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The BG stands for Bowling Green. I enjoy aggressive, sane, safe wrestling of all kinds. I tend to like older, muscular opponents, but that's not set in stone, because I admire and am attracted to any person who works hard to stay fit.



  1. USA - Kentucky, Bowling Green
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Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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BGWrestler is recommended by leanmachinetn

This recommendation should have been written a long time ago, but I now know that it would have needed updating though the years as our battles have matured.

BGWrestler was one of my first opponents when I got into this sport. He outclassed me in ever way that first time, but he is a classy guy and made me feel at ease. I'd turned 50 not long before we met and was thinking at my age I shouldn't get too involved in wrestling. But with the inspiration provided by this Wrestling and Crossfitting muscle man (along with that of another local wrestler, Hdscissorztn), I chose to keep on the path of fitness that has transformed my life in many ways. I hope many more of the members in this group get even just part of the experience I've had with BGWrestler.



leanmachinetn is recommended by BGWrestler

It occurred to me this morning that I have never written a rec for LMTN, or Nails as I call him. I don't know why I haven't done this, because I certainly don't ever mean to take him for granted.

I met Nails to fight years ago at a halfway point between Bowling Green and Nashville and we've been friends since. His transformation over the years I've known him has been phenomenal. Then, he was a thin, nice guy with few wrestling skills. Now he is a fit and muscular fighter who is tough as Hell. His toughness is why I dubbed him "Nails". We meet fairly regularly on Sunday mornings at my work apartment in Bowling Green to beat on each other, and we never fail to have a good time.

I don't think he would ever be afraid to fight anyone. He is cocky and can say the most maddening things in the midst of a brawl, but his ego is actually a perfect balance to the rest if him; he's a good hearted, fine fellow.

I recommend him highly, and if neither of you can find a place to host, Fairview Avenue is always open.



BGWrestler is recommended by MKell

Had the pleasure of meeting and wrestling BGWrestler. He is super fit, competitive, safely aggressive and has a solid set of grappling skills. More than that, he is a genuinely good guy who is easy to communicate with. If you have the opportunity to cross paths with this warrior, do it! I look forward to round 2.



MKell is recommended by BGWrestler

I met MKell in person tonight after keeping in touch in one way or another for quite some time. It was excellent to finally meet him in person to wrestle.

MKell is a very strong, skilled, and solid wrestler. He is well built and has an amazingly immovable base. I told him that tonight I was being paid back for being ornery and roughing up some of my past opponents. He was a good wake up call for me; I need a lot more skill work. He was the dominant force tonight.

Men seem to have a need to punch MKell packs a good one - but takes a good one as well. We were a bit more even in that category, but overall he out-skilled me to pieces.

If you want a real fight, this fellow is your man. He does not act or play, but he also doesn't mind telling you what you did wrong and how you could do better, and he isn't just out to win.

I recommend him to anybody who wants a real fight with a strong, skilled, legitimate wrestler.



BGWrestler is recommended by Ericwrestle2

BGWrestler is an awesome guy with a great physique. He’s easy to talk to and schedule a match. He has awesome skills and a great teacher. If you have a chance don’t pass this guy Up for a match.



Ericwrestle2 is recommended by BGWrestler

I met EW2 when he was traveling for business. He hosted and was friendly and very reliable in setting up the match. He even worked around my schedule to make it happen.

EW2 is a nice looking guy with a good build. He has muscled, powerful legs and he is able to use them.

He will continue to get better with experience.



BGWrestler is recommended by muscstud

bg is a tough competitor and strong guy. he is tenacious but still fun. i am glad we finally were able to meet and wrestle. look forward to more with him. and his muscle is even better in person.



muscstud is recommended by BGWrestler

After communicating online for quite some time, I was finally lucky enough to meet this super strong, built, tough wrestler very aptly named MuscStud. Traveling for work, he was able to stop by for a match, and I was really glad he did.

He is skilled and uses his great strength to his advantage. He also packs a serious punch. His physique is massive and symmetrical; he is a big man to try and handle.

After rolling, we had a good conversation and I found him to be well read, funny, and intelligent. I was pleased to have finally met him on all levels.

If you get a chance, take this fellow on, but be ready to try to handle some serious muscle and skill.



BGWrestler is recommended by Leanwarrior77

BG is a strong guy with a great body. I couldn't do anything with him on the mats. Such a solid guy....he is also a nice fella and easy to talk to.



Leanwarrior77 is recommended by BGWrestler

I was glad to meet LeanWarrior this past weekend. We have chatted several times, and it was good to finally meet him.

He invited me to his home to wrestle, and he was a kind host. Lean has had a couple of recent injuries, but he was a trooper about wrestling. He just gritted his teeth and hung in there.

I want him to understand that he has a lot more potential than he realizes. I hope I've convinced him of this.



BGWrestler is recommended by MississippiJock

I had chatted with BGWrestler for a good while and had been looking for an opportunity to meet/wrestle with him. First of all, he is in fantastic muscular shape as his pics demonstrate. All his hard work at CrossFit is very obvious. What a rock-solid guy he is.
On the mats he has the kind of quick aggressive offense that I like. He has a great deal of strength and stamina (again the CrossFit) that makes for a really good match.
Having chatted for a while, when we met in person, felt like we had known each other for a long time. Can't say enough good things about him. He is a very genuine fellow. Has a combination of intelligence, humor, and physical intensity that I admire. Looking forward to meeting/wrestling him again. Highly recommend him!



MississippiJock is recommended by BGWrestler

There are several guys I am looking forward to wrestling on this site. Mississippi Jock WAS one of them. It was really great to get to meet up with him this past weekend to grapple.

MississippiJock is a true Renaissance Man. He has a fine mind, is incredibly strong, has a great build, and he is, plain and simple, both an excellent wrestler and a southern gentleman. I was outclassed on the mats by him in a big way, but in this case, it really didn't frustrate me the way it usually would; MJ just made me want to step up my game in the future. People sometimes tell me that I am fast on the mats, but he had a phenomenal perception of what I was going to do next, and he's very quick, so I was on the defensive the whole time. He is very skilled but is not pretentious in the least.

If you get a chance to grapple with this muscle-beast of a wrestler, you need to sign up. You will not regret it. I would like to work on my game and try him out again. I hope I get the opportunity.



BGWrestler is recommended by Orangesky

I wrestled with BGWrestler this weekend and i went into the match a little intimated because he is definitely physically fit and read his recommendations. Very nice and kind immediately guy made me feel like his home was my own. Our first go around on the mats he came at me like lighting. He is definitely quick so be prepared for it if you wrestle him. There was no getting out of his headlocks. Very intelligent man, we had great conversations so there was never a dull or awkward moment at all. He's a perfect host, and a flash of lighting on the mats. If you have not taken this guy on you dont know what your missing. Great guy. Im sure we will be going at it again.



Orangesky is recommended by BGWrestler

I just had the opportunity/pleasure of meeting and wrestling this big man this weekend. Although he has not been wrestling a very long time, his strength, athleticism, and size had this old man giving it all he had just to keep things fairly even. Sky's arms, pecs, and shoulders are massive, and his height along with his size give him the ability to really put some pressure on the holds in which he places his opponent. We wrestled off and on for quite a while, and Sky is a lot of fun to converse with between submissions, too, so he's one of those guys who is very challenging and a lot of fun at the same time. I highly recommend him, and I hope he comes back to see me soon. I can see him getting better and better as the technical aspect of wrestling kicks in for him. He's smart, and I'll bet he's a fast learner, so wrestle him soon!



BGWrestler is recommended by DenverWrestler

I had a fantastic time with this hot sexy stud. He's got a perfectly-proportioned strong tight body, is a fun easy-going guy, and he's a tough dominating tiger on the mats. Like me, he doesn't take the wrestling too seriously, so there was as much laugher as there were attempts to dominate and submit. An all-round great guy, one of the most fun matches I've had in a long time.



DenverWrestler is recommended by BGWrestler

When a fellow has wrestled as many men as successfully as DenverWrestler has, it is somewhat intimidating to meet him; I had no idea what to expect. On meeting, I was very pleased to be introduced to an interesting and witty man, smart and well-traveled with a lean, tough, muscled body and some rough ass leg scissors. I told him he was famous and called him a legend and he told me to shut up - not pretentious or big-headed in the least. We had a lot of fun, but he is a force with which to be reckoned. He knows what he is doing, and he makes the wrestling experience better because of his knowledge, strength, skill, and personality. I hope he enjoyed the experience as much as I.



BGWrestler is recommended by A Wrstle-bear

Awesome wrestler, host, and hot body. The total package all here. I had a great time wrestling with BGWrestler. A lot of back and forth between us with a lot of tight holds and great action. Super nice gentleman with out any attitude on the mats and great to talk with between sub matches. Very hospitable and a guy that you'd definitely want to try to meet up with and wrestle if you are ever near Bowling Green, Ky.



A Wrstle-bear is recommended by BGWrestler

I had the pleasure of meeting and wrestling this fine fellow last week, and we hit it off immediately. We were well-matched and I was happy, because A_Wrstle-bear is both a strong and knowledgeable wrestler. He is better looking than his pics, and he is intelligent and well-rounded both on and off the mats. You will definitely know when this guy gets a good hold on you, and he knows how to wrestle both offensively and defensively. He is tenacious and a lot of fun, and I highly recommend you wrestle him if given the chance.



BGWrestler is recommended by tnwrestler1

BGWrestler is a beast on the mats. His pics don't do him justice when it comes to lean, thick muscle– combine that with technical skill and he is a tough one to counter.
In addition to his great wrestling skills, he is one of the nicest guys you will meet. He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and made sure I was both challenged and enjoying my time the entire time we wrestled.
Put him on your list of future matches– just be prepared for an aggressive, touch match with a muscled warrior.



tnwrestler1 is recommended by BGWrestler

I had the opportunity to meet and wrestle this fine fellow recently. Even though he has not wrestled a lot, he came in open-minded, aggressive, and ready to fight. He has super strong quads and a tight core, and I can see him using these to his advantage in matches to come. He takes the fight seriously, and he's a big man to handle. I recommend that you wrestle him if you get the opportunity.



BGWrestler is recommended by jocntn

I recently met up with BG for a match up and had an awesome experience. He is a strong and experienced grappler - in great shape but more importantly knew how to keep it fun and a great workout. If you challenge him you better come ready to go because he can keep up the action and keep going. We are already planning to get together again and build a good rivalry.



jocntn is recommended by BGWrestler

JocNTn is tough as nails. We grappled in Bowling Green recently and he showed me what he's made of. He didn't mind me getting rough at all, and whatever I dished out, he handled with grit. We hadn't grappled long before he was dishing it out to me as well. Besides being a tough wrestler, JocNTn is a good guy with a great personality. If you get a chance for a match with him, I recommend you go for it.



BGWrestler is recommended by hdscissorztn

BGWrestler is a tough guy to take on. Very strong and knowledgable. We have met several times in the past doing competitive matches and I would highly recommend meeting up with him if possible. Great guy on and off the mats.



hdscissorztn is recommended by BGWrestler

Hdscissorztn, or my good friend Bulldog (as I call him), is a fine man and a fantastic wrestler. He is strong, knowledgeable, and full of grit. Even though he has been hampered by injury and surgery, he is still a force with whom to be reckoned. He wiped the mats with me the first time we wrestled, and I had a great time. That experience got me going in the wrestling "underground" and I haven't stopped since. That was years ago, and I still put him up on a pedestal as one of the finest people I've ever met...along with being one of the best wrestlers.


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Leanmachinetn takes everything BG Wrestler can give.

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