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why hear the truth when it's easier to block

Hello again I'm back on my soap box about the idiots on this site that are so quick to block someone for saying hello or making light of a mistake, a guy who introduced me to this wonderful site so I always feel grateful and speak when I see him signed on must suffer from some type of personality disorder sometime he can be nice and then sometimes he is a complete asshole but I always am very pleasant cause maybe if I did some digging I might have discovered this whole wrestling community but he actually placed it in my lap so for that I'm grateful, but for some reason me saying hello yesterday was some big annoyance or a crime of the century and bam I'm blocked just like that , well my issue is that if I was harassing you to wrestle everyday or making unnecessary comments to you would be a reason to block someone but I guess now saying hello is a issue, maybe this person might not be so annoyed if they wrestle one single match that might relieve the tension or loosen the stick that is lodged up the ass just saying you introduced me to the site and I have used the site for what it's meant for wrestling see I have past opponents and recommendations on my profile what do you have nothing sorry my bad I guess everyone is to big for you to wrestle lol and less not forget my newbie who just joined this wonderful site but I guess they never did well in math in school or is just a complete idiot they don't know know how tall they are especially when there is a difference of whole foot wow but we all make mistakes right and who knows maybe the site made it lol well it's a Sunday morning and I'm bored at this time so a good time to vent for the true wrestlers on the site please enjoy my blog, for the fake want a be wrestlers get a new hobby to past your time and stop wasting ours!

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SubsGuy82 (29) 4/15/2018 9:00 PM

Sadly there's members with a distorted opinion of themselves. I've had people block me, their choice, no big deal, just childish when it's for no reason other than saying hello.


Matman150 (34 gold) 4/17/2018 12:05 AM

How frequently do you "say hello?" Do you check someone's profile the moment they sign on, and do you do so on a regular basis?