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Preferences...what a hot little topic.

So, I wrote a blog post a few days ago about a guy, who shall remain nameless, who hit me up asking to wrestle. It was clear from his message he had not read my profile to even see that i have very clear preferences about guys I like to wrestle. I told him "no thank you, but your not my type" and then I asked him did he even read my profile. The fact I asked him if he read my profile pissed him off. Well, sorry but if you can not even bother to read someone's profile and see they have likes and dislikes then your just a fucking idiot. It is like asking someone on here if they want to wrestle when in their profile name is says something about boxing AND in their profile it says they ONLY want to meet to box. OK, I am not into boxing, and yes some of the guys into boxing I think are really hot, but if someone puts it in their profile they are not into wrestling then I do not waste my time or theirs by asking them about the slight possibility they might want to wrestle. I assume if they want to wrestle at some point in the future they will amend their profile to say they might be interested in trying out some wrestling. That is just how I see this issue.

Look, we all have guys we find interesting, attractive, or who have a reputation where we might want to take them on and see how we would do on the mat. I get it. If someone tells me I am not their type I say thanks and move on. I DO NOT GET BUTT HURT because some guy says he is not into me. I accept we all have guys we wanna pin down and make submit and guys we do not want to touch with a ten foot pole. I am not going to try and sugar coat anything, If you ask if I want to wrestle and you have not read my profile to know what I like a do not like then I am going to assume you have some learning disability. There are thousands of guys on this site, i assume there are plenty of guys for everyone to meet up with and wrestle, the guys I prefer simply are not fat, out of shape, or obese.

Is that so hard to understand?

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Asking to wrestle but not reading my profile???

Ok guys, I am suppose to goto NYC next week and be at wrestle fest. I went last year and had a decent time but I learned that if you do not stay at the actual hotel you do not get in as many matches. If you do not make plans months out that most of the really experienced guys have already made arrangements for matches and therefore not available. And NO ONE reads your profile about what you are and are not looking for, they just see your pic and send a note or challenge.

So let me address these in order. I can understand the choice of the hotel and all, its HUGE and reasonably cheap. Those reasons alone make it a good choice for guys wanting to wrestle and have fun, not everyone has hundreds of dollars to waste on nicer hotels just for a weekend of wrestling, I get it. BUT it is a bit gross, not the best cleaned hotel and I would probably throw up if anyone took out one of those black lights and used it to show me the stains all over the mattresses and sheets. I guess I can not get past that small aspect to make me want to stay there. But for the idea of getting all types of guys in one place to wrestle, and yes fuck each other too, its a good choice.

I found last year, some guys have literally a flow sheet with times blocked off for when they are free and not free to meet up and wrestle. Some of these guys have been making arrangements to meet at specific times and dates for months. I just do not have that kind of time. I am impressed someone can map out there weekend weeks and months out, but I can not do it. Guess I will not have as many matches but I guess I have to ask, if you have guys slotted in for 2 or 3 hour times slots and the match goes long or you dominate him and decide you wanna punish him some more or you guys decide to fuck like rabbits, does that not throw off your schedule?

And now on to my pet peeve...guys who do not READ my profile. I guess from time to time I can see guys looking for a type of guy or a type of hold, in the case of my screen name, and want to wrestle. BUT, when I tell you I am not interested because you are not in shape, do not goto the gym, have a fat beer belly, or just obese, you can not act like I have slapped you, your momma, and your dog. It is in my profile what type of guys I am into...muscular or lean. Age does not matter to me. Overall size does not matter to me...if you are 5'2 and 110 pounds or 6'6 and 240 pounds, I do not care, just look like you lift in the gym and are reasonably lean. I do not care if you are an ex-college wrestler or not; actually if you are an ex college wrestler and 20 years later you are a fat slob; makes me wonder if you were ever a real college wrestler on a wrestling team, most of the guys i know who actually wrestled in college maintain their physiques, 99% do not let their body fall apart. So, I actually suspect the "i was a college wrestler theme" as a lie. I do not care if you are an experienced wrestler or just starting out, we can make it work and have all kinds of fun...just be in shape and not fat and obese.

So, thats my latest blog entry, some of you are going to agree with it and give it a thumbs up. Others are going to be offended by it (probably the guys who I referenced in the blog as fat) and give it a thumbs down. Oh well, to each his own, at least you all know where I am coming from. I lift in the gym 5 days a week and I want to wrestle other guys who at least hit it three times a week or do something else to stay in shape.

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Washington DC scene...

Well i just got back from my little work related trip to DC and I am going to say I am slightly annoyed with the men on here who agreed to meet, wanted to meet and never met to wrestle. I met one guy, had a good time talking but due to injuries he was dealing with we did not really wrestle, but was nice talking to him and we agreed he and I will mix it up one day soon when he is better and able to wrestle. I am glad I met him, but as someone who suffers from shoulder issues from time to time in my weight lifting life, I understand a person telling me they have a shoulder injury or elbow injury. The other dudes just either had ALL different types of excuses or just simply did not return emails the closer to the actual trip; even though we had discussed when to meet, types of matches, styles, stakes and rules and all a month ago. Disappointing. I honestly do not understand the need to talk a big game to just coward out at the last minute. Be a man and wrestle or get off the site and sign up for "cunts are us" as a way to talk about wrestling.

I did however meet a guy off Grindr, of all places, who asked to wrestle and actually wanted a match and we rolled for over 2 hours for real. No fake shit with this guy, he was all out submission wrestling and was fun and safe and we had a blast. The kicker is he is not on this site or the other wrestling sites because he told me he is fed up with the flakes and fakes on both this site and global and so he just sees guys on Grindr or Scruff and gets some matches in that way and does not worry about the all talkers and no action guys on this site. I will not give out his name and I will not tell anyone his exact stats, please do not ask, as he is not wanting any attention from the flakes and fakes, he finds guys when he is ready and he rolls. Needless to say we also had some amazing after wrestling fun too, we did meet on Grindr after all, and he is GORGEOUS; ripped and muscular and a sweet guy. We will meet up again, as I won and he was not all that happy about loosing and wants a rematch.

So, all in all I am not as impressed with DC as I felt I would be but I got in one great match, met another guy and we talked and I think we will actually wrestle next time and I got work stuff done too in the conference I attended.

Oh, I mean what I said in my profile. I am going to be going thru and blocking some of the guys who faked or flaked; I assume if you stopped talking or flaked, you are not interested and we should not ever need to find a reason to talk again. I will continue to get more and more muscular, I will continue to get leaner and hopefully ripped in the next 6 months and I will enjoy not having to waste time with guys who "change" there minds about being interested in me as I get a better body. I say if you are not interested today, you will not be interested tomorrow and so why waste energy or time. I have already blocked 2 guys who, a few years ago said I was too fat and not muscular enough to meet up and wrestle but have since approached me for a match now that I am getting in better shape and getting muscular. I actually enjoyed telling the two of them to fuck off and blocking them, it felt good.

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Impressions of the NYC wrestlers as a whole. Sept 25-28, 2015

Well, spent this weekend in NYC with a friend, he and I are both wrestlers and came to NYC to see one another, hang out, wrestle eachother and wrestle other guys. Well, I am not super impressed with all the NYC guys. I will NEVER mention anyone in particular as being a flake or anything, but 3 guys said they wanted to meet and of those 3 none showed. One at least texted me to say he was feeling bad and had been in bed running a fever, ok he gets a pass and I respect him for letting me know 2 DAYS ahead of time. That guy is a good honorable guy. The other 2 just stopped communicating as soon as I landed at LGA. Just stopped talking and ignored all messages...these are what I call "wanna be's"; they want to wrestle but too scared to make it happen for real. These are the guys who say wrestling on TV, watched it at school, or fantasize about it on these web sites but when you invite them to roll they PUSSY OUT.

Now another 3 guys just never even replied to any messages sent to them, these are just plain ASSHOLES and need their asses kicked hard. These are the guys with the perfect pics like model made pics but are here to show off what they have done in the gym and wanna meet, not to wrestle, but fuck. Guys there are other sites for that...might I recommend Grinder, Adam for Adam, Manhunt, and the others. Every message I get I try and respond to, even if I am not interested in meeting the guy, cause we all have types, but Be a man and have he guts, courage or balls to actually say "thanks but no thanks" politely. Come on, we are men not fucking ignorant cavemen raised by animals; at least act like your momma taught you manners and your daddy taught you to be a man with balls.

The guys I did wrestle are AMAZING men, all of them were polite, great guys, fun on the mats, easy to talk to and all of them I would love to wrestle again and grab a dinner and drink with afterwards. To those men, THANK YOU SO MUCH for representing NYC in the best light, you guys make coming here to wrestle and have fun such a great experience.

Overall the weekend was a blast, got in some great matches, saw one of my best friends and we had fun and got to see the city. I wanna come back again, maybe next time the fakes and flakes will have grown a set of balls and actually learned how to use them like a real man!!!

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At least be a MAN of your word

Guys, is it so hard to tell someone you are going to meet them to wrestle and ACTUALLY SHOW UP and wrestle. I am so tired of guys who talk such a good game and tell you all the things they have in mind for a match and yet they either make up some excuse when you make arrangements to meet and wrestle or they just do not show up at all. Stop being COWARDS and wrestle or get off this site and others like it and be the pussy boys you really are.

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