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If you wanna contact me, you have a few options:

Message me and/or challenge me!

PM me on FB: Stone King 😎

DM me on Instagram: @NicholasStoneWrestles

If for some reason you don’t know who I am, I am the founder of House Match Wrestling known as The Undefeated King, Nicholas Stone (30-0) and I’m now training in professional wrestling!

The King’s royal holds:

The Coronation (devastating neck lock)

The Crowning (devastating arm/head lock)

Fade Away (You’ll know when you wake up)

The King’s royal finishers:

Swine buster (Spine buster with a lil royal sauce 😎)

Off with your head (Claymore and Detination kick variation)

The Royal Decree (Inverted DDT lift then drop other elbow on chest or throat for the pin)

Few of my favourite moves & holds: Powerbomb, piledriver, suplex, DDT, sleeper, Boston, camel clutch, spear, ankle lock, longblower, rock bottom, chokeslam, brogue kick, European uppercut, senton, back breakers, uranage, powerslam, splash, hurricarana, dropkick, etc

Videos that best represent my styles:

Warning: I would only do subs like my last link with people of a similar build but hit me up on any of the above methods if you really wanna feel annihilated by the BEST HEEL ON THIS SITE to arrange a meet.

Long Live The King! 🤴🏿✊🏿



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Age: 24-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (193 cm), 194 lbs (88 kg)

Gear: Speedos, trunks, shorts, socks, etc

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AfricanWarrior007 is recommended by wannabe123

I am still sore.

All joking aside, this guy is a force of nature. I didn't let up, but I still stood no chance. Clearly passionate about pro and the fact that he is training to be on the real pro circuit shows. I've never felt more beaten before in my life. This guy lives up to his name, both on here, and his self-proclaimed one, The King.

Can't wait to get this guy in a proper ring.



wannabe123 is recommended by AfricanWarrior007

MESSAGES DON’T WORK SO PLS CONTACT ANY OF ME ON FB: Stone King, INSTA: NicholasStoneWrestles and WhatsApp: +447949877469 to get in touch ‼️

What a day. 3 wins. 2 opponents and a multitude of pins and tap outs at the hands of Nicholas motherfucking Stone. Now I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed with how well this guy can sell as well as fight back. When he actually uses his brain, he can actually be dangerous but as I told him, with better technique, strength and endurance, he could be a very deceptive winner rather than the loser he’s so used to being.

In summary, I am the best and I dare you to take me on in any ring if you are capable of having a pro or promission bout. Oh and msg me the details and I will happily show you my true power in the ring boy.

Regardless, another one bites the dust. I’m 23-0. Videos coming to FACEBOOK soon.

Long Live The King 🤴🏿✊🏿



AfricanWarrior007 is recommended by Jobber415

Probably the most one-sided match in the history of wrestling. Total domination from start to finish. He beat me down with gut punches, choked me out for fun and piledrive/DDT'd/slammed me until I was completely broken. For any jobbers out there wanting to experience being thoroughly worked over by a real heel, honestly, look no further. But be warned this guy is the King, the undisputed, the best - you'd be wise never to challenge that.

Long live The King!



Jobber415 is recommended by AfricanWarrior007

MESSAGES DON’T WORK SO PLS CONTACT ANY OF ME ON FB: Stone King, INSTA: NicholasStoneWrestles and WhatsApp: +447949877469 to get in touch ‼️

So I’m gunna be honest, this boy is the best jobber I’ve met thus far. I thought Lucas was the bestseller but THIS GUY TAKES THE CAKE. Having said that, I completely annihilated him as he described with various moves like piledrivers, DDTs and sleepers as well as forearm smashes, knees and so on. He’s been telling me how he’s still feeling it and will probably never stop feeling it mentally. That’s why I’m The King. I break minds, bodies and souls and anyone that decides to step up and challenge me will suffer the same fate. Let it be known - I want more ring matches but next time Jobber, I’ll unleash more than 10% of my power.

Long Live The King 🤴🏿✊🏿



AfricanWarrior007 is recommended by chris1987

Met finally after a long time and it was worth it. A true champion here. He knows his stuff and keeps going. I have nothing but good things to say about The King except long may his reign continue.



chris1987 is recommended by AfricanWarrior007

MESSAGES DON’T WORK SO PLS CONTACT ANY OF ME ON FB: Stone King, INSTA: NicholasStoneWrestles and WhatsApp: +447949877469 to get in touch ‼️


This meet has been building up for years (like most of my bouts it seems) and I have to say that it was well worth the wait. Bestseller so far and most fun I’ve had in a match. So much so that we’re doing it all over again tomorrow and it’s gunna be even sweatier and more hardcore than today was.

Stay tuned! 🤴🏿✊🏿



AfricanWarrior007 is recommended by AshL

So this was the first house match and boy was I impressed by how well the guy knew his stuff. I really got into the groove of being a submissive and he knew how to deliver punishment well. Would definitely recommend



AshL is recommended by AfricanWarrior007

So we met up last minute for my first ever House match and boy was I impressed. The bout started well in the back and forth vibe but I quickly changed that and proceeded to pinning (even got to a 30 count at one point), submitting and humiliating him over and over again. However, what really impressed me was his ability to sell and take punishment. We literally used the whole house to inflict damage on one another but really and truly I was well in control for 90% of the bout. Slammed him against walls, doors, used safe weapons, punished his gut, nuts and dropped him on his arse with multiple slams and moves! Was defo the best and I think only pro styled match I’ve had so far and I enjoyed every second of it. Would be great to see what he can do with more knowledge and skill in a ring. Videos are available on Instagram @nicholasstonewrestles and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a really intense and sweaty workout.

19 and 0 baby! Who’s next !? 🤷🏿‍♂️

Long Live The King 🤴🏿✊🏿



AfricanWarrior007 is recommended by Smiler

I met up with African Warrior at Walthamstow Mat Room which he kindly arranged. Despite his love of promission he agreed to try submission and i’d try some promission. A really interesting bout ensued, with my first experience in a proper ring which was of course enjoyable when in such good company! There was some back and forth holds traded but obviously his youthful energy started to triumph towards the end. Still can highly recommend a bout with this good looking and friendly guy. He’s determined to make a name in the wrestling world and he’s well on his way to doing that! Cheers mate!



Smiler is recommended by AfricanWarrior007

Ahhh so honestly, Mr. Smiler was more of a challenge than I expected. His holds come with unexpected technique and strength but he needed to work on his punch and leg strength to have a chance against someone like me. Not ashamed to say he got a few taps from me coz I'm not a "sub guy" but of course, once I figured out the play and style, I was laughing. I had an awesome time with this fairly tough potential heel. So much so that I decided to feed him after and I look forward to the day he dives into the pro side of things. Struck me as a lad that keeps his true emotions to himself but he began to open up as the bout went on! We both tore chunks out of each other and I can defo say that he's one of a kind. Highly recommended.

Long live The King.



AfricanWarrior007 is recommended by ImtiazAli

I met AfricanWarrior007 at Manchester Piccadilly train station in summer of 2017... He stayed with us for a few days. We "promission" wrestled (John_D_Cotterill's matted room); me as the fighting back jobber type role.

He likes it slightly rough, but safe and sane. It ended up both us covered in sweat, but was a good laugh and would happily recommend him as a cocky heel.



ImtiazAli is recommended by AfricanWarrior007

Imtiaz the great was a pretty tough and slippery bout but of course I came out on top at the end of it. Heard so much about him and I discovered it was all true except for the fact that he’s unbeatable. Who knows ? Maybe someone will be writing this about me one day. 😂😂😂 Yh right. But in all seriousness, I had a lot of fun getting aggressive and sweaty with this technical geek! Highly recommended to anyone.

Long Live The King.



AfricanWarrior007 is recommended by rezla123

It was a pleasure to meet this young warrior for a showdown at Walthamstow. He's strong with plenty of talent and we spent 3 hours working/ selling give & take sequences & moves, tho naturally for two guys who like to be in charge, occasionally dipped into some contested bits. Grrr :p
He's up & coming in this scene- a big lad, very strong & can be trusted to roll properly. He's also very sensible, articulate & reliable so no worries there either. I'd happily meet him again.
Very happy to recommend him to anyone, especially to guys who want a great young heel.



rezla123 is recommended by AfricanWarrior007

Where to begin !? Session we had last night actually feels like a crazy dream. From the chilling in a coffee shop nearby to actually being in and out of the ring with this good looking pro dressed heel. Can definitely say we worked each other to aches and exhaustion. Been wanting a gruelling bout with another heel and I finally got my wish. I chopped that chest, grinded him and did everything I could to beat him but he found a way to tie up the scores! Wasn't much we didn't do to each other from slamming onto the apron to head onto inanimate objects like tables around the ring! I wanted a backyard pro styled match and that's what I got for the most part. Very nice guy under the bravado and highly recommended! Round 2 will be miiiiine !!



AfricanWarrior007 is recommended by leelondon

Had an excellent match with AfricanWarrior this afternoon. Great guy, very relaxed with deceptively strong arms and legs. He got a number of submissions out of me but I did manage to apply a very successful sleeper which he refused to tap out of :-) If you have the opportunity to meet him, definitely go for it. Already looking forward to meeting him again.



leelondon is recommended by AfricanWarrior007

Wow what an experience I just had with Lee. First of all, he looks good and strong but despite his efforts to make me HIS bitch, he quickly found out after provoking and taunting me that I am everything the people know me to be. However I will admit that I did not see that sleeper coming. First time someone has successfully put me out in a wrestling match. Jumped me from behind, wrapped his arms around my neck and before I knew it, I was actually dreaming. For real but I enjoyed it all. Was defo a good meet. Looking forward to round 2 in the ring as promised and I can't recommend him enough. Very chill guy and not like any other jobber I've encountered. Glad he was my first from here!