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Looking for pro, mma, fist fight, submition, Cyber wrestling.

Kik: sbmorasch

Past cyber matches:

BWS: (boxing) taught me the lesson on why i should not get into a fight unless i know how to box

celticFighter: (fist fight ) A good fighter. Our first cyber was a good ol fist fight he koed me quite fast

Fun wrestler123: (fist fight)This guy is STRONG. We had a fist fight and he is good. I gave him a run for his money but when he pined me down and started to throw lefts and rights i was DONE.

The_undertaker: (submition)strong guy! He really knows his stuff. I was so close to einning but the canadian back breaker fucked me up.

Speedy788: (submition) this is one hot dude. He knows how to take shots. I was so close to beating him! But he found a way to fight out of everytihing i could throw at him! He finsihed me off with a bostom crab wile squeezing my balls and i had no choice. He made me milk all over the floor wile he mouth fucked me too.

Sleeperboi: (ko) we started off going back and forth and i slowly took over kicking and pulling and domnating. Then things took a turn he totaly slamed me down and destryoed. Once that choke hold was it i was out. He then rubbed me off with his sexy foot. Out second cyber fight i totaly owned him making him cry in pain and rubed my foot on his dick. Make him milk all over his face

Trianglechokeme: (sub) we had a good match went for a wile got dirty in the middle but we liked it! He made me tap 2 times and i made him tap 1 time. He humiliated me and remarchs are for sure coming!



  1. Canada - Alberta, Calgary
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Age: 23-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 156 lbs (71 kg)

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