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tapout is recommended by wolvejong (6/22/2018)

About 3,5 m² of wrestlingspace, that was it. But it was 3,5m² of fun. Very skilled and experienced wrestler who knows all the right moves, both in defence and offence, fighting safe and sane.
I don't know how he does it, but he escaped from (almost) every hold.
Very friendly and hospitable host, and I look forward to meeting him again (...and hoop we will have more room to roll around)
Thumbs up!


DCabspunch is recommended by Bluebelly (6/22/2018)

Nice guy here. Fun to punch and horse around with him. Great that he likes to punch back too!!!


RasslorBear is recommended by PhoenixBigBear (6/22/2018)

I had a terrific match with RasslorBear on his recent visit to Arizona. Bob is a big tough bear to wrestle, a real challenger. We had a great time wrestling - and off the mats Bob is one of the nicest, friendliest, most intelligent guys I've met. I challenged him to a rematch when he visits next, and hope he'll give me a chance to test my mettle with him again.


Garou31 is recommended by Mad Grappler T (6/22/2018)

I fought Garou31 long time ago.. he's a great fighter... we jumped on mats and started doing some submission then we switch to pounding game.. huge mistake for me... he really knows that game.. each punch of him feels like a train crushing to your body... I was lucky it was sort of submission bodypunching and I could jump on him controlling his arms otherwise I would've had tapped out on each punch..
He's kind and polite.. really nice guy
hope to meet him soon again


FitScot is recommended by WrslMscl (6/22/2018)

FitScot lives up to his name — he’s definitely fit (solid body, good stamina) and a Scot (translation please! ;). He is a kind, reliable, and very helpful host, and a competitive beast on the mats. He was my third match in as many days and I was sore and mildly re-injured from my previous bouts, but I decided not to back down. We went at it hard and after about an hour and a puddle of sweat, the score was 2:2. The deciding round was the longest and the toughest — we both wanted to take it badly. He did. As I congratulate him on his victory, I am vowing to turn the tables on him next time we roll!


londonscissors69 is recommended by jonny innocent (6/22/2018)

LondonScissors69 is a friendly guy, easy to talk to and he was very obliging about bringing my favourite bits of his gear.

We had a relaxed time in the ring: it was nice to get a look in for a change. But don’t get me wrong, my submissions were very real and he was on me right from the start using a good mix of moves.

Great to have his boots wrapped around my head time and time again (and to feel his legs under my hands as I “tried to escape”.)

It was also good to work on my own scissor and thanks to LondonScissors69, I now feel a more confident about using them.

I look forward to meeting him again for more geared-up, wrestling fun in the ring.


WrslMscl is recommended by Crushhhh (6/22/2018)

So, after a couple of years of chatting and trying to arrange a meet somewhere in Europe, WrslMscl arrived in the UK and the match was on! This was never going to be easy, he's a tough wrestler with some strong moves. We tussled for around an hour, but neither was able to press home the advantage (damn him). I don't think I've sweated so much in a match. A great workout and a great guy who was good company as we strolled around Manchester. Looking forward to round 2.


chris2023 is recommended by Australian Wrestler (6/22/2018)

Met this great guy who travelled some distance within HK and changed his schedule to meet me.Great guy eventually getting 3 submissions after he got the first.Very happy guy who loves his wrestling.A pleasure to spend time with


LdnGrapple is recommended by Torrnado (6/22/2018)

LdnGrapple and I met long ago at an open event in Manchester and this time I had the pleasure of wrestling him on his own mats at his house in central London. Simon is in great shape, fit, strong and an experienced wrestler. We both worked up a good sweat and he made me work hard for my subs. Simon also showed me a couple of great wrestling moves. Off the mats Simon is a friendly, accommodating host. If you are in town and looking to meet a safe, sane guy with excellent wrestling facilities, I thoroughly recommend him.


Aspen is recommended by SeattleFight (6/22/2018)

This hot man should come with a warning label - he's a beast! (In the good way). Super nice guy and strong and powerful fighter with a good sense of fun too. I had a great time even while getting punished, but did get in a little punishment of my own. A very little. Highly recommended!!

59782 recommendations