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dadwrestle is recommended by matchest (8/16/2018)

We arranged a three way wrestling meet with Long for This, another big strong wrestler from Meetfighters. After flying from UK via Dubai , this solidly muscled and powerful man subdued me in more than an hour of give and take struggling. Experience overcame what I had to bring to this battle. We had a great morning getting to know each other's stories and realising that the world is a very small place . Meet up with Dadwrestle if you get a chance... not easily conquered or forgotten.


lutteur30 is recommended by frenchprowrestler (8/16/2018)

Superbe mec bien musclé bien combatif qui sait dominer et être dominé quand on s’occupe bien de ses absdos et de ses tétons ! C’est ce que j’ai fait et c’était très bon. Je le recommande fortement
Great muscles and nipples to play with lutteur30 so don’t hesitate to wrestle him and have a wrestling match with him.


oliver1985 is recommended by windsor 21 (8/16/2018)

Good looking guy, social and willing to bring the heat!! Yes his quads are killer but he forgets when he tapped to my body scissors ;P would definitely recommend him for a match!!


Alexander Yang is recommended by oliver1985 (8/16/2018)

Light, explosive, and extremely competitive, even at 2 am. Fit body, great butt, and far more handsome than his photos suggest. Verbal trash talker with a great sense of humour. I won 5 taps to 2, and the look on his face when he conceded each time was priceless. Ready for a rematch any day, any time.


sydneyheel is recommended by Wrestlg (8/16/2018)

I met this wrestler online a Few years ago. We Lived far apart, so you never know if it will be possible to meet up, but we get the word he is coming to NYC this summer!
It’s Great to meet someone Just as they are in profile and talking online, also on the same Wavelength in Many ways.
I was excited for our Pro Match Up!
It was a Sweaty Blast!
Physically maybe Not a Big Guy, But a Huge Guy in his Huge heart!
He would do these Spinning Blows on me, which I loved!
Beating me up Good!


Cdnckftr is recommended by fighter1234 (8/16/2018)

I had the chance to fight Cdnckfr and it was not disappointing......he is a strong guy that likes to be in control.....we had a rough and dirty fight with him prevailing as victorious but we have agreed for rematch. He is not only a great opponent but a good guy and I would recommend anyone passing through the Ottawa area to test their fighting skills with this fighter as you definitely will not be disappointed


ROULE44 is recommended by herve1390 (8/16/2018)

MERCI à ROULE44 d'être venu nous rencontrer .... Nous avons eu le plaisir d'accueillir un lutteur bien expérimenté qui avait planifié un ensemble de rencontres de lutte en Belgique , ....sans une blessure qui l'a handicapé dans ses combats avec Bonsamar, Hairybrussels et moi .... Son enthousiasme pour la lutte en fait un partenaire bien agréable ... Sa gentillesse est appréciée de tous .... donc.... il reviendra lutter en Belgique .... et sera toujours le bienvenu !!!


MuscChamp is recommended by ironranger (8/16/2018)

I'm well past the Champ's sell by date, and more party ball than six pack, so I was pleasantly surprised he agreed to wrestle. Underestimate this powerhouse because of size or age at your own peril. He's rock solid, lightning fast, and wicked skilled. I have to admit the Champ bested me. Bet he will you, too.


JackdVries is recommended by Ready2Rumble (8/16/2018)

What can I say about Jack? For one, he is a gorgeous guy, but don’t let his charming looks fool you - this guy truly has a fighting spirit! We wrestled for many many rounds of hard, sweaty submission. He's a creative fighter; but I eventually worked him over to come out with the W. We both sweat buckets, and it was a wonderful struggle trying to even grab a hold of one another. My match with Jack is one that I’m still thinking about. :) His endurance and tenacity is tremendous, and this feisty and fiery bastard does not give up easily; be prepared for a proper fight from start to finish. Highest recommendations, and I can’t wait to have another fight soon! X


surylightweight is recommended by walsallgoodguy (8/16/2018)

15/8/18 walthemstow,met surylightweight for the first time at Ben's 50 birthday meet,we had a lightweight match in the ring, was great fun,a really nice friendly guy, thanks Ray from Ripper Roger

61501 recommendations