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Mostly just curious how this all works. Have lots of submission experience, a very small bit of pro training, and some boxing experience. Pretty much only interested in cyber fighting at the moment, but warming to the idea of a match with someone local. Mainly looking for a kind of "enhanced sparring" type of match. Where we go at around 75% so we are completely under control and more skill based rather than pure physicality.

Looking for similar sized opponents...or possibly someone do squash.

Catch me on Trillian if you want to a cyber match.
Username: AlteredEgo

As far as Cyber goes, I like scenarios (what can I say, I write fight stories as a hobby). Men fighting over women being my favorite but I'm open to most things if the scenario is fun. *Not into gay scenarios. No problem with with matches with gay guys just not into those types of fantasies*



  1. USA - Texas, Dallas
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Age: 41-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 280 lbs (127 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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