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EssexScissors is recommended by Lomandlad42 (10/20/2018)

After chatting for a while I had the good fortune to meet EssexScissors today.

Deciding on a jobber heel session we had a great give and take match. It’s been a while but he got stuck in working me over in Boston ‘s, camels to name but a few holds getting a tap every time . He is a very Safe sane opponent very respectful of limits.

EssexScissors has to be amongst one the nicest guys I’ve had the good fortune to meet in this site. Great company, easy to chat to and spend time with. Will definitely meet again
Cheers fella 👍


Lomandlad42 is recommended by EssexScissors (10/20/2018)

Took a trip to the seaside today for the opportunity to get to grips with Jay and it was most definitely worth the journey. Jay is friendly, accommodating, respectful of limits and just a thoroughly nice bloke!

Also, for someone who I have no doubt could easily beat me in a competitive setting, he is an incredible jobber. I know I'll be feeling it in the morning (moreso than I already am now!) with how much effort I had to put in to get him to tap... which made it all the more satisfying when he did.

And truth be told, although our intention had be that I work him over, in the end he did finish up on top - with no complaints from me at all! That Just gives me something to rectify if I'm ever lucky enough to wrestle him again!


PSalphabattle is recommended by Stevie (10/20/2018)

Had a hot time with PSalphabattle! Very intense, this guy loves competition and knows how to give it! Can't wait to fight again!


Cr-cb is recommended by Hunnog (10/20/2018)

Very nice guy. It was great fun to meet him.


wrestle4kicks is recommended by Wrestler 59 (10/20/2018)

Deze man is een ideaal persoon om mee te worstelen. Geduldig om grepen op uit te proberen. Fanatiek als we echt gaan worstelen.
Mooi lichaam. Goed gebouwd. Goede verhoudingen. Alles klopt bij hem.
Prettig in de omgang.
Van harte aanbevolen!!


Wrestler 59 is recommended by wrestle4kicks (10/20/2018)

I had a very pleasant match with him. We started with exchanging holds and moves, headscissors and figure4 leg locks and more. Then we did multiple submission wrestling. This man is stronger than he looks, watch out for his legs! Nice guy by the way.


BearWrestler is recommended by FresLuchador (10/20/2018)

After chatting and trash talking with Bear Wrestler for years, it was great to finally meet this cool dude and roll with him. He’s as strong as a bull and made me work for the several taps I got on him 😁. Not a sore loser, BW was eager to learn the holds and techniques I used to submit him. I’m sure with some training he will become a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to many more mat battles with him and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a good honest fight.


dcevera is recommended by Saturday4pm (10/20/2018)

Another great meet with a long-time buddy who's easy-going and amiable. Likes to get on with it and is tenacious in battle, looking for that submission. We had a good give/take match with excitement along the way (!) and a hot finish as usual. Such a great build for a mature man and strong with it.


Twowrestlers20-45 is recommended by lottatore50 (10/20/2018)

Ci siamo incontrati con Twowrestlers... la scorsa settimana, ottima persona,educata e gentile, sia dentro che fuori le materassine, (45) molto resistente e.. se addenta una presa assomiglia al piragnha, non molla, peccato pero' volelo incontrare anche il suo collega 20 ma troaveva dei problemi fisici, seppur presente, cmq mooolto raccoandato e spero in un prossimo futuro incon


Shawn1729 is recommended by Marcwrestler (10/20/2018)

Had great lot of fun time to wrestle this wrestler! He is fun, friendly, strong! He put me in strong tight bodyscissors and headscissors! We did great body contact as well. It was hot! Enjoyed a lot my time with him! Forward for wresrle him again when i will go back to detroit area!

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