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mrkent is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder (2/22/2019)

mrkent is a huge thick guy, though he hasnt been back to gym for a while, but getting trapped in his headscissors are lethal, he quickly put me in my place within seconds, and he deliver one of the most comfortable yet deadly sleeper on me ever, had me trying to claw out but then finally succumb to his power. off wrestling, we have a lot to talk about and time flies, too bad i had to work the next day. i can definitely alot of me and him matches in the future, if only he wil relocate to austin soonest possible. he could easily press me overhead, roll me into small package or piledrive me but due to space all that is kinda out of question. I would def have to train up more power to face this monster! big thumbs up to mrKent!


Antho1984 is recommended by Bi-Curious George (2/22/2019)

I had a great time wrestling this smart, handsome and fun guy. He was punctual, relaxed and great fun to be around. On the mats he was very fast and strong and pretty flexible too. A joy to spend time with. Highly recommended.


dan9692 is recommended by c304658 (2/21/2019)

Great guy to chat with, genuine and an all round good lad.
I can only echo whats been said begore, a very skilled gut.
If you have the opportunity to meet, definitively take it!!!


bobbybenjamincarter is recommended by toughjobber1 (2/21/2019)

Glad I got the chance to wrestle bobbybenjamincarter. He is a strong and skilled wrestler and is great at dominating, using his powerful body and throwing in just the right amount of trash talking during the match. From headlocks to scissors to sleepers, this guy has an arsenal of wrestling holds that keeps you wanting more and more. Off the mats, he is a genuinely nice guy and was a great host. Highest recommendation for this tough wrestler!


Fred tls is recommended by Karategi01 (2/21/2019)

Ce fut un grand plaisir de rencontrer Fred, heureux de partager avec lui ma passion pour mon art martial et d'effectuer mon premier combat de lutte depuis des années avec un adversaire attentif. A refaire!


Karategi01 is recommended by Fred tls (2/21/2019)

J'ai eu le plaisir d'être le premier adversaire de Karategi01.
Passionné de karaté, il m'a offert un petit cours sur les bases de son art martial. Une première pour moi, très plaisant et instructif.
Ensuite nous sommes passés au combat au sol où j'ai été avantagé par ma petite expérience...
J'ai essayé de partager des rudiments de base et il semble avoir apprécié...
Il semble passionné et devrait apprendre vite.
A la prochaine pour tester tes progrès !


muscsydney is recommended by SydneyGrappler (2/21/2019)

Firstly, muscsydney has put in the hours at the gym. His photos are accurate and his physique is nothing short of incredible.
As you would expect, muscsydney is strong as an ox. But he also moves really well and learns fast.
Enjoyed 3 hours of high-octane submission grappling, with the mat room at times looking like a water slide. While very competitive, it was also sane and enjoyable - stopping a couple of times to share techniques.
Off the mats, muscsydney is easy going and easy to chat to. Very easy to organise a meet and really flexible around my availability.
Great bloke, great experience.


RelentlessRival is recommended by Ricotewrestler (2/21/2019)

Relentless indeed !... and drop dead gorgeous with a great body which he showed to full display in my kind of skimpy gear ... and the wrestling ? Well , awesome too of course with every move very calculated , efficient and perfectly executed . Lots of fun to hang around with afterwards . Highly recommended and hoping to wrestle him again...SOON!


c304658 is recommended by dan9692 (2/21/2019)

Chris was kind enough to meet up last minute amd come over an hour out his way to do so. Hilariously we've seen each other before in the real world and never knew it!!!

The match was short and sweet as it was late, and Chris had a long journey to make. Even so, it was still a fun sweaty grapple. He's strong for his size and i reckon if we were similar sizes id have been in trouble......luckily i'm bigger haha and got multiple subs out of him.

Great fella, enjoyed the meet, looking forward to round 2 which will hopefully be longer!!


Latinpecs is recommended by Buddyboy7 (2/21/2019)

Damn! I only had 40 minutes to fight this dude, and in that time we did more than I get to do with most dudes in two hours. He is a fierce, nasty, rough, aggressive, unrelenting, passionate fighter. We went at it tooth and nail, cursing and spitting and ripping each other apart in a fury of fists and hard holds and bodies locked up in anger and rage. His body is no joke. And his fighting spirit is strong. Highly recommended!

66603 recommendations