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Looking for guys who are not limited by age, body types and are preferably local. I usually prefer squash type matches with me as the jobber, especially in wrestling. It is a stress relief for me, both in taking pain and in stretching. Love to be used as a striking bag or used to practice painful moves on. I would love to find a sadistic heel for a good squash match.

I am not in typical fighter shape, i am not an officially trained fighter, i just enjoy fighting. What I know I have learned from others I have fought in the past. I do not study terms, to me, a fight is a fight. When I fight, I do what you can to win. I will honor any rule or any style presented to me, just want to fight.

That, being said, I do not have a vehicle so I cannot come to you.

I'm not one that has a limited view of fight partners. If you can read this, I'll probably fight you as long as your not going to try to shove me into the hospital. Sure, I'd prefer a young guy with something to prove, but I'm here for the love of fighting (well more the love of pain), so I will likely not turn down a valid challenge. Valid being, you are near me and can actually show up or are willing to make the trip to me. I do my best not to flake on people, but life happens. I'm honest so if I just don't want to fight you for some reason, I'll just tell you and explain why.

I am not into knockouts except via chokes, I'd prefer a fight with some meat to it, not a one hit blunder, Anyone can knock a guy out, but making him submit shows true dominance. I will honor any restrictions you set, as I've said, my only stipulation is no hospitals. A person can do a lot of damage without sending a guy to the hospital, but I also understand things happen. I've been beaten pretty hard before, even bled like a fountain, but I healed at home.

I do not catfight or Hair pull, nor do I entertain dirty fighting. Real fights only.



  1. USA - Texas, Burleson
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Age: 42-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 235 lbs (107 kg)

Gear: Shorts, shirt

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