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wrestle16 is recommended by likudguy77 (4/23/2019)

After a long wait, this was a match that was totally worth it. Super relaxed off the mat, very intense while wrestling. Hope to meet again asap.


bobster is recommended by moto60 (4/23/2019)

I enjoyed getting to know and to wrestle Bobster. A southern gentleman with a solid headlock. Looking forward to round 2.


Vaddywr31 is recommended by nywrestler (4/23/2019)

Had an awesome time, great host, great match! Can’t wait to do it again !!!


NJWoodbridge is recommended by Solomon 79 (4/23/2019)

Such a considerate gentleman heel! Very strong with a great knowledge of holds and submissions. NJWoodbridge had me tangled and tapping multiple times. Definitely knows how to inflict the pain but very respectful of limits and massaged the parts of me he punished ☺️. I was happy to get a very well deserved triangle choke hold on him and legitimately made him tap, but that was the only submission I got from him.
Very friendly and funny on and off the mats, we grabbed a bite to eat afterwards and enjoyed a good conversation.
Recommendation taking him on if you want to test your skills or get dominated.


latinwrestler is recommended by Peludo (4/23/2019)

Latnwrestler is a dominant powerful stud ...I look forward to our next match .


Roberto Ruiz is recommended by Alphawolfie (4/23/2019)

Es un excelente luchador, buena plática y muy abierto a intentar diferentes tipos de lucha. Fue una lucha increíble y es muy amante y amistoso.
Totalmente recomendado.
Es más guapo en persona!


Aakingman is recommended by RNC23 (4/23/2019)

Cant believe it took THIS long to meet up with when we live so close to each other! Real nice guy, and really surprised me too!! Thought it was going to be a lot easier to get him to tap, but Aakingman makes you work hard for that! Looking forward to meeting up more often for sure!


moto60 is recommended by bobster (4/23/2019)

Hey there just had a match with Moto60. Fantastic man and very skilled a true gentleman both on and off the mats. He owned me in the match and treated me kindly.
He is welcome to come back and use my mats anytime he is in the area for another match with me or anyone else he might set up a match with.
I recommend him to anyone who wants to have a great experience with a great wrestler. He mixes in his knowledge of judo in a try submission match.
You will work up a sweat and have a fantastic work out and a outstanding wrestling experience.


Scissorloser is recommended by RNC23 (4/23/2019)

One of the nicest guys on the site...and a lot of fun to wrestle with!! Dont let him fool you, his legs are pretty strong also!! Ready to meet up for round 2 with this guy!!

Update : It's been way too long since we last met up. Still one of the nicest guys on the site...and our match was even more fun than last time. Tough guy, but couldnt get away from getting a hug from my legs! ;) Hopefully we can meet again sooner than another 5 years!!


B2Bomber is recommended by VegasWrestler79 (4/23/2019)

B2Bomber was an absolute treat to wrestle. His enthusiasm shines during the workup to a match. During his recent visit to Washington DC, we arranged to meet - and the guy has a patience of a saint as DC traffic delayed my arrival. B2Bomber looks great in gear, and can take a workover, and tried tirelessly to dominate me. B2Bomber is resilient on the mat and is always wanting more. I give him the highest of recommendations and I look forward to the day we can lock up again!

68248 recommendations