Insecurities: Interest and Time

This entry is about meetups. It's that time of the year I end up either loving or lamenting because of how many people I have/haven't locked up with even with them living in the same state. It's a lot of time without a lot of rolling this go-round and that is what it is. However, in the times that I look into the meetings I've set up or failed to set up and execute, I find that there are two major factors:

  • Time
  • Interest

The order is such on purpose. No matter how much interest I may have, if I don't have time then the interest is a moot point. I would add priorities here, but honestly if you are a member of this website who also bills and those bills are not paid by wrestling people here, then the priorities will be skewed as such.

I think we should be more understanding of that. Keeping that in mind we have 24 hours. About 8 of those are spent at work unless we're on vacation and not dealing with familial obligations. That's fine. What's not fine is scheduling things with people when you know your priorities don't allow that.

This was addressed in a previous entry, but again: everyone has their motivations. I don't want to wrestle every wrestler I've met. That is fine. Every wrestler I've met doesn't want to wrestle me, either. That's also fine.

Where you get someone with the interest and the time to meetup, then let battle be joined and let's keep hoping (and making plans along those lines) for an amount of free time that lets us satisfy our interests.

For example: my upcoming trip to New York :D

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Merseywrestle (69 platinum) 7/10/2018 10:49 PM

I understand where your coming from as I try and balance work with carer commitments and try and get some wrestling in where I can. I have learnt not to be as frustrated as I used to be and I enjoy it even more now the planning, anticipation and actual wrestling.


briansp (37 platinum) 7/09/2018 2:09 PM

I’m still hoping to meet up with you one day!