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wrestledad is recommended by Dad fighter (9/24/2018)

I challenged this experienced tough fighter to test my limits. He did and more. 2 men in their primal instincts to fight and win. Hot sweaty muscle, verbal intimidation and physical extemes defined our bout. Hunpagan is tough and knows his way around the ring.
He's focused on beating his opponent and will do whatever it takes the get the advantage. i wouldnt have it any other way.
Yes I won the first fall but Hunpagan's experience, might, mean spirit and singular determination prevailed.

Challenge Hunpagan if you wana good fight. Ill be back for that rematch. Duke (dad fighter) will get in that ring again and expect a very different outcome.


wrestlerplace is recommended by Wresbear75 (9/24/2018)

Long and highly competitive session of wrestling with wrestlerplace during his short visit to Paris. More than 1h30 of intensive challenge of heel vs heel . During our meeting, we alternated stand fighting and grappling. The similarity of our bodies made the meeting very amusing and challenging. Wrestlerplace has strong arm and so good technics, that made him a highly recommandable opponent. He's very welcoming and sociable too. Would like to meet him again and again.


lifeguard115 is recommended by Didja1 (9/24/2018)

Great guy, great wrestler, friendly, Safe and sane.
He said that he never wore a singlet. I gave him one of mine, and I put mine on and we went at it, On the mats.
What a match, we had 2.


TimmyG33 is recommended by Mason314 (9/24/2018)

Had a rough and tumble sweaty time with Timmy G. There was some trash talk leading up to the match, and he could back it. Timmy is cocky, strong and fast...I had size on him but was only able to get him to submit once. We had a true brawl that lasted for about 2 hours...I held my own but TimmyG dominated this one, and made me his Jobber. Definitely looking forward to the next match!


antibody is recommended by grapplingguy (9/24/2018)

So glad that Antibody responded my message almost immediately, and invited to join him and Tenacity to open mat!
Antibody has built very impressive muscle body and continues advance it with weigh-lifting workouts! I believe that felt each single his muscle (hidden under rush guard) once I lock with him in grappling - I wish we roll without rush guards :) Chest, bubble shoulders, arms, etc etc! Lean and impressive muscles!
On the mat he operates with very nice bjj techniques that are not really common. He threatened me with damn good choke when I was on side-control (!), wow! He absorbed well and did not even showed any sign that he is uncomfortable when I gave "hundred kilos" to him - really good job too. Another thing that impressed me - are very tight and uncomfortable-to-be-on grips that he made at no-gi rolls, I needed to pay significant attention to those grips to get read of them - VERY good job on that!
I do not really do much open guard positions due to knee injury - but sometimes u need to get there anyway, and it happened when Antibody and I rolled, so he made very good highlight to me a thing from the folder "never do it" :) - it was a real threat that I should work hard against - thanks for that!
Bottomline, Antibody is a smart, muscular and skilled athlete. If he offers roll with you - do not miss this chance - you will not be disappointed!
I am impatiently look forward for any other chance to train with Antibody and Tenacity!


EastSider is recommended by ready2fight (9/24/2018)

A skilled freestyle wrestler who combines power and technique as he used to wrestle in high school. A gracious host who seems to be a well-kept secret in NYC - highly recommned to anyone who lives in or finds themselves in the City.


wannarassle is recommended by OKWRSTLMARK (9/24/2018)

I had the opportunity to rassle wannarassle. He's a great wrestler and a super nice guy. If you're in the Dallas area, I would definitely recommend getting together with him. We had a great time on my mats. Mark


Kane78 is recommended by Deutsche1980 (9/23/2018)

Kane is a wonderful and gracious host, an unbeatable wrestler and a very patient instructor.
I had a great time rolling with him and getting some very useful tips at this amazing gym in Zug.
Cannot recommend him enough!


Dad fighter is recommended by wrestledad (9/23/2018)

Every once in a blue moon, some dude comes along and seems to check off every box on your profiles "want list". Dad_fighter is that dude for me. In the ring, rough, tough, rude, unpleasant, and mean as a snake. Yeah, me too. It was sweaty, it was messy, there was a lot of hurt going on, there was a lot of snarling and growling going down.Unkind words were spoken, dirty moves became more frequent. While its obvious I am the more experienced , stronger, and indeed, sexier man in this dog fight, Dad_fighter brought 100% to the match, put me in my place a number of times, even got me a little worried.
Probably the most exciting match I've had in years. Nice guy out of the ring, but an SOB in the ring. He's earned an open challenge for rematches in my book, anytime, any place, any way. I'm not through with you by a long shot, and I know you're not through with me. AAA+


tomsport is recommended by Deutsche1980 (9/23/2018)

Tom is tall, big, strong, huge, a great host, tall, polite, and tall.
We had fun rolling at a matroom he was kind enough to secure for us.
He was very easy to set up a meeting with, and fun to talk with.
I was lucky enough to be able to pull off a couple of tricks that worked against him...otherwise he would have simply destroyed me.
Not sure I mentioned: but he is really tall.

62700 recommendations