Yorkgrapple is recommended by Leglocklover (10/17/2013)

Yorkgrapple is a far better wrestler than he gives himself credit for. He loves his pro and just needs a few more matches under his belt to boost his confidence. A very likeable cheeky chappy.


derrywrestler is recommended by Celticmuscle (10/16/2013)

Met this guy a few years ago. Great to see him on here. A tuff strong guy....really enjoyable encounter....good fun guy....great banter....and a good him if u can


wrestlergoiania is recommended by wrestlersp (10/16/2013)

um lutador que curti muito conhecer...tem atitude, olhos lindos que chamam para a briga...o melhor no estilo old school


frank83 is recommended by didou (10/16/2013)

Encore un très bon moment passé avec Frank un corps très musclé une puissance hors du commun éviter ses cuisses qui vous laisseront KO petit deviendra grand, je vous le conseil très fortement


ladron fr is recommended by rodoliv (10/15/2013)

Super rencontre avec Ladron ! Lutte très intense, jusqu'à épuisement, à renouveler rapidement !


hugefan is recommended by Playwrestling (10/15/2013)

Just met Stephen for the 2nd time and all his training has paid off and he is leaner and more muscular. I was extremely lucky that he had a really busy weekend of wrestling so by the time he met me on Monday, after a while was running out of steam and tried to take advantage of the situation.
Once again had a great time and he is a real character.

Having read Hugefan's profile and blogs was intrigued to meet the Fredrick Forsyth of the wrestling world. He is taller and heavier than me and we had a very sweaty grapple. I felt totally safe when he pinned and twisted my body, and at the end felt my new hobby could be a contoursonist. Off the mats he is a genuine great guy with plenty to say although sometimes had some difficulty understanding his strong Scottish accent. A definite recommendation.


didou is recommended by frank83 (10/15/2013)

mec super sympa et technique;il m'a appris quelques prises et malgré mes efforts , j'ai pas échappé a une bonne raclée. n'hésitez pas à l'affronter.
Un bon coach en lutte, j'apprends à chaque fois de nouvelles prises et il va faire de moi un bon combattant


Crusher Canuck is recommended by Zeus (10/15/2013)

Good pro wrestler! we had a lot fun over 2 hours in the ring!


resl4top is recommended by blackwrestleruk (10/15/2013)

Goodness knows why Ken would need yet another positive recommendation, but here is one anyway! He's a seriously strong, relaxed, competitive and thoroughly nice guy. You know you are wrestling a star when you are trapped in a sub and at the same time feel totally safe. That is Ken. I barely got a look-in although he very kindly let me get away with a couple of sneaky subs. He is definitely on my list to be a regular opponent (if he can find the time away from all his fans, obviously!).

Well I'm gonna say that Stuart also has a lot of glowing recommendations. That's why I was glad we arranged to meet at the weekend. Stuart has a way of making you feel really comfortable which doesn't detract from his being very fit, fast and competitive on the mats. I may have had the edge but he made me work hard and sweat. I found him very difficult to control. Anyway, I so want Stuart to be a regular wrestling buddy. A star in the making!


Playwrestling is recommended by hugefan (10/14/2013)

So meeting 2 and mr mystery has been eating steroids for breakfast and getting very energetic and stubborn about saying sorry, I am forced to subdue him with... you can guess the rest I am never using the N word again. Great tan btw

Playwrestling is an international man of mystery, no face picture, no mobile number, he gave me a name but who knows if it is his? Why so discreet I wondered? I must admit I was slightly disappointed when we met that he wasn't an actor from Eastenders or a secret agent but having said that he did have a bit of Grant Mitchell about him so I can't complain too much.
Now down to business - I am a bit of a giant compared to, what shall i call him, let's say Grant but he is very energetic and quite a handful even for a lumbering giant, I found myself doing a somersault at one point which was equally alarming and exciting. I must admit I did spent a lot of time using my bulk to squeeze, crush and bend poor Grant into odd shapes but he made such good suffering noises I couldn't help myself. Pause for shallow - handsome guy with a great set of shoulders and fine furry chest - not that i spent a lot of time tormenting his nipples, only short spells out of politeness as he seemed to enjoy it and i felt he deserved some compensation for all the fun I had being a big heel, I didn't enjoy the nipples at all (ahem). Personality profile - lovely guy, good company and very tolerant of nipple obsessives.
If you like a great hairy bod with bundles of energy and sweat with just a hint of naughtiness then do give Playwrestling a go, he is far from just someone looking for a roll around, he will give you a good wrestle and he has a top notch rug.
Highly and mysteriously recommended.