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rainycitywrestler is recommended by ramesh (8/25/2019)

I wrestled him last year in July during his US visit and it was so much fun. He was very easy to set match fact he drove 4 hours from other city to wrestle me! He is good competitor and same time friendly guy off the mat. We wrestled on 2 days back to back to maximize wrestling experience and I can't wait for to wrestle him again. Never let off a chance to wrestle this cool guy!


grapplingman891 is recommended by thesleeperking (8/25/2019)

I was able to set up a match with him very easily, I definitely do not regret it! He’s way stronger then he gives himself credit for. He was able to get a few taps out of me but I was able to get a few out of him. Do not pass this guy up, if you’re able to have a match with him do it!! You won’t regret it


thesleeperking is recommended by grapplingman891 (8/25/2019)

This dude is a really good wrestler. He knows a lot of moves and is very fast with headlocks and holds. I was able to beat him 3 out of 4 matches but each match I won, took every ounce of strength I had so watch out for him. He is also very nice and easy to talk to. We both are gonna have another match very soon!


BIGO35 is recommended by extreme7 (8/25/2019)

Buen luchador, inagotable, excelente persona. Aunque ni él ni yo tenemos mucha experiencia en lucha, pasamos un largo rato luchando, estamos similares en fuerza y fue un encuentro muy interesante, repetiría con él muchas veces. Lo recomiendo


DuvalBlack is recommended by Canttouchthis123 (8/25/2019)

This guy is awesome and he’s a beast in wrestling! A gentle giant until you start wrestling him lol. He’s definitely worth the time, flight, drive, boat ride, etc lol to have a match with. I’m really glad I had a chance to meet up with him and I’m coming back for a rematch chump! Thank you for the match!


construct is recommended by Jayboy (8/25/2019)

He is reliable and he does show up. He is awesome. Profile doesn’t do him justice. The best. Fighter and man.


gutpuncherVA is recommended by wrestlpin123 (8/25/2019)

Very cool guy. Does everything he speaks to and does it very well. Trained.
Superb gut and body work over with punches, strikes, pressure point/claw nerve spot holds, headlocks, scissors and more. Very aware of the intensity which he uses to amp things up to another level. Highly recommend this fine man! Looking forward to meeting again.


Italianmuscl is recommended by gymrat (8/25/2019)

Italianmuscl and I have been trying to meet for white a while - we didn't have a place to roll, but we did find a halfway place to lift. This dude is built muscular, lean and with pretty darn perfect full muscles --- - pretty much the ideal tapered physique, and would be a handful in a weight class bout.

he's also a chill, regular guy.

We need to get to round two. What more can I say?


Duke7 is recommended by privateguy55 (8/25/2019)

I had such a great time today - meeting Duke 7 for the second time and wrestling him for the first time . And I can say in no uncertain terms that this is just the beginning of many matches!
We realize we have lots in common , and I feel lucky to have become a new friend of this really wonderful guy...
As for the wrestling- it was long and hard and sweaty -such a good workout and so much fun.
He is a great host with 10 x 10 quality wrestling mats
His pictures are accurate: he is a beast!
I’m glad I have the experience factor on my side ( for now)
He is a quick learner and a natural athlete - and is going to soon be a force to be reckoned with ...
My highest recommendation....wrestle Duke7 if you have the chance!


LdnGrapple is recommended by calebluegrappler (8/25/2019)

LdnGrapple very generously agreed to give me the benefit of his vast wrestling experience via a tutorial on his home mats and I quickly discovered that he is as skilled a teacher as he is a grappler! He wisely began with a quick wrestle, to assess my standard (very low - playground level!) He then proceeded to teach me some very effective holds, blocks and techniques, always making sure that I had grasped and could apply each one, before moving on to the next. His patience and encouragement were boundless and he knew exactly when to stop, so I didn’t feel overloaded. We finished the day with a fun, friendly grapple, to give me the opportunity to practise and apply what he had taught me. I came away feeling I had learned a great deal in just a short couple of hours - and best of all, I can still remember it! Thanks, Simon! You are a true gentleman, patient, kind and generous. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you as both a teacher and a wrestler!

72723 recommendations