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Young latino guy into wrestling! Interested in meeting guys who like to wrestle in profantasy style. Would love to have some one to teach me more how to wrestle inside a ring.

ps; My List of friends on here are the hottest guys of this website.

Let's do this!!

PS... Most of my favorites are in LA ..... Why??? 😖



  1. USA - Florida, Winter Park
    (I'm here from 3/01/2016)
    Winter Park Orlando, FL
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Age: 37-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 205 lbs (93 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: trunks, singlets boots... The whole pro look

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Apolo is recommended by planted pinned

Apolo and I had some trouble getting our schedules lined up but when we did we had a great match. He came over ready to be my fit lil jobber and he did not disappoint. Got him to tap a few times but it wasn't a as easy as i thought it would be. Anyone who knows me knows the match isn't over until I get my 123, and I finally got it after laying him out with a BAM finisher that he took like a pro. Great jobber and super friendly guy off the mat. I enjoyed meeting him. He's definitely a pro fantasy guy. If you are too you should get to know Apolo.



planted pinned is recommended by Apolo

So after a few chats here and there with planted pinned, finally we were able to have our wrestling match together. And as a pro jobber on this match let me tell you something, I got surprised with the wrestling skills of planted pinned. He definitely has the skills to wrestle anyone and anywhere. He made me feel like a total jobber during our match while applying to me all sorts of wrestling techniques while owning the show. We wrestle intensively till we ran out of air.... and it was totally worth it !!! Anyone out there looking on his profile and thinking on meeting him .... go ahead and see this guy .... he is awesome and you will not be disappointed... He rocks !!!



Apolo is recommended by Ricotewrestler

When you have a wrestler that looks the way Apolo looks you have to double concentrate on the task at hand. This guy is a wrestler's dream as he looks and feels just right for the part. We had a great match in which he was coming up to everything I was dishing and in the process both got a great wrestling workout. It doesn't hurt either that he is also a very nice guy to talk to and hang out afterwards...can't wait to repeat...many times!



Ricotewrestler is recommended by Apolo

This guy is a bull! We had our match and I always thought that I will always have the upper hand, but he proved me wrong. Ricote fought like a bull the whole entire match he tried on me so many different kinds of moves that I had to give up and tap. If anyone wants to mess around with him you been warned!



Apolo is recommended by Bigdaddy

Apolo, and i had a great match. he is more interested in pro, but he was open to a submission wrestling match with me. he is a big beefy guy, strong and gave me a long hot sweaty wrestling match. strong legs for scissorholds and headscissors. he is a great competitor and a fun beast to wrestle. looking forward to a rematch with this guy! i recommend y'all to wrestle him.



Bigdaddy is recommended by Apolo

Now I know why he name him self Bigdaddy. These guy is big and beefy and when it comes to wrestle he will teach you the meaning of it. We had such an amazing time, we sweat our ass off and we did all kinds of wrestling moves. I commend him to any wrestler that is looking forward to have a match .

FYI .... he is Big .... warning 😁



Apolo is recommended by Ctgrappler1

I met this stud last year for a motel match. Although he was a beginner he showed a lot of heart and we had a great time wrestling. He also happens to be one of the nicest guys I've ever met on this site so if you have a chance to wrestle him definitely do it. Highly recommended.



Ctgrappler1 is recommended by Apolo

I have no words for this friend, gentlemen and mentor. He is the best thing out there, no words to describe. I have the biggest admiration for you bro.