Zeus is recommended by Crusher Canuck (10/14/2013)

Had a great time with Zeus...we wrestled for over 2 hours.
He is a smaller guy but he is strong and a great body
Look forward to seeing him again on the mats


matworker is recommended by UKAndy99 (10/14/2013)

Dave is a great friend to me and many in the wrestling world and does a brilliant job running Grapevine Wrestling. The group use the Barnet Mat room each quarter (see the event board for dates). The sessions are great fun and attract a great group of wrestlers. I'd recommend supporting the group when they meet not only in Barnet but in other town around the country. Andy


UKAndy99 is recommended by matworker (10/14/2013)

I've known Andy for many years. He is a great guy, very friendly and hospitable.
I often use his matroom in Barnet for Wrestling Events and he is a brilliant host with nothing being too much trouble.

He also gives a fantastic massage. Highly recommended.

Although we have not actually wrestled, I've added him as past opponent so he can have the required minimum matches to be able to post his own Events on meetifighters. I've only managed to attend a few of them and know they are great occasions. I wish I lived closer so I could be at them regularly.

If you have enjoyed using the Barnet matroom, you may want to add him as a past opponent too and help promote another tireless supporter of the wrestling scene.


Rassle4Fun is recommended by carolina wrestler (10/14/2013)

This man is a great wrestler and one that is in tremendous shape. He is a man of steel. We were fortunate to meet recently and had a great match. Looking forward to locking up with him again to test our strength and exchanging holds. Recommend him highly if you ever get a chance.


legflexxxer is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore (10/14/2013)

Met up with this guy a couple of weeks ago now for a flex and strength testing session. He is solid, every muscle is like rock and biceps have the beginnings of a double peak forming as well as being hard as steel. Forearms and quads are exceptional and I could have been pulling on him all day long without effect when we armwrestled.

Introduced him to a little grappling and can't wait to have a much longer session with this friendly and strong guy.


hugefan is recommended by slpt (10/14/2013)

Where to start? From the beginning of course: hugefan's comically big profile and blog posts caught my attention and had me laughing heaps, plus he was very welcoming as we started to exchange messages. But I wasn't prepared for the live version: very tall and well buillt, super strong and versatile, besides being a tremendous cook (best breakfast I've had in ages) and an excellent tour guide. Incredibly funny and charming too, and he will go out of his way just to make sure you're having as much fun as you could possibly have. He is so nice that it's impossible for him to play the mean heel, as he keeps checking if you're ok and taking easy on the pain out of fear he might hurt you, and trust me even though he never will, he has the strength to do so! With a body that made me look terrible in comparison being nearly half his age, I will never understand why he undersells himself so much, I guess he's just modest but DON'T LISTEN TO HIM! He is an absolute must meet, incredibly warm person, plus he woke me up two days in a row with a rear naked choke and a good squeeze session (pictures to come) so what else can I say? Set up a match with this man right now!!!!! I know I'll definitely be coming back for more :)
P.s.: he will attack your nipples relentlessly but he's very good at it. Don't let him near your belly button though!


slpt is recommended by hugefan (10/14/2013)

Evidence that the pen is mightier than the bicept, Slpt having read my profile decided that he would cast aside his love of big muscles and contact me because he liked the waffle. Lucky me. Having beaten him senseless with long messages for many weeks he finally decided he would come for a visit to london in an attempt to shut me up. I am not a shallow person but it has given me wry pleasure to let people know that I had a twenty-six year old Brazilian coming to visit me for the weekend. And what a great weekend it was. Between acting as a useless tour guide we managed to have a few sessions of sweaty tussle. A very handsome young man (I won't mention the gorgeous eyes because this a wrestling recommendation) he is strong with great hairy legs. He has a particular taste for neck related holds so out of the kindness of my heart I did my best to oblige. He seemed to enjoy my efforts and allowed me to introduce him to the fact that he had nipples. They may not yet be fully trained but with a bit more work I think he might appreciate them as much I did. He speaks perfect and very entertaining English, is great company and despite taking photographs like a Japanese tourist, he is easy to keep entertained, show him a phone box and he thinks its a major landmark. Having finally waved him off at platform 9 and 3/4 at Kings Cross, it did cross my mind that if it wasn't a completely inappropriate thought I might have fallen a tiny bit in love with him. Luckily being old enough to be his dad I slapped my self about the face with a wet fish to banish the thought. Very fine young man, on a mission to become a gym bunny so if you get the chance to meet him before he becomes too hot to handle jump at it and hug him warmly around the throat. He likes it.


Wrestlertoo is recommended by boxermad (10/14/2013)

Great man and host that will you have a great time of tourism and wrestling in the Scottish Borders. Do not miss him he is totally recommended. I hope to see him soon.


boxermad is recommended by Wrestlertoo (10/13/2013)

Right now I have sore ribs and a stiff neck!....But,I had a great time with this fantastic guy. He played down his game for me and was really good company both on and off the mat.
Beware......when faced with a genuine opponent (as opposed to me), he really is tough and dishes out the pain with out mercy.
If you are Man enough to take it, meet him soon!! Fully reliable, very recommendable and now, a good friend, welcome back to my home anytime, as soon as I recover!! lol.


Flightbook is recommended by sharkffm (10/13/2013)

Obwohl es sein erster Fight war, hat F(l)ightbook eine verdammt starke Leistung abgeliefert. Seine Kraft setzt er sehr geschickt ein, seine Punches kommen hart und präzise. Die Technik wird sicher bald weiter ausgebaut. Seine Nehmerqualitäten sind beachtlich. Er hat ein echtes Kämpferherz, fightet voll auf Sieg.

Außerdem ein richtig klasse Typ. Die Wellenlänge passt. Der nächste Fight ist schon terminiert.