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Skilled Submission Grappler seeks same - Have 12 x 15 mat setup. Willing to teach or coach if opponent is serious.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber, Looking to coach, Competing (tournaments)
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats
Fetishes: Don't want sex


  1. USA - North Carolina, Asheville, NC
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Georgia, Atlanta
    Visit regularly
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Age: 54-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 212 lbs (96 kg)

Gear: Gi Pants

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Boxing Boxing

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Interest Groups:



grindmscl is recommended by Atlfight

One of the Toughest and Most Skilled opponents I have faced on this or any other site! Great guy off the mats too – if you get the chance to meet up - Do it!!



Atlfight is recommended by SCISSORHEAD

Highly skilled, tough, intense and serious. He is a powerhouse on the mat. Safe & sane, great guy! Looking forward to our next meet. I recommend him highly!



SCISSORHEAD is recommended by Atlfight

Very tough opponent – can take alot of punishment and give it right back! Expect a good tough match and be ready to be challenged.



Atlfight is recommended by markmok110

I have ascended the heights... literally.
This man defines brutality and rage on the mat.
Generous to a fault in sharing his abundant knowledge.
He lives and breathes hospitality.

Experience of a lifetime.



markmok110 is recommended by Atlfight

Very Reliable and showed up ready to train and spar! Very tough and willing to learn – fearless about my size advantage and good Man off the mats!



Atlfight is recommended by BullCop

Premier fighter who has an ideal space. Plays well at any level and makes it enjoyable. His hospitality is equally superior. Make your way into the woods and you will be happy you did.



Atlfight is recommended by lovethesqueeze

Met a while ago..a total powerhouse on the mat. You will turn on to the match if you like stiff hard competition.Also,pretty hot looking in a speedo ,as well as in gi pants! A great experience and a completely cool guy!



Atlfight is recommended by GrappleandBox

Manly and generous personality. Enjoyable company. Stan can fight and you better be able to bring some skill to the combat.



GrappleandBox is recommended by Atlfight

Very Tough, Skilled and Worthy opponent! Serious and Intense in a match but sane and responsible – sticks to any rules and format. He will match your intensity level but be prepared for a fight if you issue a challenge! Great guy out of the ring and off the mats but he is there to Fight!



Atlfight is recommended by Smallbutstrong1981

If you ever have the chance to get together with this guy and you are serious about grappling, MMA stuff, do it!!! I had my best fights ever with this guy. He is not only a skilled fighter, willing to teach you some great stuff, but he is in general a great guy. Friendly, fun to hang out with and I hope to meet him next time I am in the USA.

I have met him 3 times now, love this guy. Big and skilled as hell. Don't miss out on him.



Smallbutstrong1981 is recommended by Atlfight

Don't let his size fool you!! He is tough, determined and does not quit or give up easily!! Dario was not intimidated by my size or skill advantage and showed up ready to Fight! Great guy off the mats as well – smart, easy to hang out with and a good house guest! If you have the chance to meet up with him - Go For It!



Atlfight is recommended by UwillTAP

Over the years, I have wrestled this man more times than I can count. By far one of the most intense encounters you will have on the mats, PERIOD! Awesome opponent, highly skilled, highly competitive, and brings the "look" to match his skills on the mats. Safe/sane but real competition. Be careful what you sign up for, cause if you want intense competition, this man can bring it.



UwillTAP is recommended by Atlfight

Rob is overall one of the toughest and most skilled opponents I have faced from this site. He is very knowledgeable and in shape --- over the years we have had some of my best matches - he can go at any level. Just be upfront and tell him your skill level and he can easily adjust to make it a fun or very competitive match! He has access to a great ring setup – do not miss the chance to challenge him and learn some lessons if you are in his area!



Atlfight is recommended by michaelwood

Totally enjoyed my fight with this man....very skilled fighter..can fight at any level...would def wanna meet again, for a good time and a good fight...



michaelwood is recommended by Atlfight

Michael is Farm Boy Strong and Farm Boy Tough!! Great House Guest and fun on the mats!



Atlfight is recommended by Man2ManHky

UPDATE: Power unleashed, Stan is relentless, skilled, and hard. Several meetings(beatings) and I can't get enough. His skill and strength drive me to be better. When you meet be prepared to rumble, even during training sessions, Stan expects you to grow and push, to fight back...THANKS! I want more and soon.

No words are good enough to describe this grappler experience. incredible. Gracious, kind, straight-forward and diamond tough. He is an excellent coach and grappling partner with a great place and mats with plenty of room to fight it out. Come ready to brawl, train, and push yourself... or stay home!
Looking forward to our next encounter! A+++++ Man...who wants to fight. THANKS STAN! NEXT TIME MAN. GRRRRRRR

Yeah...I know I'll pay for that. Good!



Man2ManHky is recommended by Atlfight

12/2015 Update – Jeff has started on the Journey towards Mastering his Passion - Joined a BJJ school and is training regularly. In our meetings since the initial match he has shown regular improvement and is more comfortable on the mats! Keep up the good work!!!

Jeff was very reliable and showed up on time and ready to train. Look forward to working more on the mats – good guy, meet him if you have the chance!



Atlfight is recommended by asianmuscle

Atlfight is a tough and persistent opponent. Will be up to you to call time out when you want. Off the mats however, he's a great host and very friendly to visitors. Would like to meet up with him again when we have more time. He has great wrestling space and very good surroundings!



asianmuscle is recommended by Atlfight

Asianmuscle is a reliable tough opponent. He showed up and on time and was ready to back up his talk – if you get the chance to meet him it is worth the time.



Atlfight is recommended by justbeyond

Stan is a great guy and a nice host with a wonderful setup! He means business and by all means if you have a chance for a match & are serious go for it!



justbeyond is recommended by Atlfight

Richard is tough and determined – very reliable - showed up on time and ready to wrestle.



Atlfight is recommended by technics2

Atlfight is a true fighter. I knew from his vice grip handshake that I had a powerhouse in front of me. His strength is matched with his knowledge of leverage. This combined with his skills is at times like hitting a brick wall. We agreed to grapple and then fight with body shots. Great trash talker who can back it up. He gave and took like a champ. We met at his home set-up and he was a great host with a set-up to match. I plan to have many matches with this guy. We might just go all out in a MMA fight. I know he is eager and ready to do so. Do yourself a favor and arrange a match with Atlfight.



technics2 is recommended by Atlfight

Technics2 is a VERY WORTHY Opponent. Very reliable - talked a few times on line and then setup some rules for the match and a date/time. He called to confirm and showed up on time - after a brief warmup he was ready to Grapple. Tough and Skilled on the mats – can take and deliver a set of punches. If you get the chance to meet up with this Man - he is well worth the time.



Atlfight is recommended by Ftlfightr

All around great guy. Skilled and strong grappler. Strongly recommend



Ftlfightr is recommended by Atlfight

Tough and Skilled grappler – good guy on and off the mats!



Atlfight is recommended by carolina wrestler

I met Atlfight for the first time. He is a great instructor and person. He knows his grappling, and he was very resourceful with his knowledge. I look forward to more sessions with him in order to become a better grappler. I recommend him highly!



carolina wrestler is recommended by Atlfight

Tom showed up ready to wrestle and train – good guy on and off the mats!



Atlfight is recommended by DarkGnH

This one is stronger than imagined! A great host with a great setup, was patient and remained mindful of set rules and also limitations. A great guy and opponent, I definitely would like to lock with him again! Highly recommend!



DarkGnH is recommended by Atlfight

Have you ever wanted to try Steer Wrestling at the Rodeo?? Well here is your chance - This Man is Strong as a Bull, Determined, Tough and Aggressive. Sticks to the agreed upon rules and best of all showed up ready to wrestle! Good guy off the mats!



Atlfight is recommended by Want2fight

Stan is a man who lives for grappling! He has a serious skill set, fantastic striking ability, and will take the match as far as you want to go with it!
He's absolutely honorable and respectful on the mats and a great conversationalist off the mats!
If you want a real assessment of your skills on the mat, for serious grappling, Stan is the man to grapple!



Want2fight is recommended by Atlfight

Mike is the REAL DEAL - Tough, Strong, Skilled and Serious. If you are looking for an opponent who knows how to grapple then meet him on the mats!