makeyoutap is recommended by KnotChaz512 (2/19/2018)

Had a great few matches with Makeyoutap. He's a great guy to meet and hang out with along with wrestling. Excellent and easy to communicate with. Very punctual and reliable. He's got some good skills and is flexible depending on how hard we wanted to go at it. Highly recommended and look forward to wrestling him again.


Wedge75 is recommended by FRENCHGLADIATOR1 (2/19/2018)



Superfly is recommended by Toomuchman8 (2/19/2018)

Had a chance to lock up with Superfly today at the Fest and it was an honor. I'm not gay but real rap...this brotha got Abercrombie Spring Catalog thing going

Great grappler...strong....athletic....cerebral....he has all the tools on the mats. We had three one on one battles and one tag team sub matches and he pushed me to the limits....Friendly...warm..and engaging off the mats....I'm telling you he could fit in nicely on Black Panther 2 for some lady eye candy....(or in this case for some folks reading this...guy

I sincerely hope we get a chance to square off again....I had a great time and he is highly recommended!!!!!


Trinavy is recommended by latinwrestler (2/19/2018)

Trinavy is strong opponent who applies very well his BJJ experience in a highly technical match. I am looking forward to rolling with him again


Grakoda is recommended by Toomuchman8 (2/19/2018)

Finally got a chance to meet my buddy Grakoda.....and what better place to do it than at WrestleFest. Even though we were both sporting elements to hold us back (he wasn't feeling well and I was sporting an injury) we still had a great time in his spacious room...compared to mine'

Great guy on and off the mats.....makes you think and work. Let me tell you what I like about this guy....he is really funny...a blast to chop it up with....This isn't our last dance my man.......Great opponent and just as great a guy...


NickZ is recommended by Hyede (2/19/2018)

Met up with Nick at the 2018 Wrestlefest in NYC and had a fantastic time. He is quite skilled and very energetic. If anyone has the chance to, I highly recommend arranging a match with him. Definitely looking forward to another myself. ^__^


Green is recommended by dundun (2/19/2018)

I was lucky enough to meet Green during my stay in SF. He made it happen. He found time even if he was quite in stress and he took care of finding an incredible wrestling location. Green has a very good wrestling technique, an impresive physic (probably the strongest legs on the site) and great endurance. He definitely gave me one of the best wrestling sessions I ever had. A real pleasure.
100% reliable, strong, technical, killing smile, privileged brain...
For all this reasons and because he is a really cool guy, I absolutely recommend everybody to wrestle Green if you ever have the occasion to!


Eagle2009 is recommended by Vordele Walker 2 (2/19/2018)

I had a great time with this formidable human being who was very patience in accommodating our match. He is strong like an iron and won’t give up easily. Had a great time. Thanks man. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’ͺπŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈπŸ†


Prince Lightskin is recommended by 4fun (2/19/2018)

Had a blast with this guy, deceptively strong and quick.... Will be looking for a rematch..


LdnGrapple is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest (2/19/2018)

Wonderful guy to meet. Skilled, pleasant and with a great body. We had an awesome give and take match and hope to meet again. Highly recommend