About Photo Classification

How does it work?

Newly uploaded photos must be classified by our site members before they can appear on someone's profile or gallery. This is a kind of "peer review".

Who does the work?

Any member with a complete profile and a few weeks spent on the site can participate. No one reviewer can decide the classification of a photo, at least two or three reviewers must agree. This way, one bad classification alone cannot decide the fate of a photo.

What is the purpose?

We want a personals site with profile photos that inform us and help organize our meets. For this reason, we need photos that show the member's body to gauge strength, or face to help recognize.

Photo Classification Guidelines

Profile photos must be clear portraits or body photos. No hide and seek.

Rules appear in order of importance. For example, "Explicit content" rules override "Gallery" rules. Photo classification is not based on precedent.

Private only

"Private only content" cannot appear on your profile or in your gallery. Private content can be sent as message attachment.

Copyright or branding

Photo is copyrighted, depicts a celebrity or bears branding of another website such as "BG West" or "GlobalFright".


Photo depicts illegal material, such as cruelty to animals, bestiality, child porn, symbols of oppression (e.g. swastika), etc.

Shock photo

Blood, gore, real torture, etc.


Sex, full frontal nudity, erections. You know. Porn, porn, porn.

Erotic content

"Erotic content" cannot appear on your profile, but can be posted in your gallery.

(Near) nudity, frontal or rear

Pubic region visible

Crotch grabbing

Either grabbing his own crotch, or someone else's.

Crotch to face / face sitting

Also covers fetishes like feet or armpit to face.

Erection through clothing

An educated guess to the guy's endowement can be made.

S&M or fetish

Suggestive pose / frottage / other erotic

Frottage, fingering, non-penetrative sex, etc.

Gallery (more than one person)

"Gallery only" photos cannot appear on your profile. They can be shown in your gallery.

Action shots

Two or more people fighting! These belong in the gallery because it might not be obvious which person is the profile owner.

More than one person

Two or more people doing something else. These belong in the gallery because it might not be obvious which person is the profile owner.

Gallery (we want to see more)

Fragment (part of the body or face)

Photos that show neither the full upper body nor a recognizable face.

Covered in gear

Covered in judo gi, shirt, singlet or other clothing that hides body traits.

Too dark / too light

Bad exposure or lighting conditions make this photo hard to appreciate.


Bad camera focus. If only this photo was a bit sharper!

Bad angle (back, ...)

The photo is taken from behind, side, above, bellow. So... not the front.

Gallery (other)

Bad framing (too small)

We like to see people. All that scenery is nice, but detract from the subject matter. This category includes clothed photos where the face is tiny compared to all the surrounding scenery.


Drawings, logos, art, photoshop filters.

Age, height or weight doesn't match profile

No people (sceneries, gear, ...)

Mild content

"Mild content" can appear on your profile or your gallery, but are hidden from unregistered visitors.

Mildly erotic

Photos that are not pornographic but you wouldn't show your mom. Includes people wearing underwear, lycra, speedos, towels or striking a pose that is just a bit suggestive. Otherwise the photo qualifies for profile: it shows the face or upper body.

Clean photo

"Clean photos" can appear both in your profile or your gallery.


Like an ID photo: the face takes the center and is clear enough to recognize the person if you met on a street.

(Upper) body

The upper body is visible from neck to waist. Great to see some arms too!

Recent Classifications

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