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grapplingguy is recommended by Wrestleperson (4/26/2018)

I had a great, grueling and sweaty time wrestling Grapplingguy. He is an awesomely skilled and superbly conditioned athlete, so I was thrilled to last almost an hour on the mat with him. He got all the subs but I am proud to have given him a challenging workout. Would gladly do it again – wrestle him if you get the chance!


pecs44 is recommended by Northernbeef65 (4/26/2018)

Just realised I hadn't written a recommendation for this guy!
We had a great grapple around a big hotel room in Boston. Kept going for a couple of hours, what more could you ask for!
Highly recommended.


MilonCGN is recommended by bigbrother (4/26/2018)

Der Fight mit MilonCGN hat viel Spaß gemacht! Er ist ein starker Gegner, der nicht so leicht aufgibt. Dazu ist er sehr sympathisch uns umgänglich. Auf jeden Fall sehr zu empfehlen! :)


max88 is recommended by JUDOMARS (4/26/2018)

Un coq fier et tonique, il aime la bagarre c'est clair. ON s'est roulé sur mes tapis lors d'une occasion en or, juste après s'être bien chauffé par des sms provocs. Les 2 mecs ont bien sué, Max s'est bien donné à fond, malgré son mal de dos, il y est allé avec courage, et on s'est bien régalé ! ça a grogné, cogné, et roulé sans presque d'interruption... Souriant, ponctuel, un gentleman, ok il est beau mec aussi, mais avec des cuissots et bras bien denses, nous nous sommes dépensé en corps à corps, un régal. Bagarre entre coqs, et sueur fraternelle, que demander de plus à la vie ?


wolvejong is recommended by brown diamond (4/26/2018)

I had a fantastic time wrestling this guy. He is agile, strong, fun, and like to roll. We had some competitive submission give and take matches, that made for an awesome workout!
This is a seriously impressively built guy, once he got you with his arms it´s very hard to escape. Also we had a very nice conversation between the matches.

I'm totally up for meeting him again!


brown diamond is recommended by wolvejong (4/26/2018)

Brown_diamond is a smart and competitive wrestler in amazing shape and is as hard a diamonds too!
A barrel filled with Latin fury and explosive energie, quick, lean, flexible, strong, detremind and unwilling to give up without trying everything possible first. We wrestled for about 2 hours and both came out exhausted (well, I was for sure). In an even match (we weren’t keeping scores) with some long rounds we were both able to give it our best and beyond. Scissors, neckholds, bearhugs, athleticism, strength and the pure will to win, but always safe and sane.
Fair warning to others: stay away from his legs, once he gets you there is no way out!
Off the mats he is a really cool guy and a great host. I enjoyed our talks between rounds and it was a true pleasure getting to know him. Higly recommended.


Wrestlehockeyguy is recommended by texwrestler2001 (4/26/2018)

I had a great time putting this lil muscle boy thru the ringer. He takes ALOT of punishment. Perfect pecs and abs to abuse. Great evening! Great Guy! Recommend 100 percent


bikermanrr is recommended by LutteurBlois (4/26/2018)

Sa réputation n'est plus à faire!! Un super mec, très humain, costaud, très joueur, qui sait s'adapter. Des cuisses comme on aime... Et il n'a pas hésité à traverser le périph pour venir! A très vite pour les mêmes étranglements, sleepers, facesit et autres!


fracono is recommended by pshawfocus (4/26/2018)

Met the charming and handsome Fracono in Edinburgh for an introductory GP session. We did a mix of things, all of which he enjoyed / endured with aplomb. Don’t let his slim physique fool you, it’s pretty resilient and he’s comfortable having it sensibly worked hard. Off the game he’s fun, amusing (I certainly got the sense there are hidden depths to his sense of humour) and despite trekking to meet, he turned up as promised. Besides the GP, hopefully he’s now updated his profile with another interest we unearthed. I’d happily meet him again for another GP session the next time I’m visiting Edinburgh.

26/4 - another very enjoyable meet with Francono on a visit to Edinburgh. A brighter and more spacious venue showed off his slim physique and again, he was up for a mix of gut work, including punches, some fairly hefty jumps and a few knee drops. He was also keen to return the favour which was fun :-) Here’s to the next one.


Squashlad is recommended by Funlad89 (4/26/2018)

Had an amazing first ring experience with this strong handsome guy. Was introduced to many new things and enjoyed being generally tossed about and crushed, especially between his strong legs. He's a really nice easy going guy though and made me feel completely at ease, making sure it was safe and sane. No hesitation in meeting him again and being shown more of his skills.

57967 recommendations