romanhero is recommended by wrestling4fun (6/26/2010)

I'd thoroughly recommend RomanHero as an opponent. We met for a 3- and 4-way tag match (naked and in oil) that was horny, playful, fun and intense. He's a great, reliable and friendly guy who loves to wrestle, so don't miss the opportunity to take him on!


Daveyse21 is recommended by romanhero (6/25/2010)

David is a really nice, friendly wrestler, who belies his size with his fun and feisty attitude to the sport.

I had a great match with him and although I had a big body size advantage over him, he nonetheless could show me a thing or two about how to escape from holds, and how to apply some quite telling holds on me too !!! Believe me, I needed the oil to make sure that I couls shift him !!!

He is also a great guy - friendly and reliable - and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for a match. Hopefully, I'll be able to take him on again sometime soon.


wrestling4fun is recommended by romanhero (6/25/2010)

Richard is great fun !!!

He is a very hot wrestler, very strong for his size and not afraid to tackle a bigger guy such as myself with a huge amount of enthusiasm for the sport and a good degree of technical skill (which I wish I could match).

Not only did he make our match great fun (it was nude in oil and was very hot and sweaty), but he is also a very nice guy to go with it as well as being reliable and friendly.

I would not hesitate to recommend him for any type of match, and hope I'll get the chance of a rematch at some stage.


ukrassler is recommended by grappleian (6/24/2010)

Met at Pippa's had a quick bout - a nice guy, strong good wrestler


fightinms is recommended by Ringerkumpel (6/24/2010)

Ein sehr Netter - aber auch ein starker Gegner. Hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht.


Ringerkumpel is recommended by fightinms (6/23/2010)

Super Kumpel und ein guter Kämpfer. Gerne wieder!


Jorgefighter is recommended by 2toughwrestlers in 1 team (6/23/2010)

Yesterday i had a second match with Jorge. I can tell that it has been one of my favourite fights ever.
Jorge is strong and tough and can give very intense man to man scrap challenge... a draw but we are both waiting for a revenge...
i recommend him for anyone visiting Barcelona ***


cyberwrestler21 is recommended by Bamm-Bamm (6/21/2010)

Reliable, intelligent, lots of fun to wrestle with. As a newbie I enjoyed it a lot. Highly recommended!


newstravel is recommended by Jorgefighter (6/20/2010)

Talented fighter, much stronger than he looks. Don't believe when he says things like "I haven't fought in a long time so I might have lost my skills"... he is an above average wrestler!


londonlad80 is recommended by rumbletumbleUK (6/20/2010)

A really nice guy who i have met couple of times now; one novice/beginner to another and every time he made sure I had to work hard in each and every round. You will get a competitive cocky attitude, a tough wrestle and a strong challenge. And by the way don't be fooled by his size he is quick on the mats.....