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BigRon is recommended by cripplerUSA (9/21/2019)

One of my very favorite men to wrestle. Incredibly strong and just loves to go at it. This man would take on an alligator if he could....tough, strong and a great guy both on and off the mats. Would love to wrestle him again


wrestlingkit is recommended by scrappyone (9/21/2019)

Very, very strong, as repeatedly mentioned here already. He can really make a match fun, and he's a great host. Full reccomendation and looking forward to the next chance to meet.


Edubcn is recommended by scrappyone (9/21/2019)

I also didn't expect Edu to be that strong. His arms won't yield and his legs are seriously powerful, so I stayed away from them :)
After the match he very kindly led me to my next destination. He's nice to be around and to have a conversation with. While chatting, you can tell that he really likes wrestling.
Looking forward to the next match.


Heel jobber couple is recommended by tigerman100 (9/21/2019)

E’ stato un incontro tra due fighter di stazze diverse.
Ce l’ha messa tutta ma la mia superiorità fisica è stata netta nelle prove di forza e nella lotta.
Non c’e storia con le mie prese..
Si è arreso per ben 5 volte ..
Fuori dal ring ragazzo affidabile, simpatico e serio.


Soorite88 is recommended by BuddyBeast (9/21/2019)

Daaaaaang! That was fun! Met this solid mountain of strength outside in the sun, where we shoved each other around, punched, pushed each other against walls, lifted, crushed, and clobbered one another like life long enemies. Then quickly realized we'd each made a fierce new friend. Can't wait to wreck this sexy bitch on Thursday on our first private encounter.


BuddyBeast is recommended by Soorite88 (9/21/2019)

I’ll start off by saying... BuddyBeast is HOT!
I’m usually not this adventurous but we agreed to meet at a park to size each other up , and shove each other around a bit as a preview before our previously scheduled match this coming Thursday. This was by far the most exhilarating meetup I’ve had to date. I also just realized we’ve been trash talking for a year as of yesterday...Talk about a sign! Looking forward to adding more to this later after I crush his ass on Thursday.😈😘💪🏿
To be continued.....


sfBruce is recommended by chicagopiledriver (9/21/2019)

Great guy on and off the mats. He is strong, safely aggressive, and skilled. We had a good 1 hour sweaty match. He was in town visiting and we set up a match at my house. Easy to communicate with and 100% reliable to set up a match. We wrestled submission and had a few good competitive rounds. sfBruce knows how to defend well and take some punishment from a guy who outweighs him by 40lbs. Hope to wrestle him again soon.


Middligue is recommended by GrapplerNL (9/21/2019)

Middligue is a very strong, powerfull and muscled guy. His body is much more defined than on the pictures.

On the matt he fight hard. Also hard to make him tap. It was lots of fun fighting him.

Highly recommended


Jafar is recommended by flexible (9/21/2019)

It's been a pleasure for me being his first match.
Despite him not being very experienced, oh boy this guy is so strong and has a natural wrestling instinct with powerful arms and legs. With a little more experience and technique he'll sure be invincible!

We had so much great fun together and I couldn't stand a chance against him. On top of everything Jafar is a charming guy with great personality. I look forward for our next matches.
Highly recommend!


BrazilianGuy is recommended by bigfootfighter (9/21/2019)

Camarada com pegada boa, lutinha demorada , na próxima vou esmagar mais . Gente fina , boa resenha na cerveja . Recomendado

73809 recommendations