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Marcwrestler is recommended by chillandwave (8/24/2019)

This is a long time coming, but needed to go ahead and write this recommendation for Marc. We met up during wrestlefest at the hotel, and he gives off this inviting, friendly demeanor that made me eager to wrestle him! On the mats, he applies every hold perfectly, first giving you a false sense of security that you can withstand his punishment until he turns up the intensity, forcing you to submit. We traded holds for quite a bit, and although I wasn't nearly as skilled as him, trash-talking him while he was locked in a scissors was awesome as well.

10/10 would wrestle again.


GrapplingHB is recommended by wrestlemate 1 (8/24/2019)

It was a real pleasure to meet (and pin :-)) GrapplingHB on the mats. He's a very skilled wrestler and fights absolute safe and sane. Really using good techniques, and willing to show you how you can do things better.
Don't let his age fool you, he's 'younger' than many of you here on this site guys.
Also beside the mats, a warm and interesting person, full of real life experience!
GrapplingHB is highly recommended.


davyboy1964 is recommended by sockvid (8/24/2019)

Davyboy came to me, though the journey on public transport was delayed and made longer. We finally met, and I was definitely not disappointed in my opponent. Very accommodating and thoughtful.
Will be good to meet up again sometime.


t dawg is recommended by WADaddy (8/24/2019)

Wish I had met up with T Dawg sooner.
Great match- as soon as we got in our gear we went after each other. I did manage to get a couple of pins out of the big guy. He is definitely strong and knows how to use his size.
Looking forward to our next meeting


NoviceFighterAux is recommended by MrEasy (8/24/2019)

Ich hatte viel Spaß mit NoviceFighterAux. Er ist stark und kennt sich in dem Sport aus, so dass er mir einiges beibringen konnte. Wir haben uns schön voll ausgepowert.
Schweißüberflutung und Muskelkater mit NoviceFighterAux garantiert :)


Benhorn is recommended by mania25 (8/24/2019)

Met benhorn for a wrestle yesterday. As his pics would suggest he is super strong and makes it very difficult to escape holds once they’re locked in. Off the mats he’s a super cool guy and look forward to many more encounters down the line!


Armwrestler1980 is recommended by mlevitr (8/24/2019)

This guy iS powerful. Look out!


fightyou is recommended by Atreju (8/24/2019)

Fightyou ist stark, hat gute Ausdauer, und die technischen Skills jahrelangen BJJ Trainings. Insofern kann ich ihm jeden ans Herz legen, der eine ordentliche Herausforderung auf der Matte sucht.

Zusammen mit seinem athletischen Körper und kinky mindset kann man eine rundherum aufregende Zeit zusammen mit ihm verbringen. Klare Empfehlung!


nwfan53 is recommended by Hammer two point 0 (8/24/2019)

Update: 08/23/2019 Traveled down to meet with this man at his pool twice in the last couple of weeks for some pool wrestling. Had a great time!!
nwfan53 was a great guy on and off the mat. We spent a good amount of time working on holds and moves. He was very patient with this poor wrestler. He has great knowledge and skill and real strong.
Very skilled and strong man on the mat. Thanks for hosting and looking forward to another meeting.
If you ever the chance to wrestle this man, take it!! You will not be sorry!!


Roughmatch is recommended by Hammer two point 0 (8/24/2019)

Roughmatch was fun to wrestle in the pool. Stronger than he looks. Very friendly and out going guy. Looking forward to doing some match wrestling with this man. Recommend to meet with this guy if you have the chance.

72672 recommendations