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Newbie2030 is recommended by calwrestler (2/20/2018)

Met Newbie today for a more or less spur of the moment match.....He may be new, but he is very good at it so far ! Incredibly strong and has already gotten some defenses down. Have to mention, a hot body !
Asked me to show him some holds, which I did, and he broke out of almost all of them by simply "powering out" !
When he gets more experience under his belt, he will be VERY formidable.
AND a really nice guy, smart, pleasant, chatty. I'm sure we'll meet again.


averagejoe is recommended by slandon23 (2/20/2018)

I got a chance to meet and wrestle one of my wrestling icons at wrestle fest Average Joe who has the biggest personality that you can meet meeting him after us talking online for months was a huge highlight for me and getting a chance to wrestle him made it better, if you ever get a chance to meet and wrestle this gentleman don't pass it by.


Superfly is recommended by chicagopiledriver (2/20/2018)

This man knows how to wrestle! He has an amazing body and endurance on the mats. I dished out all I had to offer and he still came back for more. Highly recommend!


Yngrasslr00 is recommended by slandon23 (2/20/2018)

got a chance to wrestle Yngrassler00 at wrestle fest he is full of energy and very confident on the mats, for a smaller guy he has a heart of a lion, no challenge is to big for him enjoyed meeting him also he has a big personality to match his big heart.


4fun is recommended by slandon23 (2/20/2018)

my match with 4fun was the roughest and best match of my whole wrestle fest experience this guy is like a tank he is very strong and skilled, and makes you think in the match just like a game of chest, what's your next move, I enjoyed meeting him he is someone who I have spoken to for months and now it was pleasure to finally meet and wrestle, looking forward to doing this again


Squashlad is recommended by Johnrpage (2/20/2018)

It was great to meet Craig.
He is very strong and I feel I was no great match for him but he was kind enough to tap a few times having got him in a few holds he had shown me. I hope I can remember them for the next time!
A really lovely man, willing to hand on his great skills and to spend time with chatting and sorting out the world.

I look forward to meeting Craig again & recommend you do too.


tote is recommended by Adagio (2/20/2018)

Una gran experiencia tuve al luchar contra ti, eres un gran luchador pero ademas un gran ser humano, durante la lucha atento, paciente, entregado al encuentro, tiene mucha experiencia y tecnica. Gracias por la oportunidad y el tiempo para luchar.


ThisIsTeal42 is recommended by Prince Lightskin (2/20/2018)

ThisisTeal is probably one of the most enjoyable people ever. He's very laid back and his wrestling skills are top notch too.


4fun is recommended by Prince Lightskin (2/20/2018)

At first glance I knew he was tough, but I didn't think he had that much strength. Overall we had a really good time and I hope we can wrestle more in the future


ukwrestler is recommended by Yusufu (2/20/2018)

ukwrestler was a fun meet! He knows what hes doing on and has the fitness to keep things fun! Hes a do not miss if were in the same town again for me!
Also worth just hanging out with fantastic guy with great stories and taste in things

56194 recommendations