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NaughtyButNice is recommended by celtwrestle (4/26/2018)

This guy is on the light side at 60kg, but has the abs and guts to go up against the big boys. Easy, humorous, polite and straightforward to make arrangements with - this guy is worth having a match with when you're in BGK. The bigger v smaller scenario was great fun to explore with give and take, then the heel-jobber roles being swapped between us until one succumbed.


rc13 is recommended by Txtussle (4/26/2018)

This man is a most dependable and strong ,resiliant opponent for a good wrestling struggle.So much so that every time we have muscled each other around in the past, it's anybody's guess which man will prevail. A good guy indeed!


Atlfight is recommended by MAD13 (4/26/2018)

One of the first guys I ever met on this site (back when I had my old profile) and easily one of the best. Very honest and personable, but also very very strong and very very experienced. I felt like I was in over my head meeting him but he took things slow and even taught me a few moves. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a real match.


Unepetitedinde is recommended by Jow (4/26/2018)

Chaque fois que unepetitedinde vient à Bordeaux, il me contacte pour que l'on se rencontre et je le reçois toujours avec grand plaisir car je passe un bon petit moment de corps à corps heel/jobber avec lui !
Que sa corpulence ne vous effraie pas ! Le personnage est charmant et très sympa et lutter avec lui est un vrai plaisir !


lutteur174 is recommended by Jow (4/26/2018)

Lutteur174, merci pour cette super journée de combats à trois !
Lutteur174 est un super adversaire expérimenté et avec qui lutter est un réel plaisir ! Trop top d'essayer de se dégager quand il a le dessus ! Et pédagogue avec ça !
A bientôt, man !
Et merci pour l'accueil trois étoiles !


ROULE44 is recommended by Jow (4/26/2018)

Lutteur vraiment très sympa et accueillant qui en veut et qui ne demande qu'à faire des progrès ! Et il va en faire ! Si vous voulez avoir le dessus, c'est maintenant qu'il faut le rencontrer !
A bientôt, man ! ( pour ta revanche, lol !! )
Merci pour cette super journée de lutte chez Lutteur174.
Trop bien !


luttesport is recommended by Alan2005sg (4/26/2018)

Luttesport is fit & strong.
Although we have agreed not to go too competitive, Luttesport still gave me quite a challenging match. I have to work a bit hard to wrestle with him to a better position.
Off the mat, he is a very nice gentleman.
but since he was too tired because of inadequate sleep, we didn't wrestle long enough to define the winner.
Hope to have a rematch with him again.


VegasRuff is recommended by awill92 (4/26/2018)

Got the chance to meet this guy for a match where he played the heel and found out how strong this guy was! Knows his moves very well and kept me subdued pretty much at most times no matter how much I tried to get back control. Very nice and friendly guy off the mat but once the match starts he's a more tougher vicious dude but safe at all times.

If you want a challenging opponent here in Vegas, VegasRuff is definitely your guy and I can't wait to face him in rematch


Wrestleboyjoey is recommended by wrestle570 (4/26/2018)

Reliable and enthusiastic guy, who changed his plans to meet me during my stay in HK.
Wholly enjoyed our short meet. He has amateur wrestling experience and excellent defence technique.
Meet him if you have the chance! Nice person out of the mats, too.


sisuperman is recommended by Wrestleperson (4/26/2018)

Sisuperman is a wrestling aficionado who is great to know. Though unable to grapple due to an injury, he maintains a lively interest in the sport and will gladly facilitate matches between other wrestlers. He takes care of the administrative tasks so you can just wrestle!

57967 recommendations