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  1. Spain, Alhaurín el Grande
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  2. France, Paris
    (I'm here between 1/12/2018 and 1/15/2018)
    Filming In Paris France
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Age: 55-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 163 lbs (74 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

Gear: Singlets, shorts, jockstrap, speedos, cockring, naked, oil.

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BIOHAZARD is recommended by Gforce199

buen encuentro con biohazard, tiene buenos músculos y un físico impresionante aparte de mucha fuerza como buen bodybuilder que es.

A pesar de no disponer del mejor sitio para un combate competitivo rodamos como buenamente pudimos. Aunque me quedé con las ganas de como habría sido en un tatami tuvimos buen combate, si visitas el sur es un oponente altamente recomendado a tener en cuenta



Gforce199 is recommended by BIOHAZARD

Hicimos cita en Malaga en hotel.

Al encontrarnos en seguida empezamos la lucha. Bastante intenso, muy, intimo y el chico tiene fuerza. Siento culturista, pues es normal que mi fuerza es algo superior, y mis piernas, pues en seguida, pille al chico y no podia salir de mi "scissors".

Luchamos mas y de verdad lucha con buen humor, serio cuando es necesario y tambien es un chico muy agradable y fuerte.

Recomiendo un encuentro con el.



BIOHAZARD is recommended by musclemarkuk

Met CT a good few years ago for a very long intense muscle to muscle battle at his home in London, A fast learner and very fast mover on the mat . Hot as hot can be with the definition then already to distract any man wrestling him.
With a rematch arranged for months later when the time came it was as if we never had stopped. Another great match up.
Looking awesome buddy and yes as discussed will be ensuring we get that intensity on the mat again in late summer .
Highly recommended for a real powerhouse battle



musclemarkuk is recommended by BIOHAZARD

Met Mark a long, long time ago, I recall it being a very intense match. The guy who arrived was fit as f*** & we spent a great time at my home in the UK. We did a rematch some time later, again a great tussle.

Looking at him now, he is still hot as hell, so if ever you are in my neck of the woods, let’s hit the mats again dude!



BIOHAZARD is recommended by Japh1966

We chatted online for a while before we got an apportunity to meet.
Unfortunately we didn't have any space for wrestling but I got a chance to look at his great muscular body. He is a really good poser and the mandatory poses of bodybuilding are well rehearsed. Besides a great body he also has a great personality. We had a long chat about bodybuilding and other things. I'm sure he is a really strong guy and I'm looking forward to meeting him again and hopefully we'll have some space to wrestle in.
I really recommend him to anyone in the area.



Japh1966 is recommended by BIOHAZARD

REALLY nice guy. Prepared his home extremely well for our meet. Being a cold snap even in Spain, he preheated his flat well, had good lighting and made me feel very welcome.

We discussed a lot a bout bodybuilding, he really appreciated the work I do in this field.

We discussed future meets, so I am sure when my competitions are over we will hit the mats hard.

A great appreciation of muscle worship, again, acknowledging all the hard work. I do when posing flexing and showing off the sculpture which is the male physique.



BIOHAZARD is recommended by boxermad

Fantastic wrestler with a fantastic body, it is a dream to fight with a man with those muscles... we have a very good time inside the ring and also we have share good moments outside the ring with the other fighters of the team... he is at the moment a beginner but he only needs time... those muscles will be indestructible.



boxermad is recommended by BIOHAZARD

Arturo, un caballero con mucho experiencia, pero con gente que aprende, pues un profesor perfecto. Luché con el en Paris en un “tag team” y fue una locura pero lo pasé bomba con todo lo que se hacía, más y más quería.

Un placer conocerte!



BIOHAZARD is recommended by AD idf

biohazard is an amazing guy
i am lucky because he already came 2 times at my place.
we passed good and fun time on my mat. he is strong some skilled but the most important is he play in very good spirit. akways for fun even if he try to take the lead. he is safe even when he use his strength.
outside mat a great guest. alwayd happy to discuss alaways happy to help.
necessary recommended and hope meet him again soon



AD idf is recommended by BIOHAZARD

Alain is a star. He is a truly genuine guy.

I have stayed twice with Alain, he meets me at 5ge airport, takes me to his home, we have great chats and he is a wonderful instructor.

I learnt a lot in the time I had lessons, they really helped.

He knows a lot about positions, how to get the right angles on guys, it’s Ll there.

If you get a chance to fight with him, you most likely will lose, but it will be great fun trying to keep up with him.



Dawson33 is recommended by BIOHAZARD

This guy fights good, looks good and above all, is one hell of a nice guy. A very advanced fighter, see the reviews, I can’t add technical stuff as I am just starting out, but I truly liked his spirit, his sense of camaraderie and I truly felt welcomed by this great fighter.

Before fighting him, I did a little research by reading the recomendations, read here & there that he had “a weak spot”, so I set about searching for it during a tag team fight myself & Steve participated in. I “think” I found it! But, being the most advanced wrestler at the fight, I knew my opportunities were limited to perhaps taking advantage of a lapse on his part. But hell no, I was flattened, smothered, crushed by those huge quads, he just grips you, squeezes, looks into your eyes as he inflicts pain on you, on top of that, he talks trashy to you as he puts you through hell, plus he does it with an evil grin on that face. I simply gave way & knew I was dead.

Overall, apart from being totally overwhelmed, I learnt a lot from this A1 Fighter, I aspire to reach even 10% of his ability, then I’ll be satisfied.

Maybe one day in Florida, I might pay him back with a hook up, remind him of last time, see if I do a little better.

I could go on and on, but everything that can be said had been said, I just second all the great reviews.

Was a pleasure to share the ring with you, Sir!



BIOHAZARD is recommended by lutte 71

Belle rencontre avec Diego sur le ring et en dehors
Quand il monte sur le ring il change de personnalité ça devient un killer impitoyable
en dehors un être sympathique, attachant et sexy



lutte 71 is recommended by BIOHAZARD

What a hot guy! Such a great fighter! Of course, me the new boy on the block, had to watch out. So I took advice and did my homework.

Our fight was an experience I will never forget!

He is a hard fighter, a great guy, personality of a gentleman, respectful and very kind.

Hope he visits again soon!



BIOHAZARD is recommended by madridwrestler

Un físico impresionante para un tío estupendo. Su falta de experiencia la suple no solo con su fuerza si no con su actitud y morbo en la lucha.
Un luchador con determinación y abierto a aprender. Tuvimos un combate al aire libre en el lugar mas idóneo.

Fuera del tapiz es un anfitrión excelente preparando todo y haciendo mi visita muy agradable. Gran conversador , intenso en todo lo que lleva a cabo y con una gran personalidad. No dudeis en aceptar un combate con el si la ocasión se presenta.



madridwrestler is recommended by BIOHAZARD

Un hombre dispuesto desplazarse desde Madrid al sur de España, todo mi respeto y por eso, preparé lo mejor posible la lucha.

Luchamos afuera, aunque parecía que íbamos a pasar frío, al momento de empezar, salió el Sol, y luchamos un buen rato.

El tiene mucho experiencia y yo sólo llevo un poco tiempo. Pero, me encantó la situación donde nos encontramos y las formas de luchar que cambiábamos al terminar una ronda al otro.

Asi, todo respeto a este caballero, y si tienen algún día libre para enfrentarte con él, lo recomiendo 100%.



BIOHAZARD is not recommended by malewrestling

  • Unreliable / no show



malewrestling is not recommended by BIOHAZARD

  • Incivil / bad manners



BIOHAZARD is recommended by Randori

Estupendo luchador, menudo cuerpazo!!
Supermusculado y morboso.
Lo pasamos genial, una lucha fuerte y con pocas reglas.
Pero de muy buen rollo.Me gustaría repetir. Cuando coja algo mas de técnica,sera invencible....
Muy recomendable, gran tio dentro y fuera del tatami.
No perder la oportunidad de luchar con el.



Randori is recommended by BIOHAZARD

Tio genial, muy amistoso

Buen luchador con mucha variación. Me desplazé a su sitio y encontré todo bien montado y exactamente como se había organizado por mensajes previos.

La lucha fué inmediatamente después de una corta sesión de “Muscle Worship”, cinco minutos de calentamiento y a guerra.

Al finalizar la lucha, más “Muscle Worship”. Los dos satisfechos, nos despedimos como caballeros, y hasta la próxima.

Si pasan por la Costa Del Sol, ponerse en contacto con Randori, y lo pasarán bomba.

1-O Biohazard Invictus.



BIOHAZARD is recommended by bikermanrr

Great bodybuilder. Beginner wrestler , a pleasure to receive him in France to share strenght challenge , wrestle and fun. Can adapte all style. . Wrestling with worsHip is nice too . And a very good player for all Strenght game . Attitude and wrestling gear are a top and make wrestling attractive.



bikermanrr is recommended by BIOHAZARD

Bikermanrr is one of the nicest, kindest guys I have met via this site. He accommodated me for a weekend of wrestling in Paris. I felt at home.

We wrestled together, which was a real pleasure, I felt very honored when he commented on how I wrestled. Of course, bikermanrr has much much more experience than me, but I didn’t feel intimidated. He knew when to go easy on me if I was tiring but also knew when to punish me if I got too cocky.

I highly recommend bikermanrr if you are ever in Paris, you are sure to have a fantastic fight!



Dirka is recommended by BIOHAZARD

Had a great fight with Dirka. Great guy, knows what to do. Very hard fighter, beware, he does not lose at all!

If in Germany, Frankfurt area, be sure to contact him!


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