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Inexperienced, but slowly getting into wrestling. Enjoy submission, promission, erotic (if the chemistry is there) style matches. Open to other similar styles as well (give and take, profantasy, squash, etc). That being said, Im not one that likes to give in easy. If I can, I like to try and make it a decent match. At the same time, I hope to learn a little bit a long the way.

Respectful of limits and want only to be safe; hope you feel the same.



  1. USA - Texas, Forney
    (I'm here between 6/01/2018 and 6/01/2019)
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 29-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Gear: Singlets, briefs, jocks, etc

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AldiStl is recommended by WrestlerJay

My match with this handsome man was truly one of my favorite, he came into the bout with a determination to keep up and match my energy. While I may have had the upper hand overall, his strength and endurance were admirable, and the tapout he got from me was well earned. Once we had sweat out many intense rounds, had a great time with him off the mats too. Was fun to get to know each other and I'm glad to now call him a friend. Can't wait for our next meetup! Reccomend him highly!



WrestlerJay is recommended by AldiStl

I had a blast with this man! It was pretty clear who had the upper hand throughout the match but he was nice enough to let me get a submission in. His experience definitely came out as he was quick on his feet and knows how to use his leverage against you. It definitely didn’t help during the match that I was distracted by his good looks. Truly an amazing and genuine man on and off the mats. He may be a beast on the mats but definitely was a pleasure getting to know him afterwards. Im glad to have made a new wrestling friend and cannot wait until our next match! Jay gets my highest recommendation!!



AldiStl is recommended by flscw

AldiSTL is a great guy to meet up with! Great body, flexibility I have never seen before (I swear, he either has no bones or is like Gumby) - you will put him in holds and think “I have to really be hurting him,” and he just takes it. If you want to have a fun time, I highly encourage you to meet up with this stud!



AldiStl is recommended by SeattleFight

Wow. Just wow. We had a fair bit of pre-match trash talk leading up to a super hot match. This muscled hot young man is strong and tough and tons of fun to wrestle! We could have gone at it for hours more, and probably will next time! Really nice guy who knows how to turn it on in a fight. Highest recommendation and well worth the effort. Looking forward to round 2, rougher and longer!



SeattleFight is recommended by AldiStl

Was lucky enough to have the chance to wrestle with this stud and I’m glad I took it! Respectful of limits, but at the same time knows how to push them. Knows how to find another man’s weakness and uses it to his advantage. He let me try and have some fun, but it was pretty clear that it was a one sided match from the get go. Knew how to get inside your head to make you want to fight back and make the match that much more fun! Great man off the mats! SeattleFight is one sexy muscular fella! Hope to see him again. 100% recommend a match with him if you can!



AldiStl is recommended by texwrestler2001

Aldistl is a heel's dream jobber. hot muscle bod that can take all the punishment you can dish out. highest recommendation.



texwrestler2001 is recommended by AldiStl

Had a blast with this amazing stud! He definitely knows how to put a jobber in his place. Was greeted with one hell of a bear hug and it was a fun match from there! This man’s man is amazing guy both on and off the mats. Looking forward to our next rematch for sure! If given the opportunity, take the chance to wrestle with texwrestler. You won’t regret it!



AldiStl is recommended by rassler 315

was a worthy opponent, he attempted to wrestle my ass off, but just didn't have the finishing techniques...we took some time to improve his skillset...he's better already !!
He's hot, strong, durable, and will not give up - and comes back for more and more.
He suffers so well, it's quite impossible to end the session, as he gets hotter and hotter to wrestle.




AldiStl is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had amazing time to dominate AldiSTL ! We chatted since many months and finally we meet! I was so happy! Also i appreciated that he drove 4 hours for come spend good wrestling time with me at Kansas City ! I applied all my strenght, my power and my wrestling kills for destroy this jobber! Lot of scissors with my strong tight legs and lot of choking with my sleeper hold, choking hold, figure4-headscissor, surfbord, camel clotch, etc.. It was lot of fun! I completely destroyed him with my holds! He enjoyed !! : ) Had a blast with him!!!! He is a great guy in and out of the mats . Very friendly! we had a great nice long conversation after our match! Forward for a rematch for sure with him! Can't wait kick his ass again ! Highly recommended !



Marcwrestler is recommended by AldiStl

I’m not sure what more could be said that hasn’t been said already. Had an amazing time with Marc both on an off the mats! Very easy going man who is considerate in trying to make the match enjoyable for both. Got to know each other and our likes/dislikes before and after the match. Once the match started, it was pretty clear who the heel/jobber of the match was going to be. His 10 yrs of experience definitely showed on the mats putting me in submission holds I didn’t known were possible. Respectful of limits, but could tell he was enjoying the match just as much as I was. Could’ve gone hours and hours with him if I could honestly. Definitely one of the more versatile men that I had the pleasure of meeting/wrestling. The numerous recommendations speak for itself. Marc is truly a wonderful man and I am grateful I had the chance to meet him. 110% recommended!



AldiStl is recommended by Mason314

Had a really hot and sweaty time with Aldi! Given I am twice his size and have 70lbs on him...he put up a fight and even got me in a couple submissions. But I’m not going to lie...he was a super hot jobber! Handsome guy and great to hang with after the match! Looking forward to our next meeting for sure!



Mason314 is recommended by AldiStl

My match with Mason was great! It was pretty much already decided how the match was going to go given the size disadvantage, but I definitely had fun trying to put up whatever fight I could. I think he let up a bit so I could get a few moves in just to make me feel better, but nevertheless, he made sure I knew who was in control throughout the match. Fantastic guy both on and off the mats. Talked for some time before and after just getting to know one another. Hoping to get more matches with him the future!



AldiStl is recommended by Barry O

Smoking hot stud that I literally enjoyed making him submit, he is quite flexible and defintely very nice looking young man! We've met up twice now and he is a total hot jobber soaking up everything I dished out to him! I do think with some experience and some training he could certainly give a guy who size or smaller a whipping! Looking forward to our next adventure on the mat soon! Grrrrrr.... woof.



AldiStl is recommended by jobbermaker

Aldi has got to be one of the best jobbers I have ever had the pleasure of dominating. He has an extremely hot body, although he will not admit and very flexible.. He got to my house late in the evening and I used him in almost every hold I could think of for hours,all night and till the next day till 3 PM. I could literally not stop submitting him, like an alcoholic trying to turn down one more Thank you Aldi for being the best and the hottest...My mats are still smoking from it !!



jobbermaker is recommended by AldiStl

Woof, had a great time with jobbermaker! I got in late night and we went on for hours into the next day just with him turning me inside out! I was already exhausted when we met, but it wouldn’t have made any difference. I was bent in ways I didn’t even know was possible, he tossed me around like a rag doll, and had fun toying with me while exerting verbal dominance as well. He has a background in bodybuilding and has the body to prove it! My body still aches from our match while I write this, but I don’t regret it. A great host and respectful of limits. If you’re into heel/jobber matches, then you won’t wanna miss an opportunity with this guy, he will definitely make you his jobber.



AldiStl is recommended by KidZ

Had a freaking blast with this sexy guy! We wrestled for hours and could of gone longer. Sexy guy with killer legs and a sexy body and is made to be put in hold after hold. Can take a lot and took everything I fished out. Made me work for it but I had him as my jobber toy for the last hour ;) can’t wait till our next match!



KidZ is recommended by AldiStl

Had a BLAST with KidZ. He’s definitely on my list of top heels wrestle with. Real easy to talk to and get along with off the mats. But on the mats, it’s game time. Likes to see what your limits are and from there, he knows just how much to give to make it enjoyable for both wrestlers. He doesn’t make the match any easier once he starts to verbally get into your head. He’s a great host and is one good looking stud! If you ever have a match with KidZ, you’ll definitely leave wanting more!



Htown wrestle is recommended by AldiStl

My first match was with Htown and he didn't disappoint. He made sure we were both comfortable and would have a good time during our match. He's a strong man and knows just how much to give without getting too serious. Definitely felt like he was taking it easy on me. Off the mats, we chatted for awhile, and could easily tell he is a great guy. If you enjoy dishing/receiving some humiliating holds, then a match with Htown won't disappoint.



AldiStl is recommended by Legman77

Aldin was a lot of fun to wrestle with. For someone who is very new to this, he held his own and was a natural, surprising me with awesome counter moves. He was very open to styles, gear and trying a number of holds. Aldin is a very kind gentleman on and off the mats. If you have the chance, have a match with him!



Legman77 is recommended by AldiStl

Had a great time with Legman. Very chill on and off the mats, making sure that were both on the same page, and that we both have some fun. He's got a strong set of legs and knows how to use them. During breaks, he would show me a couple of tips. Would def match up with him again sometime.