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Wrestler in St Louis seeking opponents for promission wrestling. Enjoy heeling a guy into squashes or a good back and forth fun is great as well.



  1. USA - Missouri, St. Louis
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I am willing to travel 150 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (193 cm), 285 lbs (129 kg)

Gear: anything

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Past cyber/phone opponents:


Barry O is recommended by Dave wrestle

I could do nothing with this guy but be his total jobber. He was rough and aggressive. Gave my gut a good working over as well. Hope to meet up with him again.



Barry O is recommended by Slick583mick

Was a beast , had about 100 lbs on me - very rough and strong , prob won't be able to move in the morning - but he is a decent person and enjoyed his company . U gonna wrestle him bring your A game and maybe a friend to help ! Plan to meet again once I recover .



Barry O is recommended by jkhammerd

I had the pleasure of meeting Barry O only briefly. He is handsome and looks kinda sweet, which is just a ruse until he starts to wrestle you. He is so strong and aggressive and really knew how to manhandle me, but in a way that felt totally safe and all in the name of fun.



jkhammerd is recommended by Barry O

I'm responsible for turning him on the wrestling and reccommended he check out this website, sounds like you've been busy and are a quick learner from your other opponents! Glad you liked this site! Keep going tiger!



Barry O is recommended by WrestleJ

I had absolutely no chance against this beast. He's the strongest wrestler I have ever faced. He definitely pushed me past my pain threshold several times, but he new what I could handle and was safe about it. I consider myself pretty tough, but I felt like a wet noodle after the match. He taught me a few things as well. He is a very handsome and sexy man. I highly recommend him if you want a challenge, if you want to learn, or if you want to be a jobber and get totally squashed. He plays safe and communicates well. I look forward to the next time we meet.



WrestleJ is recommended by Barry O

Met up with this stud last night we had a great time ! Looking forward to our rematch soon. WrestleJ is a strong formidable opponent and does not back down for a challenge. He is tough and we certainly enjoyed ourselves. Watch out for those quads he is capable of tapouts! Don't pass up if you get a chance to take him on. We are planning a rematch soon for Round 2!



Barry O is recommended by SCISSORHEAD

Barry 0 is one amazing opponent.
His size makes him a complete powerhouse.He is skilled and knows lots of holds & counters. We have met up many times over the years. He is a great guy and very nice guy to wrestle with. Lots of fun on and off the mat. If you make it to St. Louis look him up. Great guy with lots of skills.



SCISSORHEAD is recommended by Barry O

Scissorhead is an excellent wrestler. He is a great guy on and off the mat. Watch out for his skills, he will turn on you when you don't see it coming. Do not underestimate his size or boyish look for lack of power, skill and training.



Barry O is recommended by AldiStl

If you’re looking for a beefy dominant heel who doesn’t let up, Barry is for you. He’s a big tall guy that knows how to manhandle any jobber. Off the bat, he uses his words to get in your head, and then it’s game over. He knows how to apply holds in a safe manner, that’ll make you suffer over and over. He is respectful of limits, however he will make sure that you reach them. He lifted me up like it was nothing and caught me off guard with stamina and agility given his size. I was done before the match even started. Great man both on and off the mats, and an incredible host!



AldiStl is recommended by Barry O

Smoking hot stud that I literally enjoyed making him submit, he is quite flexible and defintely very nice looking young man! We've met up twice now and he is a total hot jobber soaking up everything I dished out to him! I do think with some experience and some training he could certainly give a guy who size or smaller a whipping! Looking forward to our next adventure on the mat soon! Grrrrrr.... woof.



Barry O is recommended by thegillup

A great fun match with a heel who knows what he's doing. Safe, sane and creative in his approach.



thegillup is recommended by Barry O

All star jobber here... dont pass him up if you have a chance with him! Met at my basement for a hot sweaty time! Good clean fun with thegillup.



Barry O is recommended by sparkymaine

Tall beefy dominant heel. In a nutshell, I got my butt whupped. Very physical but surprisingly safe and sane. Loves to use psychology to dominate. Would recommend to any small submissive jobbers...



sparkymaine is recommended by Barry O

Fun reliable guy to wrestle, genuine and 100% real! We had a fun match, hope to see him again soon. He's a tough man and was able to handle everything I delivered and more! Hope to see him again on his next trip!



Barry O is recommended by submisionss

Meet this beast several times. He knows how to work over a jobber and make him suffer for a very long time. He uses his size well as well as his technical abilities. If you like to be worked over this is your man.