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Syrwrestler is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest (2/19/2018)

Amazing guy. Strong, muscular, skilled and hot. We had a blast and looking forward to our next one


Squashlad is recommended by Mike721 (2/19/2018)

I first met Squashlad at a meet in Manchester and I was initially amazed at how enthusiastic and positive he was about wrestling! He made a great opponent and jobber and can take loads of punishment while being destroyed and always wants more! He worked well with my fake kos and I was very happy to have met such a great guy as he was really fun to talk to and he lifted me out of the bad mood I had that day. An amazing guy to wrestle


Squashlad is recommended by irishrover (2/19/2018)

I wrestled Squashlad and he was really helpful as well as helpful. He gave me some really useful lessons about quickly reversing hand holds and head pushing .


wrestlefan85 is recommended by njwrstlr (2/19/2018)

Finally got a chance to wrestle this guy after going back and forth for years. He ended up being a skilled and tenacious wrestler with a killer body and a killer body scissor. Definitely recommend!


Ericwrestle2 is recommended by fitspeedo (2/19/2018)

Fun time rolling around with this guy and I plan to do it again soon. He's handsome too and in really good shape. He's learning new holds so don't be afraid to show him your best ones. And keep them on him for a long time. Haha!


KnotChaz512 is recommended by makeyoutap (2/19/2018)

If you like wrestling a wall of muscle that never quits, then look no further than Knotchaz512. He is gentleman, punctual, sane, and dependable. He’s tough as hell but careful with his opponent. We battled like bulls! Hard to get out of his headlock - vice grip of a gorilla. He is a great man and comes with my highest of recommendations.


Benhorna1 is recommended by dan9692 (2/19/2018)

Roll on match 3 in 2 days, after getting wrecked yesterday i considered pulling out and rearranging this match.

Im very glad i didn't!!!

Fortunately this turned into a good give and take sweaty man to man workout as opposed to anything too competitive, as my sore and battered body probably wouldnt have held too well in anything else (i did get 2 taps though......just saying.....not that i was counting haha)

Benhorna is strong, has a great body and gave me a very good and sweaty workout that i thoroughly enjoyed. I'd very happily meet him again (hopefully when im not as broken!!) and if you get chance absolutely take him on!!!!

A great guy both on and off the mats


LT2018 is recommended by Boston Tap (2/19/2018)

Round 2 - Feb 2018

It was great fun to meet up with this energetic young lightweight in the ring at Grove Park. We had a good 2 and a half hour giv n take style meet making great use of the ropes and turnbuckle in true pro wrestling style. He always suffers well in any submission hold and is becoming more versatile and somewhat of an aerial acrobat too. Can't wait for round 3!

As always he is a sensible guy to wrestle and is easy to get along with and have a chat to. Always good to meet and wrestle!!

Great pro style wrestler who is an excellent, authentic and athletic jobber and who can sell the moves very well indeed. A thoroughly reliable opponent who is perfect for a bout in the ring.


Edinchattanooga is recommended by Txtussle (2/19/2018)

Though it's been several years since this talented bull and wrestled,in retrospect both his strength and mat skills stand out in my mind. A local Texas buddy was with me on a road trip,and though we both alternately locked up with him in a hotel bout,he kept us both on the defensive from the onset. Plus he is one Interesting man with whom to enjoy a post match conversation!!


makeyoutap is recommended by KnotChaz512 (2/19/2018)

Had a great few matches with Makeyoutap. He's a great guy to meet and hang out with along with wrestling. Excellent and easy to communicate with. Very punctual and reliable. He's got some good skills and is flexible depending on how hard we wanted to go at it. Highly recommended and look forward to wrestling him again.

56193 recommendations