Combat21 is recommended by Zürich (6/21/2018)

I’ve challenged Combat21, because of the great recomendations in his profile. And I have to admit, these recomendations are all legit. He is a passionate fighter, trained in pancrace, and really enjoys a close and real man to man combat. Doesn’t shy out from a tough encounter and even asks for more as the fight goes on. Extremely resistant to holds, where other guys would have tapped already a long time ago, he just keeps smiling and fights out of it. His endurance level is amazing, not looking for long breaks and just continues to fight. But don’t worry, he is skilled enough to keep it safe at all times. Inviting lutte dij to ensure a continuous battle between the 3 of us, created a perfect evening. To push the boundaries even more, surprising me with a great dinner after the fight, with real nice company, and my favourite dessert. Well done, thanks for the beautiful evening. Anytime again and definitely recommended to all you fighters out there.


Tiomorbo is recommended by Zürich (6/21/2018)

This Spanish bear (or shall I better say “bull”) is big and strong. His giant leg’s are like tree trunks and give him a great stability in a stand up fight. On the mats he loves to roll and continue with endless energy. He makes sure that the fight is fun but also highly engaged at any time.
Tiomorbo offers a great balance of childishness and mature bear, soft and hard. Never stops playing, on and off the mats. One of the rare species who kept his inner child in any aspects of life. I hope you never change. What a great, fun and entertaining personality. I really appreciated and loved the time with you.
A great guy, on and off the mats. Challenge him for some fun rolling on the mats. I can definitely recommend him as a fighter and as a human being.


lutte dij is recommended by Zürich (6/21/2018)

Built way more, than his pictures might suggest. Lutte dij is in great physical condition. And it shows during the fight. Don’t even think to fight him with pure strength. He is able to counterbalance this at any time. I had a lot of fun rolling with such a strong fighter.
Driving a smart strategy, letting me tire out with another fighter first, before taking on our battle show his strategical skills, which I was able to figure out as well in the discussions before and after the fight
Challenge accepted, can’t wait for round 2 under equal conditions to settle the winner
Don’t miss him out when you’re in his area. Definitely recommended.


J0020 is recommended by Zürich (6/21/2018)

J0020 is certainly more of a beginner, but already with the right instincts on the mats. He doesn’t let himself turn around easily and puts all his passion and energy to fight out of any situation. You can see in his smile, that he loves a physical encounter and that he finds great pleasure in a battle on the tatamis.
As a human being very attentive to the vibes and moods that are developing around him.
Take him on, on the mats, so that he can quickly gain more experience. Recommended for any fighter who can dish out a safe match


wrestleinva1986 is recommended by Spruceman (6/21/2018)

Hosted wrestleinva1986 today (6/21/2018); and wow!!! what strength in his legs and arms. Far stronger than he looks suggest – strong arms and the legs can attack with the speed of a striking rattler and the squeeze of an anaconda – get too close to those legs; and its crossing the event horizon of a black hole.

I had very little knowledge I could pass on to him as he is very skilled, more than his past opponent count would suggest; because he was absent from Meetfighters for awhile some years back. Really nice guy, very mindful of safety.

You will certainly want to meet up and tangle with him; but be mindful of where you are in respect to those legs at all times. Great, friendly, conversationalist, and gives great hugs afterwards


LongandLean is recommended by VBwrestler (6/21/2018)

Long and Lean was a worthy opponent. Bear hugs were like being in a vice grip. Strong upper body and great stamina. Wonderful host. Had 3 rounds over 3 days. Highly recommend and ready for next fight.


smeikle is recommended by hereit is (6/21/2018)

smeikle was kind enough to allow me to meet him at his hotel room and get acquainted for 2 hours. now that he lives close to my home I really want to have more matches with him. I think we can become good friends. he is tough but I think I can handle him. ( luck helps , too) I highly recommend him.


batmanjur is recommended by Freestylefighter (6/21/2018)

Ein wirklich sehr sympatischer, zuverlässiger und starker Gegner, der nicht so schnell aufgibt und gut dagegen gehalten hat. Das nächste Mal dürfte es deutlich knapper werden. Ich freue mich schon sehr drauf. Bestens zu empfehlen, hoher Fun-Faktor.


Alex wrestler87 is recommended by Dsna (6/21/2018)

What can I say about this guy!
He is tall, strong and muscled with very good skils in fighting. Those characteristics together with the fact that he is smart, educated and handsome makes him one of the best mates I have ever wrestle with.
During our meeting in Athens we had two intense and sweaty fights and I can tell this guy is not an easy opponent at all! He fights safe and sane respecting the limits but your body will remember his strength for some days later :)
Out of the mat he is a really pleasant and interesting person. I felt like I knew him for years. Hope to see you again soon mate... for round 3 :)....


mike is recommended by Ben skull stephens (6/21/2018)

21st June 2018
Really great to get to grips with me good mate Mike again to test him in submission holds on his visit to London from Germany always a pleasure to see him

13 th April 2018
Another great heel vs jobber match with Mike and Balletboy , Mike kindly flew from Germany where he lives to compete in the ring at Walthamstow 12 th April 2018 and he suffered well,
Thankyou Mike for the match , your friendship is very valued and so is your participation in the ring, a first class mate, extremely valued as a person, these qualities are extremely important in today's society. 🤓👍👍👍

27th March 2018

I have a bugbear that guys criticise me for wrestling older guys me as the jobber and alternatively me heeling older guys well I'm a fan of the older guy in the wrestling ring aka World of sport era great memories and when the guy can challenge me also take the trouble to travel a great distance to want to meet me also buy the gear and have the right attitude then I love it , so it is my pleasure to write about my great friend Mike who takes great pleasure in trying to
attack me but knows hey up here's the Boston crab coming, it is a great pleasure to heel my mate Mike today at Walthamstow ring, he is a brilliant guy and great friend who loves the rough and tumble in the ring he takes all the punishment I dish out HIGHLY RECOMMENDED till we meet again soon Mike hopefully Thankyou for an amazing afternoon first class bloke.

great to see mike at Pro training today at iain pro ring 10th October 2017 he joined in and did well going through the coaching learning to fall forwardsand backwards,headlocks, ab stretches, camel clutches great guy to join us cheers mike hope to see you there again.

I met Mike last evening 14th July 2017 at Grove park , London while on his trip to the UK from Germany ,which he planned to meet a while ago a great guy who really was enthusiastic to wrestle in the ring and look at the aspects of Pro wrestling ,he took the holds well ,after I had a really enjoyable evening having a meal and chat and discussion of the German way of life one country I love , a great guy HIGHLY RECOMMENDED hope to meet again .