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Lucbonay is recommended by bikermanrr (10/21/2018)

05 /2018
1) we started in fight submission, a musclor who without technique already knows to impose and already has a sacred potential.
2) catch a 3 The frenchprowrestler & bikermanrr vs lucabonay team.
Verdict, a splendid wrestler, sexy, cut for wrestling. Respect, and a chance for him to be all muscle, enduring and strong because of his build he was not given a gift, Against 2 he has no blush, he was brilliant and he held all our assaults with the bravery of a gladiator.
A great man, ye ye,
10 // 2018
The last match was 2vs 1 . It was useful because this time:
   At 1 vs 1 the beast is indomitable. He has an uncommon Herculean strength, a breathtaking and splendid muscular mass capable of defending and imposing himself. I was impressed by the ability to stand up during capital outflows. But he is also an excellent player or any test of strength is welcome. He has all my admiration ......


Lightweight21 is recommended by rahulworcester (10/21/2018)

A great host all around. Had an hour long match with him, he’s strong and agile. Can take a lot and dish out a lot too! If you get in between his thighs he’ll tap you in no time. Recommend!


Marcwrestler is recommended by Nakofi (10/21/2018)

Some people and matches are for the books and some people and matches are so perfect, so hot, and so incredible that you have to pull out paper and pen and write an entirely new book. MarcWrestler has set a new, elevated standard and one, I am afraid, I will not be able to reach. Typically, I am never at a lost for words but after my match with Marc, I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed my time with him; simply incredible, simply hot, simply flawless. It was an honor to meet him and I am grateful that he made the huge sacrifice to fly all the way from Toronto to Savannah to see me. We will meet again and very soon!


Met MarcWrestler again and there is not much for me to add to my previous statement. Our second encounter was just as hot as the initial. I cannot wait for the third.


Cdnckftr is recommended by testofstrength55 (10/21/2018)

An intense badass who never disappoints. Whether fighting one-on-one or fightinhmg over his girl, he always aims to win. Reliable intense a total recommendation for this guy.


Panda088 is recommended by Flamingo (10/21/2018)

Had blast match with him, he have good endurance and strong punch, plus for non-boxer his boxing technique and skill pretty good.


rioman61 is recommended by UwillTAP (10/21/2018)

I waited many years to finally get to take on this champion...and he did not disappoint. We had one hell of a mat battle.....a real brawl between two well matched competitors. This time, i came out on top....but the re-match is already set! This guy is awesome competition on the mats, and a great guy to get to know off the mats.


testofstrength55 is recommended by Cdnckftr (10/21/2018)

A great fight if you get the chance. Battled this man more than once and its always a dirty intense fight where any outcome is possible. Strong, fit, hung and serious about his matches. Real thing.


Thomdude is recommended by njaym92 (10/21/2018)

Had a rematch with this guy. He got bigger and much stronger. This time I was thoroughly flattened. Powerful, skilled and a little cockier too. A great combo :)

Met this guy for a match recently and had a great time. Strong guy with a great build and I never stood a chance. I worked hard and came close to a submission at one point, but in the end I was completely flattened (not that I'm complaining). A few cocky comments and some flexing thrown in for good measure made for a great time with this buff stud. Can't wait to throw down again ;)


brazilwrestler86 is recommended by goat (10/21/2018)

Dispite the small space, managed to have a great match. He’s strong and he knows his stuff. Chill dude outside of the match. I’ll beat him next time.


darkk is recommended by cntrl (10/21/2018)

I was excited for this match from the moment we first talked. Darkk is extremely reliable, punctual, and easy to coordinate with. He's also yoked with a build that looks great in anything; I couldn't help but stare. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to introduce me to gp. And he's built to take a real beating. Lost track of time working him over and still couldn't get him to submit – until I brought out the chokes >:D Beyond the fight, he's a down-to-earth, attentive, and interesting guy to get to know. Heartiest recommendation – this guy is worth seeking out! Round 2 can't come soon enough!

63388 recommendations