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gordonbelly is recommended by BigLatinMan (2/22/2019)

Had a great time wrestling this guy. Quite strong and knows how to use his size to his advantage. Fun time with good matches


Billboi is recommended by AlexIan (2/22/2019)

Really nice guy, always have a good session with Billboi! He's a good laugh, both outside of and during a match, and he is easy to get on with. Wrestling-wise he is a very good wrestler, firm but safe and can be very creative with his holds. Happy to recommend!


mike83 is recommended by jeannicolas (2/22/2019)

Mike 83 est un adversaire super costaud mais également super gentil,
il sait parfaitement moduler sa force par rapport a son adversaire.
Je recommence avec lui quand il veux et le plus vite possible


Wrapmeup is recommended by Playfight64 (2/22/2019)

Met Neil the other day. It was his first meet on returning to this site. He does not tap that easy and resisted my scissors longer than most. Highly recommend that you take time to meet him.


Playfight64 is recommended by Wrapmeup (2/22/2019)

This was my first meet since coming back on here and it was so worth the wait. Steve is a fabulous guy who made me very welcome and relaxed. We had a great sweaty tussle and as many people have said he is a strong guy with really powerful scissors. He had me tapping several times whilst I was locked up tight.
I think I did make him work for them though and it was such a great experience for me. I cant recommend him highly enough. He is a great guy, powerful but respectful of my lack of skill. It was the best experience I could have hoped for as an introduction back onto the site and it was the most enjoyable meet I have had.
I hope to be back soon for round 2. Don't miss out on this guy if you get chance to meet him


justir is recommended by Rassle4Fun (2/22/2019)

Justir was great to wrestle but he is a CUTE TEDDY BEAR 🧸 !! He used his size advantage ur we end up rolling very nice and had a good time as both struggled equally but since he is a CUTE TEDDY BEAR I got distracted many times and he took that as his advantage. He's super fun TEDDY BEAR 🧸 to wrestle.
So guys if u have a change challenge him and get into a fun match with this CUDDLE TEDDY BEAR 🧸! For sure I am looking forward for a rematch!


arniebaby is recommended by marko75 (2/22/2019)

Nun war es endlich so weit. Der Bursche stand endlich vor mir. Recht groß für mich aber egal. Als Anfänger hat er schon super mitspielen können. Ich hatte meine Mühe nicht unter die Räder zu kommen. Man darf nicht zu nett sein , dass wird gleich ausgenutzt. Im Catchen ist er schon eine Größe, im Grappling muss er noch ein bisschen üben und wird garantiert dann zur harten Nuss. Also insgesamt hervorragend zum kämpfen geeignet und das auch bei langen Mattengägen. Sehr zu empfehlen. Trau dich bald wieder und zeig mir dann wer der Chef ist 😎

Der Bursche ist weiterhin fit und traut sich gegen "kleine Bärchen", wie mich, zu ringen. Wir brauchen noch mehr Zeit - dann zieh ich Dir das Fell über die Ohren. Bis bald mein Großer ;-)


marko75 is recommended by arniebaby (2/22/2019)

Nach einigem Hin und Her im Chat habe ich endlich Marko getroffen. Er ist echt ne Wildsau auf der Matte
Stark, schnell, mit Ausdauer und jeder Menge technischem Können.
Immer wenn man denkt, man hat ihn mal im Griff , findet man sich auch schnell selbst auf der Matte wieder.
Der Schweiß floss auf jeden Fall in Strömen und es hat riesigen Spaß gemacht.
Neben der Matte ist er ein feiner, netter Kerl.
Es muss auf jeden Fall ein zweites Treffen geben und dann bist du reif, Kleiner.

Am 20.02.2019 ging es endlich wieder mit dem Kampfbären auf die Matte. Leider wieder viel zu kurz. Trotzdem war es wieder ein Heidenspaß und auch neben der Matte ist Marko ein ganz feiner Kerl. Hoffentlich klappt es bald wieder und dann ausgiebiger, denn ich muss noch ne Menge lernen ;-))


jacketwolf is recommended by KWwrestler (2/22/2019)

I think jack is the first I met in person And have a wonderful roll with him. He is strong, skilled and relentless opponent. Off the mat he is very friendly and easygoing. Definitely recommend you have a match with him.


Buddyboy7 is recommended by Latinpecs (2/22/2019)

After a few month of trying to meet this tough guy finally today it happened. Short time but it was intense rough and incredible tough. It was almost a no rules no holds fight. Our fight was bodies locked and try to win the alpha title between the 2. With lots of mutual attacking trying to rip each other up.
This guy is no joke. From the moment he walks in he is ready for a fight and does not give up.
Great body to match the hot face and killer eyes.
Highly recommend

66601 recommendations