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Londonmeet111 is recommended by DenverWrestler (3/18/2018)

I t was a real pleasure to lock up again with this guy after a 7-year absence. Back then he was a sexy but skinny shy guy – now he's a hot muscular stud and extrovert, and I just had one of my steamiest matches ever with him. Great all-around guy, reliable, friendly, fit strong, real nice pecs, arms and legs, and full of enthusiasm and energy. I've just arrived in London, but I've already had such a good match with him that I doubt any of the others can this. Needless to say, my top recommend to a real quality guy.


DenverWrestler is recommended by Jobber29 (3/18/2018)

I've met thus huge guy today and it was the best decision ever. As a heel he was Great, strong and very safe! He thought me a lot during our match which I will never be able to thank him enough for. He knows a lot about wrestling and will share it with you. As a jobber I can say I had one of the best matches ever!!!! I kept coming back for more! I think he made me tap for at least 15 time but still was not enough. I am gladly recommending him to newbies and to the experts one. Fight and you'll not be disappointed at all. Outside the mat he was an incredible host. I enjoyed our chat, he had to listen to my rumbling lol. I really hope I will be able to fight him again soon! Thank you for everything!


manwrestler is recommended by dbjay (3/18/2018)

Been chatting with Manwrestler for a while now. Finally got the chance to wrestle him and it was worth the wait!
He's a great guy and tough opponent. He was a bit of a challenge but in the end he knows his place.
I highly recommend him.


dnstn88 is recommended by Rohith Kumar (3/18/2018)

A good host and a tough opponent... had a hard and long match.... will beat you next time though..
Good person to meet both on and off the mats..recommend to meet


Marcwrestler is recommended by Ladvsdad (3/18/2018)

Super skilled hot wrestler.
Had a meet with him today and it was one of the best ever. We met at his place where he has good clean space, proper mats, lotsa sexy gear and his unlimited wrestling skills.
We grappled each other and tried many moves. It was a great exchange of skills on each other.
He's really tough, but respects limits. And is open to try any activity.
Sure he was able to dominate me with his incresible submission holds. And we exchanged some hard gutpunches too which he took with solid spirit.
I enjoyed a lot with him.
Would love to see a big man fighting him.
I totally recommend him.


Gb1234 is recommended by nyjock 24 (3/18/2018)

I wasn't planning on wrestling, but was able to meet up in less than 30 minutes of messaging.

Enjoyed working Gb over. He was able to endure a lot of punishment, and was stronger than I expected.


Fred tls is recommended by kimmetje (3/18/2018)

En effet il a fallu un peu de temps et de planning pour mettre en place cette rencontre, et encore plus il a fallu s’assurer que mes emplois de temps niveau boulot ne déraille pas le plan. Mes compatriotes néerlandais n’étant pas disponible pour rencontrer Fred_Tls, il me fallait de défendre l’honneur du pays et d’assurer un combat digne de ce nom ! Combat il y a eu, pendant plusieurs heures, avec une bonne bouteille de Cava et un diner plus que parfait ! C’était un honneur d’être un cadeau d’anniversaire et notre combat fut autant intense que sensuel. Heureusement mes apprentissages sur les derniers mois on était très utile pour maitriser ce beau garçon du sud. Si vous voulez de l’intensité dans tous les sens du terme, alors vous aller être servi par Fred_Tls qui ne manque pas d’énergie bien au contraire ! A refaire, certainement !


The Villainous Prince Glycerine is recommended by Ben skull stephens (3/18/2018)

18th march 2018
Just had an amazing afternoon of great pro holds session , I don't job just for anyone but the prince I make an exception this is round two and what a great bout he put me in every hold he has in his arsenal and I enjoyed every minute he's a first class prince amongst HEELS a great wrestler in my view and I look forward to further matches ACE geezer FIRST CLASS *****

On my journey to Sussex I met up today 12th November 2017 with this great wrestler one hot guy we spent a good couple of hours in holds and I certainly enjoyed my time on the mats with him just how I like my wrestlers beefy ,strong, one not to miss HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Phillbear is recommended by lutte95 (3/18/2018)

Il faut être en forme pour affronter un grand balaise comme phillbear.
Très fort et déjà l instinct de vouloir immobiliser son adversaire il va devenir redoutable avec plus d expé début j ai été en difficulté et il a su bien profiter de son a fallut beaucoup d énergie de ma part pour avoir le dessus.
Très sympa j espère bien lui faire connaître d autres prises et bien-sûr passer un bon moment de lutte !


jblck74 is recommended by Bruno S (3/18/2018)

Strong, tough guy who comes out fighting. Enjoyed our boxing match and we both definitely look forward to having another go at each other!
Bon combattant avec force. On a lutté dur et ne peux pas attendre le rematch!

57070 recommendations