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WildcatLes is recommended by LongandLean (6/22/2018)

Les is a legend on this and other wrestling sites. We've gotten together twice and enjoyed intense contact and wrestling holds. Away from the mats, we've become friends and message frequently. Hes a great encourager and a great wrestler!


VBwrestler is recommended by LongandLean (6/22/2018)

Had a great weekend of wrestling with VB. His great peaked biceps doubled as weapons as he applied headlock after headlock on me causing multiple submissions. He's enthusiastic and athletic. He's gone from being an opponent hundreds of miles away to a friend and fellow wrestling enthusiast. I recommend VB highly!


dcwrestle13 is recommended by darkk (6/22/2018)

Had a great match dcwrestle. Also a great and smart guy to chat with after a match. Learning the scene a bit but can really go at it. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to a great fun long sweaty fight.


KidZ is recommended by cleancutchicago (6/22/2018)

The Ultimate Heel on the mat and the guy that can be your best friend off. 2 rounds! Wow! Can't wait for more matches.


werwhower is recommended by Mark uk (6/22/2018)

June 18. Arranged at short notice and worth the effort we both made. JX is just a super nice guy to hook up with and fun to wrestle. A big size difference between us should have meant that as the heel he’d be easy and it was but we turned the table a couple of times and his mean streak came out. A really fun evening, pleasure to hang with and share stories. 10/10


Ben skull stephens is recommended by Rock Hard Pete (6/22/2018)

This well hard skinhead looks the part, is the part. He is a fit and hard wrestler who gave me a hard time on the mat, both at group meetings and a one to one session at the Barnet mat room. This man knows what he's doing and is a great opponent. Highly recommended for any man (nancyboys and limp-wristed wannabes stay away!). Great company off the mat too. Want to wrestle this man again.

15 January, 2017
Another meeting with Ben. Threw me everywhere again, which is my fault for not going to the gym as much as I should. Good wrestling and good company with hard man with a lot of respect for his opponents.

25 March, 2017
Met at Back Hammer's meeting in Barnet. Ben is fitter and more skilled than last time. Had a great time wrestling him and then in a tag team with him against Back Hammer and Ironbull (Ed).

17 April, 2017
Had a great romp several times with this skinhead at this long afternoon in Barnet. He lives up to his reputation as a rough lad and can fight back no problem. I'm getting fitter now, so watch out hard man, next time I will get you down! Highly recommended for a great man on man encounter on the mat. Bring it on!

24 May, 2017
Met Ben at one of his meetings in Barnet with Chub and Mikeswuk. Had a great time working one another on the mat showing each other our moves on a hot Wednesday afternoon. Good sweaty ground work both in 1-1s and in a tag match. Thoroughly rough tough session. Thanks Ben, get you on the mat again soon!

10 December, 2017
Met on a freezing winter evening at the Grove Park ring at Ricotewrestler's meeting. Did some submission and then Ben showed me some pro moves. Great couple of hours with both of them on the mat and then in a pub afterwards.

17 June, 2018
A hot summer's day in Barnet. I did some training with Mikeswuk in the morning and had a wonderful session in the afternoon. Ben was his usual cocky skinhead self and gave me a hard time on the mat with a whole lot of the usual banter. He is keeping fit and hard. I need to get in more training, though my fitness has improved a lot over the last few weeks.
I'm at last getting over my injured shoulder rotator cuff, so should soon be back on form as I am cycling and weight training too.


Marcwrestler is recommended by AldiStl (6/22/2018)

I’m not sure what more could be said that hasn’t been said already. Had an amazing time with Marc both on an off the mats! Very easy going man who is considerate in trying to make the match enjoyable for both. Got to know each other and our likes/dislikes before and after the match. Once the match started, it was pretty clear who the heel/jobber of the match was going to be. His 10 yrs of experience definitely showed on the mats putting me in submission holds I didn’t known were possible. Respectful of limits, but could tell he was enjoying the match just as much as I was. Could’ve gone hours and hours with him if I could honestly. Definitely one of the more versatile men that I had the pleasure of meeting/wrestling. The numerous recommendations speak for itself. Marc is truly a wonderful man and I am grateful I had the chance to meet him. 110% recommended!


Crushhhh is recommended by WrslMscl (6/22/2018)

Crushhhh tried to crush me. And then he tried again. And again, and again. And, you guessed it, again. He deserves to be called Crushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
But he didn’t succeed.
I tried to crush Crushhhh; repeatedly and with the same result.
The 0:0 draw drew buckets of sweat from each of us. And left us panting for air, and for victory.
Once showered and dressed, Paul is a charming dinner and tea companion with a mischievous streak.
It will be a lot of fun crushing him during our next match.


ProShouto is recommended by The Undertaker (6/22/2018)

After chatting with ProShouto have a great match and was well worth it. He is stronger than he looks and is quite strong. Really nice guy on and off the mats and can't wait for round 2.


Superfly is recommended by WrslMscl (6/22/2018)

I don’t know about Superfly, but I am sure Rob is a Superguy! Real, reliable, and rambunctious; feisty, fun, and ferocious. He’s also a super mountain of solid muscle; my heart sank a bit when I saw how well he filled his runner’s jacket and his running pants; and when he took it all off, I ran!
I ran to tackle him, of course! He responded in kind, and the match was on. If memory serves, it ended with a 1:1 draw in submissions, and way too soon.
It was an honor to wrestle this legend; round two can’t come soon enough!

59782 recommendations