Chris Flashman is recommended by FightNHB UK (10/20/2018)

It was a great pleasure to meet up with and wrestle Chris Flashman recently. We had been in communication for a while so it was nice to finally get to meet in person. Chris is a very enthusiastic and friendly wrestling opponent and we had a great time practicing various wrestling moves. Finishing up afterwards with a drink and something to eat brought an end to an enjoyable afternoon and I would certainly very highly recommend Chris to others. Thanks again Chris for a most enjoyable afternoon.


The Villainous Prince Glycerine is recommended by brightonman (10/20/2018)

Met The Villainous Prince Glycerince 19/10/ 2018 what a great guy, very friendly and welcoming. VPG has a brilliant set up in a spacious room with mats at his home.
VPG is a very strong guy once he got me in a hold in his massive strong arms and legs there was very little I could do.

I strongly recommend VPG and I definitely would enjoy a return match with him soon.


ROULE44 is recommended by JUDOMARS (10/20/2018)

Solide et musclé sec, jovial et joueur, ce fut un régal de me rouler-bouler avec ce gars ! il a un excellent cardio, et, chose rare, il s'entraîne en JJB dans un vrai club, il débute, mais avec ce mec on a affaire à un vrai motivé pour progresser encore, et encore... En plus nous nous sommes rencontrés dans le cadre parfait d'un weekend chez Alain (IDF), qui est le Mentor et Organisateur de tournoi à Paris. ROULE44 se bagarre aussi!! il en veut, et joue corps à corps avec un plaisir visible, sueurs assurées avec lui.... Je compte sur lui pour qu'on se revoit, qui sait, dans un autre cadre, pour un duel de mâles... à bientôt !! et merci encore pour ces empoignes serrées...


GrapplerNL is recommended by slowly (10/20/2018)

As everything as already been said about this very strong and very skilled lad, who loves to work over you over and over again with a drop-dead gorgeous smile, that shows his passion in fighting while he got you in his holds - especially in his amazing legs, you should watch out for - which made it to be a very hard fight for me, let me just recommend you GrapplerNL with thouse three words: every.time.again.


pshawfocus is recommended by Pecholoboguy (10/20/2018)

As a new member (and completely new to gut punching), I think pshawfocus is the ideal member for any first meet up. I thoroughly recommend him for many reasons.

Not only is he engaging and friendly, you’ll instantly feel at ease with him due to his level of understanding on the niche subject. This is demonstrated by a wealth of gut punching experience he is only too happy to share.

With me, he was patient and non-judgemental, with a focus on teaching and exploring my desires and strengths. He lets you be in control - giving you constructive feedback and guidance when asked.

During the 2-hour season, Pshawfocus introduced me to a variety of positions, such as against the wall, arms above my head, laying on the bed, and spread on the floor. Plus, we used range of “toys”, like bats and balls, so I could feel a spectrum of sensation. We’d swap roles too, so I could test my own punching ability.

I will definitely be requesting regular meets with this one, while I train to get my abs into the superior condition like his. They are incredible to touch, punch, and generally look at.

Also, he looks even better in person than his profile images suggest.

Overall, this is one seriously sexy dude who knows what he’s talking about.


gigromeo is recommended by slowly (10/20/2018)

Gigromeo is a very skilled fighter, who realy knows what he is doing. He has an arsenal of submissions to make you give up - some of them are artfully annoying :p
Nevertheless, he is a passionated beast, who also takes care of you and makes sure that you enjoy it, too.
Off the mats I talked to a friendly and interesting person and I heard a new song that reminds me of this fight :)
If you like a big challenge with a fit guy, choose him.


Txwresl is recommended by ringhombre (10/20/2018)

out match was a long while ago, but it seems like yesterday. A great guy both on and off the mat. we had nice time rolling with each other. I definitely would recommend and do it once again.


Janting is recommended by slowly (10/20/2018)

Janting is a very passionated jobber. He realy likes it to give up due to several different submissionholds such as holds, streches, scissors,... and he realy can stand so much, that caught me by suprise. I enjoyed to work over him. He is a pleasant person. If you like to dominate someone, who offers resistence too, meet this fit guy.


eman170 is recommended by letswrestleyvr (10/20/2018)

Nice guy to meet and wrestle — have kept in contact long after our matches.


FresLuchador is recommended by BearWrestler (10/20/2018)

This bitch and I have been talking shit for over 15 years to each other and finally battled recently. He dominated me and has quite some skill and strength. He’s a good all around guy who was teaching me moves while we were wrestling. He respects all limits and you can have great conversation. He’s aggressive and competitive and sweats like a beast (like me). We had a great time. I’d recommend him to anyone.