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tabmoc is recommended by francknord59 (12/14/2018)

Un ancien pratiquant de karaté très motivé et sympa, qui est progressivement devenu un ami. Très intéressant de s'entraîner avec lui, il est motivé, énergique et cherche toujours à donner le maximum.

Et c'est toujours sympa de s'entraîner avec un plus grand que soi :)

Evidemment je le recommande très fortement, il est très fiable.


A former karate practitioner, he has always proved to be motivated and cheerful, he has even slowly begun a friend. Training with him is interesting above all as he has always the will to train and win, he has a lot of energy and stamina, and he is always seeking to give his best.

What's more, it's always cool to train with someone taller :)

Of course i warmly recommend him, he is extremely reliable


wrestlingfun2000 is recommended by ShortMick (12/14/2018)

A fun wrestler who knows how to pin! Also enjoys strength games, he's quite strong and is very good at shifting his weight to pin you down.
Had a great match, albeit a short one. Looking forward to a 2nd round when we wont have time constraints.


ringerffm is recommended by moto60 (12/14/2018)

I was glad to have the opportunity to meet this tall athletic and gracious wrestler. While the diminutive European hotel room I had created serious limitations to our combat, we adjusted and a good time was had by all. Highly recommended.


Ant75 is recommended by max88 (12/14/2018)

Il a gagné ce premier défi. Il faut définitivement plus de 10 coups pour démonter ses abdos en béton. On s'est fait plusieurs séries et il en redemande toujours.
J'ai réussi à le faire abandonner à quelques reprises, mais il faut y aller !!!
Sinon un gars super cool avec qui il est agréable de discuter.
La prochaine fois je serai plus en forme, je les démonte en moins de 10 coups tes abdos !!!


iowajoh is recommended by NZIndy (12/14/2018)

Little was I aware until after the fact that iowajoh had formal training in wrestling as a High School wrestler. He had the upper hand but was most accomodating to skill level. We both put up a great sweaty fight. He's a genuine wrestler, genuine good roll. I'll look forward to a rematch should he decide to make it through my way again!


ThisIsTeal42 is recommended by iowajoh (12/14/2018)

Teal was excellent opponent and enjoyed wrestling with him very much. He is a heal's heal. I'm a heel by nature but he was very strong and had control. He has a great school boi pin, bear hug, full Nelson, cradle , and grapevine . Enjoyed wrestling him very much and he a nice guy. Punctuale nice looking, excellent body, and good guy to talk with. Excellent match and sure hope wrestle him again when I'm in the city.


NZIndy is recommended by iowajoh (12/14/2018)

NZ is a great guy and we had a good talk. He was even kind enough to give me a lift in the city. Enjoyed talking with him about stuff. We had a great scrap. His full nelson, strong scissors and gullitein were excellent. Fun to wrestle. He was punctual, of good hygenne, and prepared. Hope wrestle this guy again when I'm in Indy. Great guy and good looking too.


ricky gonzo95 is recommended by natureboyesq (12/14/2018)

I've been chatting with this guy a while and he did not disappoint. He is a great jobber who took every move I threw at him and kept asking for more...very responsive and had great ideas for holds he wanted to try. Highly recommended for any heel looking for a flexible, handsome jobber...I hope I get round two with him sometime soon.


Brjiu is recommended by newstravel (12/14/2018)

Master of jiu jit su this guy 👍 He is a beast on the mat and have enough power and technique to make you submit very easily. It was real pleasure to roll with him during my visit to Sao Paolo. He made all very easy from start to finish and made huge effort to meet even thought he had to work.


Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by jclem1100 (12/14/2018)

Had a great time with this stud. He was incredibly accommodating in terms of travel so we could meet up. Very strong all around and friendly as they come. His attractiveness was the icing on the cake. Highly recommend him if he’s in your area.

64927 recommendations