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Gymmer who wants to learn and practice wrestling... I'd like to meet more wrestlers!



  1. Singapore, Yew Tee
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Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'4" (163 cm), 139 lbs (63 kg)

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Andrey is recommended by hello123

Andrey is a very strong opponent. Even though I am new to this, he took time to teach me quite a lot and ensured I was safe and comfortable throughout. It was a good sweaty match with this affable Asian Adonis.



Andrey is recommended by Alan2005sg

As a beginner, he is fast & skillful. He caught me many times which made me a lot of effort to escape. A very strong guy at his size. Not an easy opponent.
Off the mat, very nice & soft spoken person.
Don't miss the chance meeting him when you visit Singapore or when he visits your city.



Andrey is recommended by The Pit

I had fun rolling around with Andrey. He's strong, enthusiastic and like to dominate his opponent. We also practiced some submission holds and freestyle amateur wrestling moves and techniques which was really fun. Off the mat, he's a polite, kind and smart guy. Do not miss him when you're in Singapore!



Andrey is recommended by fighter 01

Another great SG wrestler! We had an intense and tight match. He did really well, so rough, but still safe and sane. It was memorable match since we both got blooded lol. Off the matt, he is really nice and kind-hearted guy! I can’t wait for our rematch. Soon please!



fighter 01 is recommended by Andrey

The strongest and most competitive wrestler I have met so far. It was a intense and rough fight. Both of us got blooded, but we still continued our fight. Meetfighter should have more wrestlers like him. Nice and friendly guy outside the wrestling match! Hope you enjoyed Singapore. Till our next rematch bro.



Andrey is recommended by mikeyteen

Very friendly and polite guy. It's hard to find competitive wrestlers.

So, I haven't done real competitive wrestling for a long time now. Andrey is extremely competitive and strong. Really had a lot of fun wrestling him.

Managed to tap him out 4 rounds but he won the remainder of the fight. Hope to get a rematch soon!! Haha. Alpha male.



Andrey is recommended by mrhunkto

had a really sweaty and awesome match , he definitely knows his freestyle moves . our match lasted so long the whole place was all sweat and us . really enjoyable and definitely will come back for more . abit rough on the edges but thoroughly enjoyable . recommended for anyone who wants competitive grappling and a sweaty hot match



Andrey is recommended by zulkarnain

awesome match. intense and sweaty. he definitely knows his technical and freestyle stuff. I had to move faster to keep up with his speed, but hey I got you good a couple of times didn't I? :P

Other than that, he's a really friendly dude with a great personality! :)



zulkarnain is recommended by Andrey

Intense and aggressive match. Was trapped by his legs a couple of times. He is a competitive wrestler. Wrestling aside, he is a nice person with a friendly personality.