Zepheshow is recommended by musclechris80 (4/22/2019)

Met this guy some days ago. Very easygoing to set up a match. We had a wonderful pro style match with a lot of lift and carry action. He had many times warned me that he could easily lift and cary me but I didnt believe him... until he made that happen.
He has my respect as a pro wrestler.
A new match has already being arranged between him and me!


wolvejong is recommended by DavidVdw (4/22/2019)

I had a lovely time with Wolvejong.
We rented some mats in my local sportshall and went at each other for about 1,5 hrs.

Wolvejong is a very strong guy, knowing well how to deflect my atacks and turning them against me. It was quite frustrating actually, thanks for that ! 😜

He give and took a bit during our fight, being stronger, havier and being trained at fighting i had to try fighting him with more speed and endurance.
And it payed off a couple of times.

Off the mats Wolvejong is a friendly guy who likes to wonder around in conversations and who isn’t afraid to open up and go further than the ussual small talk.

Thanks for the fight Wolvejong!


LockDown is recommended by jaxwrestle (4/22/2019)

Had a fantastic match with LockDown. He is strong, handsome and has an great body. He had me stretched out and tied in knots tapping out over and over. Perfect heel. Mean, strong, creative and safe.

It was easy to arrange the match and he kindly hosted in a great space.

He is a really cool guy off the mats and easy to talk to. I really enjoyed meeting him and can't wait for the rematch. If you're looking for a good working over, he's your guy.


folladorofollado is recommended by wrestlingspeedos (4/22/2019)

We wrestled several times. A very hot and horny guy, who readily shares (in a friendly and humourous way) a wealth of wrestling knowledge and skill. Good company off mats too. First rate wrestling and first rate sex after I often pinned him and fucked him in the ass. One of the cutest boys here ! Highly recommended


Adrian is recommended by Dogfighter5 (4/22/2019)

After many years of online communication we were recently able to connect. As you can see in his pics this guy is jacked up! Impressive V shape, huge, wide back tapering to,a small waist! You can tell right away he has a gentle ,kind soul but don't be fooled he still wants to kick your ass! He is a very experienced wrestler and very knowledgeable about a variety of things. We learned that we were both gymnasts in our youth and both admired the old CCCP athletic regimen. It was also his birthday weekend which made our time even more special. Highest of recommendations!


BoxerWOB is recommended by germanboxingman (4/22/2019)

Netter Ringer und jetzt auch Boxer.
Haben locker ein paar Runden sparring gemacht.
Mit seinem Kampfgewicht muss man mit harten Treffern rechnen.

Wer Lust hat mit mir sparring zu machen. Bin leider immer noch nicht in der Lage hier Nachrichten zu lesen oder schereiben. Deshalb kurz bei Whatsapp melden: 0152 58933757 oder email:


WrestleMeSF is recommended by nicky7 (4/22/2019)

I had a great match with wrestlemesf. He has some solid skills and we kept each other on the defense throughout. He has strong legs a good ground game. He was very accomodating and a very respectful decent person. I had a great time and I recommend him


CesarLuchador is recommended by Luchador queretano (4/22/2019)

Excelente luchador! Todo un caballero, muy fuerte es una gran persona. Muy recomendable para luchar.


robrslr is recommended by asianwrestler (4/22/2019)

Robrslr is a friendly, communicative guy and he’s very hot to wrestle in person. He made sure we both were safe and he knows how to make a guy submit. He also gave me chances to gain control. He may have bested me in wrestling, but I still had a fun time. Hope he enjoyed our match as much as I did. Would gladly have a rematch with him any day. Going to keep getting stronger, and I’ll make him submit yet.


grapewine is recommended by FourMonkeys (4/22/2019)

I was hesitant to meet grapewine because he has significant judo experience and I'm a beginner to fighting. Luckily, he turned out to be an awesome and accommodating opponent. He had an extra gi (judo robe) to loan me. Practicing holds and chokes was fun and a good workout. His bearhugs are powerful. Off the mat, I enjoyed chatting with grapewine about travel and work. Great guy and great opponent!