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Str8... yea, not joking!

Get asked a lot why I’m on a “gay” sight looking to wrestle “IF” I’m “really” a straight guy. First and foremost, because I LOVE to wrestle!! There’s something very primal about it and the competitive gratification is unmatched! To take another man and basically force him to acknowledge your superiority is completely intoxicating to me! Yes, I can understand why this is a physical turn-on for a gay man, but for me… think of it as mental high. There has never been and never will be anything sexual before or after with my opponent. Yea, I know I’m pressed so close to another man you could put a sheet of paper between us, but to me that’s just the sport.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not just the competition. I also enjoy all the friends I’ve made, because I know it takes mutual respect to wrestle me. I like to think I’m a fun guy to wrestle. Yes, I’m out to win, but I’m also out to have fun, just not in a sexual way. I’m prone to talking some trash in my victim’s ear, “Come on you lil puss, you gonna let a str8 guy school you like this?” and I’ve been known to count “1 – 2 -…” pull him back up and say, “No, no, no… I’m not done working you over, boi!” But make no mistake, IF I wrestle you, it’s because you’ve won my trust. Basically, I’m not going to bash your life choices, and I ask for that same level of respect in return.

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