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Currently in a monogamous relationship so please ignore everything below. Not looking to wrestle, chat, etc.

Ideally I'd like to find a relationship with a heel wrestler close to my age. In the meantime, I'm open to all styles of wrestling and outcomes.

I'm a jobber that really fights back. I don't lay there and let you beat me. Work for your win. I enjoy wrestling guys bigger than myself which isn't too hard haha. I'm a nice guy, feel free to say hi. I reply to everyone, I'll be honest on whether I'm interested in anything more than chat.



  1. USA - Washington, Seattle
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Age: 34-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 136 lbs (62 kg)

Gear: briefs, singlets, basketball shorts

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Azjobber is recommended by heterosp

After months of schedules not lining up, I finally had the chance to meet up with this guy, and I'm glad I did! Looked amazing in one of my speedos, we had a back and forth match, and despite being a jobber he gave quite a good fight! Would love to meet up again!



heterosp is recommended by Azjobber

Really strong guy. Fun to roll around with. We did a squash erotic match, which he ended up restraining me and winning in the end.



Azjobber is recommended by HitTaker

Well first off his pics don’t do him justice. Definitely a Lt more handsome and hot in person. Awesome physique and stronger than he looks. Add to that a super great personality. Went out of his way to meet up. I was flying out in afternoon and he just flew in night before. We had an super time wrestling for a couple hours. He is an awesome guy you don’t want to miss.

If you have the opportunity to meet up, do not and I mean do not pass it up. It will be your loss. I’m looking forward to the day we get to meet again.



HitTaker is recommended by Azjobber

This guy was amazing. Definitely knew how to use his weight to his advantage, but safely considering our size difference.

If given the opportunity I'd definitely meet up with him again.



Azjobber is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had a blast to wrestle and dominate this boy at Phoenix! I was so glad to meet him after many years that i was in contact with him! I applied all my wrestling arsenal holds for pinning and squashing this man! We did a great promission wrestling match with hot gear. Had lot of fun! He is fantastic jobber ! It was so hot to see his face suffering in my tight pro holds! He is very great guy IN and OUt of the mats. Also he have a great flexible body. Forward for a rematch! Highly recommended!



Marcwrestler is recommended by Azjobber

Had such a blast with Marc this morning! He's really strong, knowledgable, and transitions holds safely. I wouldn't pass up the chance to wrestle him again. We wrestled for a couple of hours. The first hour was a fun struggle, the second hour he was completely dominating!



Azjobber is recommended by NJWoodbridge

I had the pleasure of destroying this jobber earlier today, but it was not easy at first. He put up a good fight - much stronger than I thought he would be - but I quickly put my weight and strength advantage to good use. He took slams, over-the-knees, camels, Bostons, headlocks, surfboards, body scissors, head scissors, gut punches, forearm smashes, body trampling, knees to the gut, chest, and back, and a slew of body splashes like a pro. A good 2.5 hours of non-stop punishment. On the personal side, fun guy to be with, great sense of humor, regular contact to set up the match and day of match. I had a great time and recommend him highly. Too bad he's going back to Seattle.



NJWoodbridge is recommended by Azjobber

NJ put me through the ringer today. Landing an onslaught of pro moves mixed in with a lot of crushing, he certainly know how to use his size and weight to his advantage. Most importantly, he was very safe and accommodated for our size difference. However, he didn't make it easy either hahaha. He certainly knows how to punish a jobber, especially if you fight back he always loves to reverse it.

On a side note, he was very helpful too. Since I wasn't familiar with the city he helped a lot with navigating me to and from our match.

If you get a chance to wrestle him, do it.



Azjobber is recommended by tycoonboy

Azjobber is a really wonderful opponent. While he is a jobber, he is strong and skillful enough that he would be an amazing competitive wrestler. But again, he's a jobber at heart, and sells all moves like a champ. He loves suffering in bearhugs, boston crabs, camel clutches, spladles, scissors and sleepers. And he enjoys a good splash. I hope we get to meet again for another awesome match!



tycoonboy is recommended by Azjobber

Tycoon boy is a really great wrestler!!! He's very strong and will lock you in a hold. Most importantly, he is very safe when wrestling. I never once felt like anything was too much pressure or an injury may happen. When I would tap or submit, he would ease the pressure, but still keep me locked in, which for me, is a huge bonus. He's a great squasher too for any of you other guys that love being splashed and crushed.

If I am ever proposed to opportunity to fight him again, I would definitely say yes.



Azjobber is recommended by a-xxcliffxx

Had a great match with azjobber. He is tough and puts up a real fight even though I had 50 pounds on him. Lot of guys wouldn't have the balls to wrestle someone that much bigger, but not azjobber! Submissions back and forth although in the end I dominated him. Looking forward to another match.



a-xxcliffxx is recommended by Azjobber

Really strong wrestler and a nice guy! Knows how to accommodate well for size differences and had a great fun match. Definitely got me to submit multiple times, though I did him back at least once or twice.



Azjobber is recommended by Bill Parker

What an awesome match. Fun guy who worked to meet with me on pretty short notice. Looked great in his gear, which brought out the worst/best in me, depending on who you ask. Lol. Very strong and fit, and extremely cute. Hope to meet again soon.



Bill Parker is recommended by Azjobber

Very Strong wrestler, wore me out in less than an hour. Continued to pummel me after I was too weak to fight back. For you jobbers that love getting squashed, he certainly know how to use his weight to splash, squeeze, and crush you flat.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by Azjobber

We had an awesome match! Though we have a great size/strength difference, he was super safe and very dominant. I still fought back so I wasn't just a rag doll, but he was way too strong for me to have a chance. Definitely a squash match I'd like to have again.



Azjobber is recommended by pace80

Azjobber is an awesome jobber. He makes you work for it, He is quite strong and skilled and won't just take it, he'll fight back hard. We had a nice long match and it was quite a work out, ultimately I took down this jobber in a very intense match. UPDATE1: since original recommendation I have wrestled azjobber some more and continues to be awesome. Those legs are strong so don't expect an easy win, he may even get me to tap out once or twice but by the end of the match he knows that I'm control. UPDATE2: aw, poor guy - I made him tap over and over, and apparently I left him bruised. But he loves taking it and I love giving it.



Azjobber is recommended by ColoWrestler

Wow! I had a great match with Azjobber. He claims to be a jobber but he got multiple submission out of me including a sleeper and a vicious head scissors. However, I eventually dominated him and beat him in our king of the mat match. We had a lot of fun both on and off the mat. Wrestle him if you get a chance.



ColoWrestler is recommended by Azjobber

What a great wrestler! Definitely took into consideration our size difference for safety, but was very strong and dominating at the same time. Could have wrestled him much lo get unfortunately I had to catch my flight. If you're in Denver or he's in your area, take the opportunity to match up with him.



Azjobber is recommended by Sean226

An amazing Jobber, puts up a fight, but happy to be destroyed. Really nice guy too! Can't wait for our next match.



Sean226 is recommended by Azjobber

Great heel! He knows how to carefully get you into holds with the right amount of pressure and abuse without any safety issues. Perfect pro-mission style wrestling.