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man 2 man!!!!!
Wrestling strong guys!!!!!
New here!!!



  1. Cyprus, Paphos
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Age: 34-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (190 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

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-user cy- is recommended by Perseus

This guy is not to be missed if u visit cyprus.
Tall, dark, brooding, muscled and handsome and very strong you will have a powerful wrestle with this greek warrior.
It was easy to arrange the match and he provided a hard contest. I was happy to show him some moves amd he learns quickly.
Very happy to recommend him 100%.
Till the next battle.



Perseus is recommended by -user cy-

I had great time wrestling with Perseus.
He is big, strong, muscled wrestler ready for action.
Definitely he knows wrestling... He put me in some tight holds where is no way out for me.
Off the mats, he is very friendly guy.
Don't miss the chance to meet him guys. Highly recommended



-user cy- is recommended by musclechris80

I had a wonderful wrestling time with this giant. He is so big and tall that I could barely reach his neck and apply some chokes or nelsons. Well developed body with strong arms and pecs. We need round two for sure. I never miss a match with guys like him nomatter how many times I ve had wrestled with.



musclechris80 is recommended by -user cy-

What can I say about this strong Greek man;
I had great time wrestling with him during my holidays in Athens. Absolutely he has one of the strongest legs (and very hot chest, back and biceps). If you ever visit Athens, dont miss the chance to meet him.
Hope to meet you soon for another one round Chris!!!!