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Having had a number of bouts under my belt over the years it is to say that currently am trying to get over 210 lbs in the process of transforming into a muscle bear.

Bearded, 6 ft tall 205 lbs, stocky build looking to lock up with masculine blokes who love to break a sweat.

Hairy or stocky blokes most welcome. No smooth or twinks!

No age preference as long as the person is genuine and fits the above bill.

Thanks for stopping by and let's wrestle!



  1. United Kingdom, Greater Manchester
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Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 209 lbs (95 kg)

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Antheus is recommended by Steeleyes

Caution ruled as we both had shoulder problems.Very quick arrangement for meet up at his.We agreed on a draw as we locked each other in a few different positions which neither of us would give up
.A great chatty host;hope it is repeated soon



Subswrestlerfife is recommended by Antheus

We met 1 day before my birthday 2 years ago in sunny Edinburgh after a bit of chatting and boy was I delighted to meet this bloke! Not only is he handsome and a great conversationalist but also made feel at ease and what better birthday present could have I asked for than a man vs man sweaty wrestle that went on and on throughout that night. One of the best matches I've had to date and looking forward to round 2 this summer.



Antheus is not recommended by EnglishOak

  • Unreliable / no show



shuttlexp1 is recommended by Antheus

12-Jan-18: Time for an update-he has kindly agreed to meet me again on Monday and couldn't be happier I got the chance to lock up with him once more! Needless to say time flew before I knew it, safe to say I enjoyed a sweaty, intense man vs man jocks session! Until next time!

10-Oct-17: Wow, what a hot meet with this tall, sexy guy! We have been in touch on and off for a number of years despite the fact we live quite close (oddly enough) and I'm glad we managed to finally touch base and oh boy I'm so excited we did! Think we could have gone for hours had the hotel check out time not been around midday, drenched in each other's sweat, bonding and exchanging different holds. That's how I've come to learn that as a matter fact by the time we finished we discovered we had more in common than we previously thought we would! Thanks for accepting my invitation, J and already looking forward to our next meeting after November! 10 STARS OUT OF 10!!



Antheus is recommended by Warkscub

Has the pleasure of hosting a meet with Antheus and a mutual friend for a hot 3 way battle.
As it was a more playful than serious grapple I didn't get to experience the full repertoire of this great wrestlers skills but still felt the power of his strong legs and determination to have a fun time.
Antheus is a really nice, friendly guy and it was great to grapple with him.
Hope for a rematch sometime. Highly recommended!!



Antheus is recommended by Redmond40

Had an excellent time wrestling this young guy. He was strong and determined to beat me, but I had size and my inner heel nature. He didn't give up and wanted to wrestle for hours. Looking forward to our next encounter, hopefully on this side of the pond!
9/30/17: Got to wrestle Antheus again and very glad I did. He was my first match this trip and was severely jet lagged, but we had a fun match and conversation. He is stronger than the last time we met and really beginning to put on muscle. Can't wait to wrestle him again, maybe in America.



Redmond40 is recommended by Antheus

30.09.2017 You would often hear me saying that if I value something more in the world of wrestling is the innately masculine camaraderie and a true sense of friendship that sometimes results out of the whole wrestling experience and I am honoured to say that what Redmond40 and I have is nothing short of that.

A few months ago he has contacted me in order to inform of his trip to our tiny island and to say that I have been looking forward to this for the past 2 years would not nearly cover it! We finally met today for a few hours and boy am I glad we did- this bear of a man knows all my weak spots and will exploit them mercilessly as well as knowing exactly what I like without me saying a word. May I also point out that not only we managed to re-bond and re-connect but I have also learned that we share many common interests (much to my surprise!) and having said that I'm happy to say this is a man whose friendship I will always hold dear! Looking forward to bout #3 in Boston at some point next year!

PS: if him and I were neighbours I would undoubtedly want to wrestle him again and again...and again!

I had the pleasure of meeting this naturally stocky furry, friendly beast today. What a charming gentleman on and off the mats! Thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and sweaty battle as well as his company and most importantly really glad that he accepted my challenge considering it took us couple of weeks to sort this out.

All things considered, definitely looking forward to our next match (hopefully next year when will come to the states) and by that time I'm aiming to get even bigger and stronger. Until next time big man!



Antheus is recommended by steve50a

Antheus very kindly came to London to meet me at the Barnet matroom. We spent a thoroughly pleasant afternoon getting to know each other and having a wrestle. He's got very strong legs, watch out for those scissors. We have already planned a second meet in November.



steve50a is recommended by Antheus

And we've met at last! Thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon in his company as I did wrestling with him man on man. So to this end I trust this was the first of many meetings to come. We already agreed upon a 2nd match so roll on November!



Antheus is recommended by CambsWrestler

Antheus is a very polite, intelligent and personable gent. He was carrying a small head injury so the match was careful but his legs are strong. Had a good chat after the match and he's great in conversation; very interesting man.



CambsWrestler is recommended by Antheus

It was an absolute pleasure meeting CambsWrestler today in Peterborough after a few weeks of planning and was I glad that I did! He is a very personable gentleman, easy to talk to who much to my surprise although new to wrestling is very strong and with a bit of practice has all the chances to become a fierce opponent on the mats. Thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and hope to see him again! Until next time.



Antheus is recommended by scwrestle

So after a long time chatting on M/F I finally met Alex who was kind enough to travel to me. I must admit I was originally reluctant to meet someone so much younger but am really pleased I did Alex is a really sociable young man intelligent and well worth meeting. He has a very nice strong build tall and 209lbs with strong legs he is working on upper body strength and will then be a handful ,enjoys the body contact of wrestling and a real pleasure to meet and hopefully I will again sometime, has my full recommendation wish we had more time.



scwrestle is recommended by Antheus

I met Paul yesterday as he has kindly offered to host me after we have finally agreed upon traveling the distance. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I had to leave bit earlier than anticipated however I have thoroughly enjoyed our match.



backwards is recommended by Antheus

I have the pleasure of recommending backwards for having kindly agreed to host at his place despite the last minute notice! Until next time!



Antheus is recommended by Biff

I enjoyed meeting and wrestling Alex at Pippas. My first 1-2-1 in ages and it really helped my confidence. Easy to get on with and we had a surprising amount in common as well as wrestling so I think we talked as much as we fought! Thanks Alex



Biff is recommended by Antheus

I am pleased to recommend Biff after having met him today following a long correspondence stretching back to last year's on which occasion we've had the opportunity to meet and get to learn a few things about each other. He's a great conversationalist and cannot stress enough the fact I appreciate that he booked the venue and took ownership of all the meeting details. As usual, traveling up to Manchester for a wrestle is always a massive pleasure and today was no different considering that we wrestled for about 2 hours with the brief mention that I have every faith next meeting will be a little bit longer, all details considered. Laid back, handsome, geeky bloke who looks the part in speedos!!

Roll on bout number 2!!



Antheus is recommended by Barnsleygrapple

Met for my first wrestling match, Alex put me at ease and we had a sane and sensible wrestle. No pressure and enjoyable meet. Would recommend this wrestler as he turns up on time and made all the arrangements.



Barnsleygrapple is recommended by Antheus

Today I met this handsome man and to say I massively enjoyed the relatively short time spent together wouldn't even cover it! It was a pleasure indeed to meet him and I look forward to our next meeting hopefully in May, definitely a sound man I would love to meet on a regular basis.




Antheus is recommended by westox

I have met A a couple of times and had a great wrestling session with him. He is strong and determined and does not give up easily. Very friendly and totally reliable. I recommend him to you and hope to wrestle again.



westox is recommended by Antheus

Met J twice and had a great time on each occasion thus can't possibly recommend him highly enough. Hoping to meet him sometime soon!



Antheus is recommended by Poni

Met Antheus today as my first opponent he showed me a few moves which i apperciated.

he really gave me a great match a very tough guy to beat - highly recommend him and i know we are deffo gonna have a rematch.

Off the matts really friendly gen guy.

Thanks mate see you soon



Poni is recommended by Antheus

Think Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson (aka The Mountain) with a rugby league body. That's what Poni looks like in flesh only sexier and I've been damn lucky to be his first opponent and meet him today as agreed. The man is strong as a brick and could go forever, let alone the fact he looks the part in his speedos and got the better of me on the mats. Considering this has been his first bout I thought I would need to go slowly on him but boy how wrong I was, The Mountain got the better of me in the end! Off the mats he's a laid back, nice to talk to bloke and an excellent host.

Glad I made a new friend in the world of wrestling and genuinely looking forward to see him again most probably sometime soon I hope!




Antheus is recommended by EdinGuy

Met up with Antheus after a couple of months trying to arrange something. Had a good 2 hour session - he is a strong fighter with strong legs. Enjoyed the bout a lot and he is a very nice guy!



EdinGuy is recommended by Antheus

First of all I would like to thank him for accepting my invitation at such short notice given the fact I got to spend the whole weekend in London and also for being such a great host. On the mats, he is a bull of a fighter, with good upper bod strength, however I believe I have managed to get 1 or 2 subs off him. Off the mats he is a laid back, easy to talk to type of bloke whom I would love to meet sometime soon! Roll on bout #2!

PS: still feeling the burn



Antheus is recommended by Andy Cage

Had a great meet with Alex who knew plenty of good holds and lifts. Friendly guy on and off the mats we had a great competitive grapple both managing to get some taps. Alex was stronger than i expected and knew how to work upper body well. Would easily recommend Alex to others



Andy Cage is recommended by Antheus

Met Andy today, and so glad I did. He is incredibly easy to arrange a match with and very genuine guy. Drove 1h through fog to get to mine where I got the chance to heel him. Very quick and experienced and at the same time safe and sane.

12-May-2016: Had my second match with Andy and all I can say is a big thank you for accepting my challenge at such short notice. We had a blast and the match was far more intense as the last time. He makes an excellent jobber and can fight back if he wants which can only mean one thing: as far as I'm concerned, I got every faith that this is just the start of a long list of forth coming bouts to come. Hoping to meet him again ASAP!!



Antheus is recommended by Vanman

Two and a half hours of intense wrestling, he doesn't stop coming at you.

I won in the end but was always in danger of tapping out to his very strong (and long) legs.

I'm very happy to recommend the guy and know he would give some of my other opponents a really good run for their money.

Underestimate this guy at your peril.



Vanman is recommended by Antheus

Met this friendly, stocky bloke today and we reckon we went for about 2.5 hours of intense, sweaty battle-and got the burns to prove it!

Enjoyed immensely our time together and hoping to meet him again for a rematch sometime soon however safe to point out that revenge shall be swift.

Roll on bout #2, whenever you're ready!



Antheus is recommended by tomhand37

After months of communication we finally met up and it was so worth it! Antheus lives up to his word and goes out of his way to make sure to meet up! It was a fun match with a great guy who is strong, friendly and has great enthusiasm and stamina to make for a tough match! Highly recommend Antheus to anyone visiting or living in the UK!



tomhand37 is recommended by Antheus

Met this strong stocky guy today and what a fun match we had!! So glad we got to meet after months of chatting and as anticipated the long wait was worth it! Very friendly, laid back guy who made me feel very comfortable and put me in different holds. And oh, his big pecs are great to work over -as a side note. 10 stars out of 10 and apologies I could not stay longer! !



Antheus is recommended by Loter

Antheus é un piacevole lottatore con cui divertirsi e tenersi in allenamento. Certo ha una stazza non troppo leggera ma comunque é un piacevole lottare insieme. Come persona é simpatica ed divertente anche nel parlarci insieme. .. Raccomandato



Loter is recommended by Antheus

Well, well where shall I begin. Think it'd be safe to say that we been chatting regularly for a year now and decided to spend a few days in a lovely log cabin in the midst of the snow-capped Italian Alps where we got to know each other a bit better. Had a few intense matches with him, mostly submission and promised to be what said on the tin. Surprisingly strong man with fierce legs that made me tap more than once (though payback time shall be upon soon!!) and consider myself fortunate for being part of this tremendous experience that had been our meeting.
Off the mats, I'd say this man is a genuine friend and love the fact we got to meet through this website but hey small world! Needless to say I am genuinely looking forward to meeting him at some point luckily this year depending how we'd manage to synch!

Grazie mille per tutto!




Antheus is recommended by Tagos

We met last summer in July in Pisa after a long time of chatter online. quiet and nice person. as regards the match was fun. I succumbed I sold him, but the important thing is that there has always been the greatest mutual respect. I hope to meet him again soon.

28-12-15 Met again this wrestler, after more than a year. Strong and charismatic. It is alwais a pleasure to fight him. :-) and it is not over yet!



Tagos is recommended by Antheus

Great fighter and wrestler, couldn't recommend this guy highly enough!We had a long sweaty bout which spanned on and off throughout the night until none of us could take it anymore. It's been a pleasure indeed meeting him and made a trip to Italy well worth it! 10/10



Antheus is recommended by swmr

A. is really friendly, smart and communicative, and we exchanging many messages before our meet, which he hosted. I'm a novice so I appreciated A. allowing me to wrestle slowly and safely. We still managed to work up a decent sweat though, even in the limited time available. Hopefully my skills will improve enough to provide a decent challenge next time!



swmr is recommended by Antheus

Met J last week, great guy on and off the mats, can't really say how much I appreciate the fact he was willing to travel a fair distance in order to meet me. Hoping to meet him for a match in the new year which I expect it'd be slightly longer than our first one. Roll on round 2!



Antheus is recommended by gym runner

met this guy after a few attempts to get together,well worth the wait,strong guy who loves close contact. with a bit more wrestling skill would be a formidable opponent.I"m a big guy and he had me well pinned a few times,keen to learn and picks things up quickly.
great guy,try him guys he"s worth a meet.



gym runner is recommended by Antheus

Great, strong bloke all around who doesn't give in easily and is safe and sane. We had an intense bout today that lasted about 1 hour, thoroughly enjoyed the holds and recommend him 100%. Looking forward to next time!



Antheus is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Had a good long match with this strong stocky guy. Appreciated the fact he travelled up to mine. He's a menace with his strong legs and he bearhug, and he's not easy to submit, although I managed it often enough (!).
He's getting into power lifting and that will make him a formidable opponent. You won't regret wrestling him!



dazwrestleuk is recommended by Antheus

Was lucky enough to spend a whole day in the company of this great man. He's been an amazing host making me feel at home from the very beginning and honestly couldn't have asked for better. On the mats he's fairly strong and doesn't give in easily which I always appreciate in a wrestler.

We had a long multi subs series and although I ended up battered I'm glad I gained a new friend. Looking forward to the next time!



Antheus is recommended by silverbear

Met this strong guy and enjoyed a good hard struggle........ fit, fast and strong and gaining in experience all the time. Well worth meeting this guy both on and off the mats as really genuine, and a great host. Look forward to meeting again



silverbear is recommended by Antheus

Met him yesterday at mine and having said that I'd like to say a big thank you for traveling all the way down to Nottingham.

He's a great man on and off the mats and enjoyed our conversation thoroughly. 100% recommended and hope to meet again!



Finlay83 is recommended by Antheus

Met this guy 3 times so far and each time we had a blast in Manc! Couldn't recommend him highly enough, top genuine bloke! Roll on round no. 4



fallenangel07 is recommended by Antheus

Had a great first match with Rob, really safe and genuine wrestler! Comes very highly recommended and definitely looking forward to round number 2!