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Happy 2018 and best wishes to everyone.Some local trips planned but at this early stage Asia is next planned area (final destinations and dates to be confirmed) for first part of 2018 but could be elsewhere

Travel a reasonable amount here and overseas-Skype id is available on request

Wrestle/chat with gay/bi/straight politely I don't give a ... your sexuality-in the end we are all human just I dont wrestle with anal/oral sex.I travel here and overseas so always happy to chat and make contact-Am real respect you be the same and just be honest as I am with others.Have skype and cam to verify its me.My handshake is my word-my word is my handshake-let that be yours.Most important is to have fun and respect each other on and off the mats before during and after.Despite my interests in UFC/MMA and NHB I don't battle that way-prefer a good solid hard struggle where the best grappler proves who is better



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Going to matches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Not interested in fetishes, Nipple play, CBT


  1. Australia, Adelaide
    When not travelling here or abroad
  2. China, Shanghai (I'm here between 5/30/2018 and 6/06/2018)
  3. South Korea, Seoul (I'm here between 6/06/2018 and 6/14/2018)
    Travelling/Viaiting Seoul and other areas of SK
  4. Japan, Tokyo (I'm here between 6/14/2018 and 6/20/2018)
  5. Hong Kong, Hong Kong (I'm here between 6/20/2018 and 6/24/2018)
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


Age: 48-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 198 lbs (90 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: shorts/shirtless/barefoot/speedos

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Judo Judo

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Australian Wrestler is recommended by Bearhuglover

What can I say, if You're looking for a strong wrestler? Then he's definitely the right choice. It was a safe and fun match with a guy who really enjoys wrestling. Hopefully we meet again soon. Of the mat a great guy to chat with. If you want a good fight with great guy I would definitely recommend him.



Bearhuglover is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Chatted a bit and was able to meet when I was in Qatar.Though prefers the jobber role is very strong and stubborn to give in any hold- a liitle shy intially but once he knows you very reliable.Personality wise he is awesome.A great smile and very genuine and down to earth.Good build and very genuine.Keen to meet again.Great build and deceivingly strong-doesnt like to say I give :) but would recommend him strongly if your time allows



Australian Wrestler is recommended by jpw

Meet up with Australian Wrestler when we were travelling in the same area . Had a awesome couple of hours wrestling and would certainly be up for a rematch with him at some stage. If you do get the chance to wrestle with him you will enjoy.



jpw is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Met this guy when we were both mutually travelling through regional Victoria.Great wrestle-solid competitor fought well-trading holds and pins.We didn't have a lot of time to connect pre catch up but very genuine strong for his size and fought over a couple of hrs.Be good to rematch-he def had tenacity to go further if not for my time restriction



Australian Wrestler is recommended by Davey83

To say I'm tremendously grateful for having the pleasure of meeting Australian_Wrestler would be a massive understatement.

The wrestling was fun and competitive, he's a strong guy who knows his stuff. I had an absolute blast and it's only lit the fire in me to pursue more wrestling experiences.

He was extremely gracious in teaching me various holds and technique. I tried to take everything on board and I believe it enabled us to have a more even match.

Outside of the wrestling he is a true gentleman, great to have a chat and drink with. He even gave me a lift to and from the train station.

I cannot recommend Australian_Wrestler more highly. All I can say is thanks a million buddy for all that you gave, on and off the mat.



Davey83 is recommended by Australian Wrestler

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this guy and what an amazing fella.Despite limited opportunities he got skilled through the bit I showed him and showed a heart felt desire to take everything onboard.He was tenacious and gave full effort.He made a lot of effort to get to me via public transport and has an anazing honourable easy going personality.Without the slightest hesitation would I not only meet him again but recommend him.Proud to say a genuine and close mate



Australian Wrestler is recommended by dailyplanet

I met Australian Wrestler on my Adelaide weekend. He was a very nice guy who respect opponent's limits and always safe and sane during the fight. He even gave me a local tour and drove me to the airport. Will definitely meet again.



dailyplanet is recommended by Australian Wrestler

I was Visiting Sydney recently when he offered to meet but my work sched prevented me from catching up.He ended up visiting my city weeks later where we made it work.A true gentleman his personality is quietly spoken but polite and well mannered.On the mats though behind his wry smile he is well skilled with some good basic judo knowledge which he used against me but well within safety limits.A strong build strong legs and a great personality make this guy a gentleman on and off the mats who I would have no hesitation recommending or meeting again



Australian Wrestler is recommended by Brawler

Have squared off against this genuine wrestler a few times over the years. Reliable and a good fight. This is an opponent you'll respect win or lose. I look forward to the rematch and highly recommend this wrestler.



Brawler is recommended by Australian Wrestler

We been mates off the mats for yours and always fierce enemies on.Always solidly fought he is very verbal and will do all styles to what' s agreed to tough but respectful.We always try to hook up when in each others states and if not for distance we be battling more than the 3 or time we have already.An ongoing battle between us always



Australian Wrestler is recommended by Pinstride

It was such a pleasure to meat Adrian today for what turned out to be a great afternoon of wrestling and a tough workout! He's a strong guy and a good fighter and not easy to manoeuvre around. Once he's got you in a hold he's quite relentless and manages to apply the pressure for a long time. Getting out of his vice-like grip was exhausting and you do need stamina with this guy.

Off the mats he is a pleasure to spend time with, a great host, interesting and friendly. I highly recommend him and hope we will meet again during either of our travels!



Pinstride is recommended by Australian Wrestler

I am lucky enough to travel a bit and meet some great people around the world.Jack is definitely one of them.Met as scheduled had a great pre wrestling chat and then got down to business.Though I was able to dominate most of the match (he did get a sub from me and came close on other times) in no way underestimate his ability to grapple.He is tenacious and hates tapping/giving.Solid build through his gym work and personality wise a true gentleman on and off the mats.Guys like Jack are hard to find so if his/your travels allows you to meet take up the opportunity-you wont be disapointed.Gracious with his time and a pleasure to meet again with no hesitation



Australian Wrestler is recommended by ArabianGuy

Australian_Wrestler is a really nice guy, great communicator and it was fun wrestling him. Reliable and fully recommended. Hopefullly will have a rematch on his next visit!! 💪🏻💪🏻



ArabianGuy is recommended by Australian Wrestler

A totally awesome guy in both personality and wrestling ability.Exceptionally skilled-well built and very strong.Very accommodating of his time considering his busy schedule.Highly recommended without hesitation if in his city do try and meet him.Will leave you with a smile on your face win or lose



Australian Wrestler is recommended by saudiwrestler

It was worth to travel to meet this great man. We had sweat long match even we were both tired of traveling. He is strong safe and sane. He is great guy off the mat as well. High recommendation.
Hope will rematch in Australia.




saudiwrestler is recommended by Australian Wrestler

04/17-Had the pleasure remeeting/wrestling him when our paths allowed us to meet in a nearby country to his home when I was travelling.Though brief roll due to time constraints both had a blast and would say neither of us won or lost but friendship remains strong as does the willing to wrestle btw us

We been friends for a couple of years and finally had the chance to meet him when visiting.He was kind enough to fly to where I was visiting-which was extremely good of him and he is rather strong.Time limited me for spending more time with this great person but he is very genuine-strong and keen to wrestle.Improved fitness will only make him stronger and would love the opportunity to rematch



Australian Wrestler is recommended by rasslefan16

Great to catch up with Australian Wrestler again after a couple of years - and we had an excellent rematch! He's a great wrestler and a great guy - genuine, respectful and fun to wrestle - highly recommend a match with him, and looking forward to when we can meet up again.



rasslefan16 is recommended by Australian Wrestler

We have been mates and opponents for some time and fought often.We were lucky to catch up again recently when overseas work commitments brought him back home to Aus.Though he may prefer the jobber role still quite strong and can fight back.A great fella-always meets as promised and is genuine



Australian Wrestler is recommended by eman170

Took a lot work but finally got to meet and wrestle together!Had a great time!

Great wrestler but more importantly a great person!I would consider him a friend!



eman170 is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Caught up on my trip to Canada-We had a busy time setting up our schedules but eventually did.What he lacks in skill is made up with personality.A jobber maybe at heart but genuine fella-made the effort to come and meet after work which was appreciated-enjoys gutpunching



Australian Wrestler is recommended by neverbeentopped

Damn good guy, damn good roller. Great to hang with on and off the mats.



neverbeentopped is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Was a few years back we met but even today we are still mates in contact.He travelled out of state to meet me when I was visiting and thought I came off a previous match with an injury we rolled as best as we can.A true gentleman of the sport on and off the mats



Australian Wrestler is recommended by OzScrapper

Great fella and always keen to go at it. Always a gentleman even when I'm not gentle. ;)
Always a pleasure.



OzScrapper is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Caught up and known Ozscrapper for many years and have fought often.Powerful and technical-haven't been able to defeat him just yet though gotten close.A real good fella and technical but also personable off the mats



Australian Wrestler is recommended by canwrestle

A really nice guy and had a fun wrestle with him. Would recommend him without hesitation.



canwrestle is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Shaun is a great fella-we met when I was in Ontario and he took time out to meet me during ,my time here.We rolled for some time trading holds.He has some basic BJJ skills-but adapts well and wrestles well within limits-safely and relatively strong.Great personality-great wrestler and a nice fella-Love to roll again-real decent guy



Australian Wrestler is recommended by lb200

Australian_Wrestler is a formidable opponent :) His strength lies in his arm and if you get caught in his headlock for too long, then be ready to tap ;)

He is also very careful and respectful towards his opponents. He wrestles within limits, is very experienced, knows what he does and has an absolutely great personality :)

I'd wrestle him again anytime :)



lb200 is recommended by Australian Wrestler

I am lucky to do a reasonable amount of travelling here and abroad and was lucky enough to meet this guy when visiting Montreal.I could also go on as per the previous recommendations about his scissors which are amazingly strong but also his upper body strength but previous comments said that a lot.I simply do not have enough superlatives about this guy.He is amongst,if not one of the nicest guys I have met.From a wrestling point of view be it jobber,heel or compet he adapts but more importantly he has the most amazing personality.A well presented and very well natured guy who is a credit to the sport on and off the mats.I class it a privilege to meet this guy and appreciated the 2 1/2 hrs we were together-a true lasting great memory from an awesome guy.Absolutely NO HESITATION in referring him-I just don't have enough compliments.Like to think we remain friends into the future and to remeet.My very best wishes Adron



martialartist is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Finally met after years of chat-grappling time was limited due to extreme heat but was a good roll and would like it again



TobyCarter is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Caught up with Toby while visiting-Strong guy despite his lack of wrestling opportunities that may come his way.Well credentialed and deceivingly strong-drove some way to meet up which was appreciated.oh and thanks for the help with the car lol



Australian Wrestler is recommended by Alan2005sg

Adrian is one of the nicest guy I have met on & off the mat. Our wrestling match was fantastic. He guided me around South Australia for 3 days & we wrestled whenever we found chances. It was one of my most memorable "wrestling trip". I hope I can meet him again. Highly recommended.



Alan2005sg is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Alan & I have been friends online for close on a decade .Finally meeting him and touring with him for the last 3 days proves what a gentleman he is.Off the mats he laughs and is generally appreciative of what you do for him.As for wrestling we tried a variety of styles and though I was able to sub him over the few days and win 4-1 for his size he is very strong and determined when being competitive.He hates to give and will hold out giving until he absolutely has to.I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending him and proudly say a great person.I would have no hesitation not only recommending him to anyone but to definitely wrestle many times over and class him as a life long friend off the mats but a 'nice enemy' on the mats.Great time and great memories



Australian Wrestler is recommended by Muaythailad

We've been friends for a number of years and we finally got to meet at long last.

A really nice guy who is keen to learn more and is always looking to improve his technique. Our different styles were interesting but we were able to find a happy medium and I managed to get a few tap outs from him using some ninjutsu techniques whilst on the ground. A really good sport who was happy mix it up with me with some Muay Thai.
I'm really pleased that we finally got the chance to meet and I'd recommend to anyone who wants a safe and sane match. A top bloke who I look forward to seeing again.



Muaythailad is recommended by Australian Wrestler

We have been friends for years and finally had a chance to meet.Our styles he doing Muay Thai and me wrestling far different but he tried to teach me-I was a hopeless student but he adapted to wrestling.We tried mixing styles and succeeded a little but no doubt he excels at Muay thai/Ninjitsu.He has strong legs lightning fast and would be brilliant for anyone that wants to take this is up-he is lighting quick with his lower body and elbows



ResuRuff is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Scheduling was real tight but he was good enough to make time on Christmas eve to match up after we both rescheduled times.A good match-got him in the end 2-1 but strong and has good knees so watch out for them-would meet again and make time for him very genuine and well skilled



Australian Wrestler is recommended by btler

Australian wrestler is a solid, no nonsense guy and a pleasure to roll with. Has good cardio and stamina and though new to wrestling will come on and will only improve with experience. Safe, sane and highly recommend.



btler is recommended by Australian Wrestler

I got to say this guy proves age is no barrier to success-Met on travels to Toronto and despite a tight schedule he made time to meet me.Only disappointment did not have more time to spend with him-a gentleman with stamina good abilities both boxing and wrestling and a genuine passion for both.Great fitness level



fabrixim is recommended by Australian Wrestler

This gentleman and I have been friends for some time so during my visit to Milan I offered to meet and he obliged.Very friendly,a gentleman in all ways and very respectful-trustworthy when wrestling and wrestles with safety first-he has learnt and continues to learn with every person



Australian Wrestler is recommended by BigRilesKS

We met several years ago and it was quite the blast, wish it could've went longer. Great guy and a scrappy wrestler.



BigRilesKS is recommended by Australian Wrestler

We met approx. 3 years ago after a long chat online.He went out of his way to meet late night in remote Kansas and drove a long way after a work day out of his way to keep his promise to meet.My only disappointment was that his work schedule didn't allow us time to wrestle more.A strong guy with experience who out wrestled me early before I came back some but time didn't allow us to continue due to his scheduling.Very genuine guy and if time allowed again no hesitation in meeting again.Recommend without hesitation



th trooper is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Met him by chance after being recommended on a recent visit here.Though a very tight schedule we managed abt 30 mins together but he is extremely tough he feels a lot bigger than 160lbs and has a very very strong upper body.Utilises his legs well and though he was stronger in strength I was able to outlast him in stamina.Though with continued experience he will gainfully increase his wins and his record
A very polite well mannered,clean and esy going person with a great attitude



Australian Wrestler is recommended by Lomandlad42

Met with Adrian on his last night in the u.k, cracking guy to wrestle and had a great time with this guy. Strong and fast with a killer headlock and a mean bodyscissors to match, great company, real down to earth fella, shame you didn't get that win lol, maybe next time you might :-) thanks for a great evening mate, safe trip home



Lomandlad42 is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Got to meet Jay during a trip to Glasgow.I am lucky to travel and meet some great fellas-Jay would be amongst the best I think i have met.he rescheduled to allow us time to meet and the coaching he is receiving is paying off-and with continued training will become close to unbeatable not only to skill but his tenacity-no sooner has he been subbed or subbed an opponent he is ready again-did get him to tap twice which took a lot of working on but he gave in eventually-awesomely powerful legs due to swimming and a personality to match-an awesomely social and easy going fella-maybe a rematch on home territory mate and see how you go haha-by the way the sware words are universal hehehe-gave him the nickname of the Scottish terrior-wrestle him and one knows what I mean-DEF NO JOBBER-you so need to change that in your id



Australian Wrestler is recommended by DazzFighter

Wow what can I say....I can concur Adrian is definitely my online buddy. Although Adrian lives thousands of miles away the visit was well worth the distance I traveled. I am real glad that I invested some of my time to meet Adrian who is one in a million. We wrestled a few times and I nearly got a couple of submissions but was controlled pretty much all the time. Adrian is a skilled wrestler who is not afraid to come down to your level. I had a great time and had lots of laughs; he has a wicked sense of humor to go with that smile of his. Definitely recommend others to take some time out to meet Adrian as you won’t be disappointed and can't wait to meet him again next year.

My second chance came in Scotland and Adrian was definitely stronger than the last. I did on this occasion get my sub so maybe I am improving. It was great to meet up again and had great fun on and off the mats....he has a wicked sense of humor. He respects the abilities of his opponents and I hope to have my re-match with Adrian soon.



DazzFighter is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Well what can I say-We became very good online mates-which led him to make a special flight down under to catch up and wrestle March 2012.Off the mats he is one of the nicest people you care to meet with a dry sense of humour and a great laugh to have with but more genuine than almost anyone I know.As for his wrestling though I comfortably controlled him he doesnt lack passion or the will to wrestle and with more training and against guys his size he will be an opponent to be reckoned with.Strongly recommend him but he is tenacious and hates to give in.Give him a go-you wont be disappointed and happy to recommend him

Dec 2012-Got to catch uop with Dazz again when I returned to the UK-he has def improved and gaining strength-managed to get a sub on meand he is improving with his gym-still happy i control him at wrestling but know I will have to keep adv to contril him-def improver



Glasgow is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Met Glasgow this mth due to some late rescheduling-got to say I admit I underestimated his power-very strong-perhaps due to his many years of wrestling-did get him to sub once-despite his allegations of cheating haha-not true-but never turn your back on an opponent-first rule of wrestling-but a great person very sociable and a good laugh.My nickname for him is the 'Laughing Scotsman'-Highly recommend

P.S. Had laugh as did others at your messages-cracked us all up



Australian Wrestler is recommended by fitguy2

We had been chatting for a while and I wasn’t sure if meeting Australian Wrestler could live upto expectations. I needn’t have worried as it was great to finally meet him. He’s a very genuine guy who loves to wrestle. He’s strong and tough, with loads of energy. Throughout the match and afterwards it was a pleasure to chat with and spend time with. Only pity is he is so far away, otherwise we could wrestle much more often. Definitely recommend. Good day mate!



fitguy2 is recommended by Australian Wrestler

Well what can I say but echo all the other comments.He and I became mates through wrestling due to my visit to Ireland.A strong awesome guy who's friendship I will keep for life.Will go out of his way to fit a match in as he did with me to mix his busy work and personal schedules to meet my itinerary.Good scissors and despite his saying he is lighter he is seemingly strong and not to be under estimated-or do so at your own peril.A very genuine person and a good wrestler who will only improve due to his passion of the sport



Yusufu is recommended by Australian Wrestler

A well skilled grappler.May talk the talk but skilled flexible and high pain tolerance.Welcome the chance of taking him on again but next time wouldnt under estimate him so much