builtbod is recommended by Triathlete68 (4/26/2018)

I met Builtbod during a two days trip to Newark/New York - we had been in contact for almost one year and finally we could meet - it was an intensive hot sweaty meeting fight - Builtbod is a strong man with huge biceps which turned me on and he is technical and experienced wrestler - extremely nice man and we had a lot of fun playing together ! He is a wonderful man outside the mays too and he showed me around - I can just highly recommend Builtbod to any traveler to New Jersey as it is much fun wrestling with that strong man and man of heart


Long and Lean is recommended by VBwrestler (4/26/2018)

Long and Lean is a strong and powerful opponent. His chest and back are impressive. Very strong, couldn’t keep him in a full Nelson... great time, lots of sweat, plenty of strength testing. His bear hug was awesome!


Tampastudwrestler is recommended by kevin patrick (4/26/2018)

Awesome wrestler, sexy and knows how to make it great. Would welcome another match anytime.


Matpain is recommended by Tampastudwrestler (4/26/2018)

Mike is an awesome guy. I have known him for years and consider a great friend and wrestling buddy. He and I have wrestled on mats, rings you name it .

He is definitely one of my all time faves, if not the best. Love his attitude, pro look, gear and expertise in holds. I cannot recommend him more highly!

Plus he is an awesome host --- so if you ever get invited to his ring for a weekend, ACCEPT. A blast outside of the ring as well.

Man if we lived near each other we'd be wrestling and hosting bouts ALL the time! Cool Dude.


Tampastudwrestler is recommended by Matpain (4/26/2018)

Have wrestled Tampastudwreslter several times and consider him a great friend. We have wrestled from Oklahoma to Kentucky and have even done pro shows together. We have awesome pro matches and he has the look, the skill and the attitude to make any match a total blast. Glad he is back in the states and have been trying to coax him back into the ring ever since he has moved back! Don't miss out on him if you get the chance.


Torrnado is recommended by Steeleyes (4/25/2018)

25.04.2018.My 3rd bout with Tornado at Pippas.He may be running at 85% strength but you know how powerful Duracell bunnies are.we had a great tussle. Thanks Big T .Imaginatively named,like me.He is stunningly fast on the mats,I had no chance to work out his next move or mine(sound familiar Imtiaz?).He must have been called a Duracell bunny before ! I found it hard to wonder where my limbs were ! Brilliant 1st encounter Torrnado .Thanks for ruining my self-confidence (only jesting)If you havent met him yet,do so. Imagine my surprise to be summoned to a private meet at Pippas on11.7.2017 by the illustrious Torrnado.I assumed he wanted to punish me for calling him the Duracell Bunny.Wrong ! He was determined to drain my batteries in 1 1/2 hrs with me getting blistered finger tips from tapping haha.My ribs have yet to fully recover 3 days later.Highly recommended


brazilwrestler86 is recommended by DARE68 (4/25/2018)

So I get this request for a match from Brazilwrestler86 & I look at his profile, 'Blimey!' I think, 'he's immense!'. Nevertheless, I agree to the meet but begin to doubt my sanity in the lead up to the event based on this guys size & level of experience. I was a fool to worry as I can honestly say this was one of the best meets I've had to date. Yes, Ricardo is built like a brick outhouse, knows his stuff and refuses to submit but on the flip side he is an excellent wrestler who likes to push boundaries (we dabbled in some light MMA and punching) which, in my opinion, makes for an outstanding match. In addition, this guy is a fine ambassador for the sport and intelligent conversationalist. I'm extremely glad I met Ricardo & am definitely up for another meet, that's if he can fit me into his busy schedule.


resurgam is recommended by Torrnado (4/25/2018)

Resurgam is an enthusiastic follower of our sport and a true gentleman. We had a short roll together on the mats where he displayed some good pinning moves which had me working hard to throw him off. An interesting and thoroughly likeable guy off the mats, I recommend you meet him.


leanmachine BE is recommended by Merseywrestle (4/25/2018)

I have known Hugh for a while, a lovely guy whom I enjoy having an interlectual conversation with but also trying to beat him on the mats, we have had some great submission matches. Its been too log mate hope we can catch up soon.


Merseywrestle is recommended by Torrnado (4/25/2018)

This guy is a natural wrestler. With his sturdy, strong build he is the epitome of a professional World of Sport wrestler. On the mats he displayed some very nifty defence moves and it was only my slightly greater experience that prevented me from being completely trounced. A lovely, gentle guy off the mats I thoroughly recommend him.