Round 2 of the battle between Jim and Neil was scheduled for 9pm. I had confirmed with both fighters earlier in the day and we were all set. I was, once again, to be the referee but this time I agreed that I would not interfere. I knew it would definitely be difficult challenge for me just to watch these two well-built muscle men struggle to dominate each other, however I did get both fighters to agree that the winner would get an erotic full body massage from me(my prize)😈.
I received messages that both fighters were running late.
Jim arrived first at 9:55pm , stripped to his wrestling briefs and began stretching and flexing. He has definitely put on some more muscle since the last match 6 months ago. His biceps were like baseballs when he flexed and rock solid, his chest bulging, massive shoulders, ripped abs and huge thighs making him look more like a bodybuilder that a wrestler.
Neil finally arrived at 10:45pm looking strong and fit and ready for action. Because of the late start, and Jim being pressed for time we were forced to set a time limit till 12 midnight. The two fighters locked horns and Neil immediately took control. The action was fast and furious with Neil maintaining control the whole time, in fact he was actually toying with Jim putting his well muscled opponent in humiliating holds torturing his muscles and having fun doing so. At one point Neil had Jim's muscled arms wrapped around his his neck and was choking Jim with his own muscled arms. Tap after tap Jim had little defense. Finally Neil pulled Jim's briefs off as well as his own. Both men were on their feet now naked and both supporting 8"+ thick hard-ons, resulting in an intense cockfight, with cock and ball grabbing, humping bear hugs and they whipped each other with their stiff cocks. It was truly an incredible sight.
It was now midnight and the fight had to end and Neil was truly the dominator and winner.
After Jim left it was now time for my prize. Neil lay totally naked on the massage table and I began to oil up his well defined muscled body. I rubbed and squeezed every muscle fiber in his body, rock hard biceps, pecs and abs...massaged his well muscled shoulders and neck down to his ripped thighs and calves and every muscle in between as he moaned with pleasure. I love every moment of it.
Afterwards we went into the steamroom, which also has a shower and I soaped his muscled body up feeling and rinsing the oil off his rock solid muscles. I stroked his huge cock making him moan as his dick swelled and I continued to play with him until he shot his load all over my chest and stomach.
An incredible ending to an incredible evening of erotic wrestling and more.

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