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MEGRAPPLE is recommended by wrestlingkit (4/22/2019)

Great guy to wrestle with….Really nice wrestling meeting we had, MEGRAPPLE is a solid, compact, strong, and great wrestler.
We had lot of fun on the mats (and sweat as well :))
off the mats he,s such a nice guy with a very special sense of humor.
i felt really comfortable during all time we spent i really recommend him 100%
thanks for all mate!!!!!!


Boxer350 is recommended by tkdboy (4/22/2019)

Boxer350 was a lot of fun! We had a boxing match at my place. Boxer350 brought his own gear, he was friendly, and he acted safe at all times. Would definitely meet again!


Nonofight is recommended by Grappler34 (4/22/2019)

Content d'avoir fait connaissance de nonofight, costaud mais technique aussi.Son bon cardio lui aurait permis d'en faire plus avec moi, mais je reprends progressivement. Je suis sûr qu'il y aura d'autres occasions. Surtout qu'Il n'a pas hésité de venir de loin.C'est pour dire s'il est fiable et aime la lutte. Défiez le, vous ne serez pas déçu! bon tournoi avec fighterfufu et luttesympa... à renouveler


Stockyasian is recommended by ak1988 (4/22/2019)

Had a great match with Stockyasian today. A very nice and strong guy who was fun to wrestle and had a good chat after. If you're ever around Canberra drop him a message.


wrestleinva1986 is recommended by Sadsally (4/22/2019)

He really lives up to his reputation! He is a super strong and tireless wrestler. Although i was nervous, he really eased me into it. Setting up a match was a breeze and he always made sure I was comfortable and feeling good at every point the interaction.He was even nice enough to give me ride to his location and back and had some interesting conversation after. I sincerly recommend him to anybody in the near dallas area!


Sneako is recommended by mateusjudo (4/22/2019)

Met Sneako a couple of time. Great guy, safe and discrete. He is a gentlemen outside the mat and great fun during the session. Can’t wait to meet him again. Highly recommended especially if you are into gear stuff.


ausrasren123 is recommended by sandro93 (4/22/2019)

Ausrasren123 is a skilled and hard fighter. It was super fun wrestling him. He’s also a cool guy .
Totally recommended
I’ll update this post when we fight again and i kick his ass :p


Kevin is recommended by Riviera Wrestle (4/22/2019)

Smiling and uncomplicated sexy thaï wrestler. The contact was very easy and relaxed from the start with Kevin.
He is a proud fighter, always coming back for more and eager to apply his holds. He's strong and full of energy. It was a real pleasure to meet him and I hope we'll meet and wrestle again.


asianwrestler is recommended by robrslr (4/22/2019)

Had a blast with asianwrestler. He is strong for his size and knows some good holds. His legs are crazy strong. I won In the end but he came close to making me submit a few times.He is a real nice guy and drove quite a way to wrestle which I appreciated.


DavidVdw is recommended by wolvejong (4/22/2019)

Count your blessings when you get to meet David.
He arranged a great setting for our match; probably the best place to have a good roll in a local sportscentre.
David, although a novice, has everything a wrestler should have: a good fighting spirit. Quick, lean, eager to learn and more then willing to exchange techniques. What he lacks in experience (for now, but that won't last long) he makes up with speed and determination. Safe and sane being the credo of our match I had a great time wrestling this guy.
Would I meet him again in the future? No doubt about it! In fact I look forward to our next encounter.
In between rounds and after the match it was a joy to talk to this intelligent young man with a myriade of interests.
So guys, do yourselves a favour and challenge him, you won't regret it. I sure didn't.
Recommendation with capital R!

68255 recommendations