by Berlin

We had a pretty tough and good fight together. Anakron was not afraid to fight for the much stronger and heavier guy like me and showed a good fighting spirit at all time. He is remarkably strong for a lightweight. Anakron uses some good techniques. The great advantage is his flexibility and he and uses this successful in the fight.
He is very reliable, nice and friendly as well. So big recommendation for him



Berlin is recommended by polyethylene33

Amazingly well built and strong guy, we had quite an exhausting and fun match, and then he fixed me up with a good steak! Great guy, highly recommended



polyethylene33 is recommended by Berlin

Tough and pretty skilled fighter with good fighting spirit. He just loves fighting and Doesn’t gives up unless he really has to. Aggressive and competitive on the mat. Has really good endurance. We were both basically swimming in all that sweat.
Very nice, interesting and sympathic guy as well.



Berlin is recommended by psfighter

Very polite and really strong guy. We had very exhausting and totally spontaneous fight during a party.



psfighter is recommended by Berlin

very good and very skilled serious fighter. Was fun fighting with. Besides that he es a very nice and sympathtetic guy



Berlin is recommended by Bennyfighter

Starker Gegner, der sich auch auf "kleine" Gewichtsunterschiede einstellen kann! Besonders auf die muskulösen Beine/Oberschenkel sollte man beim ringen achten!
Neben der Matte kann man sich außerdem auch nett unterhalten! Das ist nicht selbstverständlich! Vielen Dank nochmal!



Bennyfighter is recommended by Berlin

Klein aber Oho. Gibt alles beim Ringen und hält sich ziemlich lange standhaft. Dazu zuverlässig und insgesamt netter Kontakt,


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Berlin 10/26/2017

Short part of my boxing warmup in the gym

Watched 981 times.