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JHK49 is recommended by bearohio (8/16/2018)

Great wrestler and most accommodating. Muscle and strong. Wrestled for a couple of hours. Great guy to talk to as well. Smart and knows what he is doing. Great guy, highly recommend.


waterrescue is recommended by sportsman (8/16/2018)

Nach nur einer Nachricht ging es spontan auf meine neuen Matten. Dazu sei noch erwähnt das waterrescue extra 1,5 Stunden gefahren ist um mit mir Spaß zu haben.
Ich wollte eigentlich mal ein Ölmatch ausprobieren und die Flasche Sonnenblumenöl stand bereit....zuerst ging es ohne Öl ordentlich zur Sache. Nach ein paar Runden mußten wir feststellen das wir schweißnass waren und das Öl lieber in die Pfanne gießen:)
Chancen hatte ich als Anfänger gegen so einen erfahrenen und starken Ringer natürlich nicht viel. Waterrescue kann sich aber prima auf Anfänger einstellen und die harten Griffe etwas lösen.
Wir habe alles für die Nachwelt in Bild und Ton festgehalten....ein paar Bilder gibt es bald hier:)
Bei diesem fight habe ich ein paar Erdbeerbecher verbrannt und meinem lädiertem Daumen ging es später auch schon besser:)))
Wirklich beeindruckt war ich von den starken Armen und Beinen, die er geschickt in harten Griffen einsetzt.

Nach dem fight, der 2 Stunden dauerte, haben wir uns noch einen Erdbeerbecher gegönnt....ohne Sahne:)))))))))))))

Bald ist die Folie wieder trocken und wir können wieder starten:))))


treag25 is recommended by Wrestlejosh (8/16/2018)

This guy is an absolute fighter! Unbelievably strong and tough, if you want a workout he is your man. Awesome submission skills and spent most of the time hanging on, has to wait for a glimmer of fatigue to start fighting back. Pictures do not do him justice. Looking forward to a rematch :)


ROULE44 is recommended by wrestlerdu (8/16/2018)

Ich Traf Roule44 in Lüttich zum Fighten.
Er ist ein netter Mensch, da Er einige Fights hinter sich hatte und einige Prellungen.
Könnten wir nur auf Sparflamme Ringen.
Wir hatten denn noch unseren Spaß beim Ringen. Auch neben den Teppich ist Er ein feiner Kerl.
Ich kann Roule44 nur Empfehlen immer wieder.


girl fight is recommended by Caroline (8/16/2018)

Very nice and serious person. Excellent wrestler strong and sane. A pleasure to meet and hope to meet again.


Coleman is recommended by Grakoda (8/16/2018)

Had a great time with Coleman. He is a man of few words, unless he’s sitting on top of you looking down. He’s strong, skilled, creative, fun, and experienced. It’s clear he has fun wrestling and enjoys his dominating craft. Highly recommend.


Hunnog is recommended by ausrasren123 (8/16/2018)

Met this wonderful stud again. I guess it was the 3rd or 4th time we met for a Match. As everytime it was super Hard and Hot and the whole visit a nice experience. Our fights are going to be More and More equal. Next time ill kick Ur ass totally😜


jp504 is recommended by abradtner (8/16/2018)

It’s always great to wrestle this awesome guy. He is really flexible, tough and strong. He is a jobber but don't let that fool you. You make a mistake if you think that you will to get an easy tap from him. He can take lots of punishments and any holds. He does not give up easily and give you a really hard time in a match. You have to make an effort to make him submit. I always enjoy every minute of wrestling him.
Never miss a chance to roll with this incredible guy. He has my highest recommendation: 10/10


davey123 is recommended by newstravel (8/16/2018)

The pleasure was mine to meet Davey123 at Pipas at such a great space for wrestling. Great stud with lots of passion for the sport of wrestling and as you may see on his pics he has great body to enjoy for good session. I had great time wrestling him because the stars were on my side and make me day and gave me confidence. If you ever cross this guy is totally worth it to challenge for a good wrestling match.


hitme is recommended by maulotta76 (8/16/2018)

ho incontrato Hitme ed è stato un gran bell'incontro. per fortuna non è ancora molto tecnico, al suo primo incontro su meet, ma mi ha messo molto in difficoltà grazie al suo fisico allenato, la sua determinazione e il suo spirito da fighter. é stata una lotta molto intensa ed una bella sudata!
Fuori dal ring Hitme è una persona simpatica e piacevole, che dire se ne avrete occasione, sfidate questo fighter e non ve ne pentirete. io spero di poterlo incontrare molto presto per un nuovo match :-)

61501 recommendations