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Chicago is recommended by cntrl (4/23/2019)

Really great match with a great guy. He was kind enough to host and very easy to coordinate with. It's very hard to keep your hands off him when he takes off that shirt. Really modest, egoless attitude while wrestling. When he's not trying to take you down, he's relaxed and interesting to talk to. Definitely meet this guy now – he'll be too much to handle when he's trained!


TinyFighter is recommended by heeljobberfun (4/23/2019)

Except for age (lol), we have so much in common - even being a New England Patriot's fan. After corresponding for a long time, I finally found myself in his hometown in a hotel room and the match was on. He is tiny - as he states - but scrappy and he has some great moves. He was fun to wrestle and an added benefit is that he is cute and hot hot hot. Set up a match with TinyFighter - he's a busy guy but well worth the wait!


Chiitaljock is recommended by MKEwrestlebear (4/23/2019)

We had a morning match that was intense from the get-go. After some competitive banter leading up to the meetup, it was fun to get Chiitaljock wrapped up and make him eat his words. He's a trooper who endured bearhugs, nelsons, facesit pins, and general manhandling with aplomb–and a great body (especially the biceps). While I can't say that I was ever at risk of tapping, he's no pushover, and I'd be glad for a chance to put him in his place next time!


Solomon 79 is recommended by wrestleclaw (4/23/2019)

April 22 2019 rematch
We met for the rematch and Soloman got shocked I was ready this time and I crushed him in the test of strength !!! Our rematch was a draw neither of us submitted. He tried so hard to put me in moves and every time I countered and powered out with my strength!!! I told him he would not beat me this time and true to my word he didn’t he tried his best but my strength won out and he was not able to get a submission out of me!! He thought this go round he would take me out again and I told him it would never happen again and I proved it !! Sorry to disappoint you Solomon but you won’t ever beat me!!

February 2019

Solomon 79 met today after a lot of trash talking !!
It was a USA vs Canada real sub match nothing fake.
I totally thought i would dominate him easily and win each sub fast. I completely thought I would beat the crap out of him. But man I was stunned he got a frost sub and just kept going at me beating me up bad round after round. He was merciless with his out nerve hold and cross body stomach scissor that felt like a steel vice grip. I tried so hard to not give to try to get an offense going and I just could not do it. He is really strong and I someone who hates to lose give him credit he took me down took me out and wrecked me bad. He legit beat the fuck out of me today nothing fake real fight!! It was a humiliating loss but credit to Solomon he was the better man today and the far stronger dude!! His holds and his beating took everything out of me to the point i was so weak he just dominated me bad! Aside from my humiliating beatdown Solomon is the coolest guy totally stud sexy nice and strong as shit!!! If you get the chance to fight him don’t pass up the chance. I cannot wait to take him on for a rematch when I am in Toronto next !!


wrestlernys is recommended by dcwrestler (4/23/2019)

We met up after missing one another in DC, and boy am I glad we did. We had a tough, sweaty match on his great mat set-up, which only amplified the fun. Watch out for his strong legs, he'll put a hurt on you if you're not careful. We're definitely going to wrestle again soon.


Morrosko is recommended by BearRoma (4/23/2019)

Después de muchos años hablando, al final conseguí encontrar a Morrosko y, con placer, puedo confirmar lo que esperaba por esta fuerza de la naturaleza. Fue su primera experiencia como heel, pero aprendió bastante rápido algunas llaves y pronto tuve que arrepentirme de haberselas enseñado. Me rendí varias veces durante nuestro encuentro, desde el principio. En cuanto entramos en mi casa me puso en un bearhug que me dejó sin respiro en pocos segundos, y sus sleepers, igual que sus headscissors son tremendas, debido a la fuerza fuera del común que tiene en sus brazos y en sus piernas. Sus Camel clutches y Boston Crabs no me dejaron manera de escapar y al final, acepté mi derrota gritando bien doblado, con él sentado firme en mi espalda.
Fuera del match una persona muy amable e interesante. Espero repetir pronto. :)


wrestleclaw is recommended by Solomon 79 (4/23/2019)

Wrestleclaw and I have been trash talking for months so we decided to settle things once and for all at Wrestlefest 2019 in NYC. It was the battle of Canada vs USA with both of us each sporting our national speedos. Just like the battle of 1812, Canada emerged victorious!!! I was actually quite surprised as I was expecting the beatdown of my life but he taught me his famous claw technique and apparently I applied it better 😎. Don't get me wrong, he is an incredibly fit and strong guy and has quite a dominant personality and heel attitude but as soon as I saw him suffer his first submission, (quite beautifully) I flipped the switch from jobber to heel and wanted to see more. We had an intense submission battle both drenched in sweat. If you want to roll with a hot muscle heel I recommend Wrestleclaw or if you want to punish a hot muscle boy I also recommend Wrestleclaw. Looking forward to our rematch stud, this time come to my territory 🇨🇦

*Apr 22, 2019*
Had a rematch with Wrestleclaw today and goddamn did this guy train hard for his revenge match! Good job Yngrasslr00, he learned his lessons from you well, BUT, the match was a draw. We were both drenched in sweat and breathing very heavy after tonight's bout. Neither of us wanting to submit to the other and both of us anticipating each others moves, it was frustrating and exhilarating! Wrestleclaw has definitely become more resilient to my smash attacks as he definitively won the test of strength. His claw is even more piercing that before, my pits are still stinging from the match. His grappling is much better but I think it is his competitive drive that helped to keep him from getting into precarious positions. I still have the weight advantage so I will need to train even harder to keep this guy down and tapping once and for all. For now, you have much respect from me Wrestleclaw for being way more prepared for our rematch.

*End of Apr 22, 2019 update*


Solidman is recommended by jonny innocent (4/23/2019)

Solidman presented a fantastic challenge; strong, skilled, aggressive and determined to come out on top. But his warmth and willingness to adapt style and intensity to his opponent make him the ideal wrestler to face in the ring.

He enjoys wrestling. Intensely, I would say. And is genuinely interested in his opponent’s enjoyment too.

He is a nice guy out of the ring, but don’t expect the same in the ring. And if you decide to turn it up, beware. He will move in tandem with you, always staying just that bit ahead.

Once the match is over, he’s back to the nice guy again and it was good to spend a bit of time with him as we made our ways back home. Hopefully that’s not the last I will see of him; I am definitely up for more of that.


marcoonbike is recommended by seninle (4/22/2019)

Sehr sexy und zudem erfahrener Gegner hat Spaß gemacht und zudem sexy body!


RNC23 is recommended by Aakingman (4/22/2019)

All I can say is his scissors live up to the hype everyone’s been talking about ! Probably the strongest scissors I’ve ever been put in . I tried to hold out but eventually tapeped Everytime . I was able to return the favor and get him in a headlock scissor combo and make him tap too. Great guy on and off the Mat. We’ve been trying to link up for awhile and finally made it happen , especially since we’re only 25 mins from each other . Looking forward to future matches we have ! Highly recommend

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