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italianjudo is recommended by malewrestling (12/18/2018)

Despite the bumpy beginning of our communication, I managed to meet this Roman warrior. Unfortunately, it was late at night, we were both tired and we did not have much time but I still had a great time with him.
Italianjudo is a very strong fighter who is very experienced and capable in technique, and has the physical strength of a bull! Even though our match was playful and light, he still managed to dominate....but then I would not call it 'winning' :P
He is a very safe fighter and a very nice guy off and on the mat (even as he kicks your ass lol!)
I look forward to another proper session with you buddy....


AlKazzz is recommended by luttehuile (12/18/2018)

Toujours partant pour un nouvel assaut, souple et endurant, un jeune homme aussi motivé que charmant !


Gladiatorfr is recommended by princeps (12/18/2018)

Gladiator est un lutteur calme sûr de sa force au corps délié et puissant.
j'ai été son jobeur le plus combatif possible mais j'ai du m'incliner à la fin pris dans un étau de muscles. Belle expérience virile grâce a toi Gladiator!


Nyboy19ad8 is recommended by cdnwrstlr (12/18/2018)

Had a great match against this compact, feisty muscle boy! Nyboy is nobody’s suffering jobber unless he wants to be and if he locks those legs around you, it’s tapping time. Enjoyed punishing him for a good long while and keeping him under control until the inevitable conclusion of the match 😈 Off the mats, a sweet guy worth any heel’s time!


malewrestling is recommended by italianjudo (12/18/2018)

Nice guy, big giant.
Nice And safe match, unfortunately I won :-)
Honest person.


wrestlefan12 is recommended by wrestlingotter (12/18/2018)

What an amazing match! With similar interests and a love for promission, we had three rounds of hot wrestling action. He has a great build and rocks the gear. I enjoyed getting to know him on and off the mats, and I recommend you take the chance to do the same if afforded the opportunity.


wrestlingotter is recommended by wrestlefan12 (12/18/2018)

Had a great time wrestling wrestlingotter! Pretty open to things and is easy to get along with. He knows his stuff and is pretty strong, especially with his legs! I highly recommend meeting him if you get a chance.


jtidix is recommended by wildcat (12/18/2018)

Jtidix is very much experienced and skilled. I do appreciate that he wrestles to the level of his opponent and is all business on the mats. He is always easy to make plans to meet up with and super reliable.


Jobber Gym is recommended by daniMadrid (12/18/2018)

Diciembre de 2018
Con jobber Gym teníamos otra paliza pendiente desde hace bastante tiempo y ya era hora de cumplirla jajajaja. Él es muy entusiasta y le divierte mucho el juego heel-jobber... y los jobbers son mi "especialidad" jajajaja (pero siempre en plan juego sin hacer daño a nadie), así que fue un encuentro muy muy divertido. Al margen de la lucha jobber Gym es un tipo muy agradable, inteligente y buen conversador. Recomendado 100%!!!

Muy buen encuentro el que he tenido con Jobber Gym. Un tío en forma, agradable, divertido, que sabe meterse en el juego y hacerlo ameno para ambos. Con algo más de entrenamiento para flexibilidad sería el jobber perfecto! Además excelente persona, alguien con el que se puede tener largas e interesantes charlas. ¡Totalmente recomendado!


sagittaron2 is recommended by ARGONSA1 (12/18/2018)

Petit mais costaud : c'était la pub il y a quelques années pour un bonbon !
Putain ses cuisses sont puissantes, et on les sent passer !
Au plaisir d'affronter à nouveau la nouvelle star du site !

65035 recommendations