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SeattleFight is recommended by GrapplingDummy (1/17/2018)

I drove up for a match with SeattleFight yesterday, and he was a blast!. I love to job, and we talked about having him work me over. Man did he deliver! I'm still savoring the moment when he took my back, snaked his arm around my neck, and demonstrated just how rock hard his biceps are. He's got leg scissors that literally took my breath away - I had to tap.

I can't wait for the next match!


jobbermaker is recommended by GrapplingDummy (1/17/2018)

I LOVE wrestling with this man. We've met a couple of times over the years from that other site, and he's still top of my list of favorite opponents.

I'm a tough guy, and I really enjoy seeing how much I can take. It took him literally about 2 seconds to have me begging...and that's how it went the whole match. He's freakishly strong, knows his moves, and man does he love to use it. You'll definitely want to set your limits in advance - perhaps even with a safe word - as he will make you yell for mercy - over and over again.

If you're looking for a mean heel with the strength, skill, and desire to find out just how much suffering you can handle, this is the guy!


CRedfield is recommended by wrestler1999 (1/17/2018)

Was excited to test my 11-lb weight advantage against his wrestling skills. After some arm wrestling, we got down to the main event. Much to my frustration, he got the first tap and edged me out overall 2-1. He knows a lot of moves - definitely worth taking him on if you’re looking for a good match. Nice body (his biceps look bigger in person), and a nice/chill guy off the mats.


NickWang is recommended by PTKfighter (1/17/2018)



Antton64 is recommended by mlklutador (1/17/2018)

I met him, finally. Unquestionably, the best fighter i met here. He isn't just a great fighter, he is funny, handsome, provocative and competitive, which makes the fight much more interesting and complete. I loved each second of our fast meeting. I hope to be able to beat you soon, and you know it. My highest recommendation.


AD idf is recommended by Heraclius2 (1/17/2018)

ADIDF n'a plus besoin d'être présenté.
Je ne peux que confirmer tout ce qui a été déjà été écrit par ses opposants passés : sa fiabilité, sa patience avec ceux qui ont tout à apprendre comme moi, sa grande pédagogie sans parler de sa maîtrise technique et de sa force. Et sa sympathie !
J'ai donc passé un très bon moment avec ADIDF qui m'a appris beaucoup en espérant avoir tout retenu... ce qui est loin d'être gagné.
Il nous faudra encore un certain nombre de séances comme celle d'hier A refaire donc sans tarder !
A recommander à chacun des membres de Meetfighter.


Judokarg is recommended by 3DANJUDO (1/17/2018)

Ce garçon n'est pas ceinture noire 2ème dan de judo comme il le prétend. Il est débutant ceinture jaune. Vous pourrez le battre très facilement lors d'une rencontre.


Dawson33 is recommended by BIOHAZARD (1/17/2018)

This guy fights good, looks good and above all, is one hell of a nice guy. A very advanced fighter, see the reviews, I can’t add technical stuff as I am just starting out, but I truly liked his spirit, his sense of camaraderie and I truly felt welcomed by this great fighter.

Before fighting him, I did a little research by reading the recomendations, read here & there that he had “a weak spot”, so I set about searching for it during a tag team fight myself & Steve participated in. I “think” I found it! But, being the most advanced wrestler at the fight, I knew my opportunities were limited to perhaps taking advantage of a lapse on his part. But hell no, I was flattened, smothered, crushed by those huge quads, he just grips you, squeezes, looks into your eyes as he inflicts pain on you, on top of that, he talks trashy to you as he puts you through hell, plus he does it with an evil grin on that face. I simply gave way & knew I was dead.

Overall, apart from being totally overwhelmed, I learnt a lot from this A1 Fighter, I aspire to reach even 10% of his ability, then I’ll be satisfied.

Maybe one day in Florida, I might pay him back with a hook up, remind him of last time, see if I do a little better.

I could go on and on, but everything that can be said had been said, I just second all the great reviews.

Was a pleasure to share the ring with you, Sir!


Rohith Kumar is recommended by Sharpshooter119 (1/17/2018)

Rohith is my first wrestling opponent in my life.
He taught me a bunch of moves and I learned a lot.
A tough guy on mat and a nice friend off mat.
Really enjoyed time with him and hope to meet him again lol.


BIOHAZARD is recommended by lutte 71 (1/17/2018)

Belle rencontre avec Diego sur le ring et en dehors
Quand il monte sur le ring il change de personnalité ça devient un killer impitoyable
en dehors un être sympathique, attachant et sexy

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