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suig is recommended by Bamm-Bamm (8/16/2018)

Definition of a spontaneous meet: fix date/time/location, agree on no expectations whatsoever, say yes when oil fight is mentioned.
Then discover who your opponent is.
The physics: all good. Great even. Tall, naturally fit and beautiful body. Eyes to drown in.
The psyche: perfect! Sane and safe. But equally perverted in the fun department :-)
Thanks a lot for the cool experience. The fight was secondary to the pleasure I had in oiling up and trying to apply choke holds.
Small note: this guy is hard to choke out. Made me revisit my rear naked choke technique.
Great company for lunch too. Now I’m gonna put plastic sheets on my standard luggage list and figure out what else I can do with the bottle of extra virgin olive oil and detergent :-)
See you again one day.


singletwrestler89 is recommended by romandiewrestler (8/16/2018)

One of the sexiest fighters I've wrestled with. Hot body, good technique and really friendly off the mat. I'll definitely challenge him again next time I return to California. Highly recommended!


rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by dallaswrestler162 (8/16/2018)

Finally got a chance to take on rasslin bodybuilder after months of planning, and it was totally worth it! This man's pictures don't do him justice, he is a genuine bodybuilder in phenomenal shape. He was a very gracious host and we had a pro style match where he was the perfect jobber. Great guy off the mats too and spent time giving me weightlifting/fitness tips. Total class act, don't miss an opportunity to wrestle this mountain of muscle! Looking forward to doing it again!

Made the drive to Austin to take on Rasslin Bodybuilder for the second time. Was ready to dominate him again only to have the tables turned on me! Had a great back and forth match with plenty of submissions and slams, and all limits were respected. I always look forward to wrestling this beast, and hope to have another match in the future


LutteurBlois is recommended by Wresbear75 (8/16/2018)

Super accueil, bien équipé en mats. Un grand plaisir de lutter avec, j'ai eu beaucoup du mal à vouloir m'imposer en tant que heel. Bien vif et agile, il vous surprendra avec la force de ces cuisses surtout. En plus il est sympathique et bien sociable. Je reviendrai avec grande ardeur pour l'affronter et passer un bon moment avec.


StrongGrapplerLondon is recommended by J0020 (8/16/2018)

As his name suggests StrongGrapplerLondon has an iron fist and steel legs. Once blocked by him, I did not do anything.
On a human level, StrongGrapplerLondon is very nice, friendly and has a good open mind


buchisd is recommended by Leanmuscle (8/16/2018)

I had a very enjoyable erotic match with a great exchange of holds, especially leg holds. He was a gracious host and was able to accommodate my hectic vacation schedule. He's a great guy and I recommend him to anyone visiting San Diego.


JackintheRing is recommended by walsallgoodguy (8/16/2018)

28/7/16 wrestled jackinthering at local travelodge.heel v jobber he looks amazing in black even leather heel jacket.after a few times holding out had to submit to his great arm,leg and back weakeners,after that it was too easy and had to submit more and more,even had to worship his big biceps.a great friendly very good looking guy, perfect the ring next time mate xxx roger. 16/8/18 finally got a chance to Wrestle Steve in the ring at pippa's first for a 6 five min rnds pro match,I try'd but had to submit in the last rnd from non stop neck weakeners was brilliant


bikermanrr is recommended by Kaiser (8/16/2018)

Que dire de plus sur Bikermanrr... Si ce n'est le remercier encore une fois pour son accueil, sa gentillesse et son fair play exemplaires. Il se met en 4 pour voir vous recevoir dans les meilleures conditions (espace, boisson, clim...) et rien que pour ça un grand respect.
Quant au combat, de la dynamite. Serré, explosif, hargneux, que du bon. Une lutte jusqu'à l'épuisement et un bon moment de détente pour finir le tout. Jean est en super forme et a un excellent niveau, et même si j'ai réussi à faire illusion il reste définitivement le tough guy de cette soirée :)
A revoir avec grand plaisir

Recommandé +++


Users name is recommended by Hooligan (8/16/2018)

Einfach ein cooler, sympathischer Mann .
Zäher ich bei Ausdauer der fighter
Immer wieder gerne !!!!


Long for this is recommended by matchest (8/16/2018)

Long for This arranged a three way wrestling meet. We had a tough struggle from get go, and I was subdued by this man's thick and muscled upper body more than once. He is a powerful wrestler and we both tested each other during an hour or more of competitive muscled up wrestling. After some initial straight pins and subs, a round of nude wrestling was a hot primal experience. I will meet this muscular powerhouse again, if the opportunity presents . Highly recommended.

61501 recommendations