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Vice Video

To the member concerned,
Thanks for doing this video and allowing them to incorrectly label it.
Thanks to your stupidity, respected U.K. members are considering, (or already have) left this site as they don’t want U.K. be associated with what non-wrestlers would see as a “fetish”.
I’m not going to name him - as I’ll be the one who gets punished by moderators - but I wanted to thank him personally for his selfish and ridiculous act.

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Firstly, I am NOT going to directly name anyone - as this will get me suspended, and MF is a great site that I do log onto several times a week - but I felt I wanted to post something a little more personal about myself - and might give other members food for thought about how they select meets and behave towards each other.

I do, like a lot of guys, have an issue about my self-confidence. It's been there since my childhood - and I often mask it with wit, being brash or just coming across as confident.

Since joining this site, over a year ago - I have met some truly amazing guys - and rematched some I had met from other sites.
A few of the guys I have met, I now consider friends - we have met numerous times and there is always a friendly rivalry when we meet - just to have a good old wrestle and enjoy ourselves.
I have found out - and I wont say who or how - that some guys, some from UK, some from abroad, that I have wanted to meet have visited the UK - I offered a match and the response was always along the lines of "I am only here for a couple of days to see a friend" - so I accepted that.
Now I find out that during the time, they have managed to meet people during that trip..... so how am I supposed to feel?
Would it not be easier to say "I have meets booked, and I don't think I have the time?"
ALL the guys I am talking about are well-respected members, with numerous past opponents - and the past recommendations are all glowing - so I have trouble understanding why they behave in such a manner.
Now this isn't a beef about our EU friends, far from it - as I've had my hospitality and trust abused by guys from England too - thankfully that has been sorted and although I am not likely to meet some of them again - there is one I would still like to meet, and he knows that.
So come on guys - say what you mean, and if you're going to lie - at least cover your tracks convincingly enough that you cannot get found out!

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Erotic photos

I know that we're all on here for different reasons, some of us just want to talk about wrestling, some of us actually want to meet to wrestle - box - fight.
There is, to my dismay, more people posting suggestive or erotic photos, that really don't have a place on this site, in my humble opinion.
I could name the worst offenders, one of whom is known for being more of a director in unauthorised filming rather than actually wrestling - but I won't as it's against terms of service.
Yes I've turned off the X rated pictures, but it doesn't stop them appearing on photo verification and maybe, as the community we are, request that the man of mystery, Admin, work on a way of trying to encourage members not to attempt to post them?
Is this a fighters site, a dating site or a fetish/hookup site after all?

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Think it's time to take a break or even leave.

"Join meetfighters", he said "full of decent guys who don't mess you about!"
So I did.....
Yeah ok, I've met a few awesome guys on here - that I won't deny.
I've also been messed about by guys who have been very active on here with glittering recommendations!
Changing minds minutes before leaving home or costing me money in various ways - either accommodating their requests or arranging hotels that I can't get refunded.
Said people then don't even have the decency to stay in touch!
I've even held out olive branches to new guys to break the 0 past opponents mark - now I know why it's at 0 for so long!
I tried to organise a friendly group meet in Manchester and shocked at the arrogance and downright damned rudeness of some that I asked to join (despite great recommendations about how nice they are!) so I've got to the point of trying to decide whether to stay in here or whether to put away my speedo and call it a day!
To those I've fought and want to stay in touch, you have my contact details should I disappear - to those who have behaved so badly - shame on you!

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A fun weekend!!

I'd like to thank the following for taking the time and trouble to come to the meeting I arranged at Pippas on 18th February....

I think it can be said, we had a fun afternoon wrestling each other!
I've now met some really amazing lads to add to the friends I've already made through this site!
Despite the intolerable traffic getting to Manchester, I'd like to think it was worth the while setting it all up - and those (who will remain nameless) that refused my invite to attend - you missed a great meet which was friendly, relaxed and fun-filled!
The social time that was spent that evening with a couple of guys was not only fun but made my trip so much more enjoyable (the guys who came know who they are!!)
I'd also like to thank Pippa L'Vinn for making the hire of her venue so easy and trouble-free!
If I can set up another later in the year, I hope some (or all) can return!!
All said and done, I would say despite everything I had a great time and would like to think I've added some new friends and hope I get to see them again real soon!!

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