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Here are some thoughts you may or may not relate to.

Writing a blog here, for me, is more about connecting with people than wanting people to know about me. I love it when people here tell me they relate to some of the stuff I post! I'm happy to have a conversation if anyone wants to (messages, I don't do chat or Skype, sorry).


• I am very, very, very particular about the people I want to meet up with. I'm protective of my body, and it takes certain people for me to feel comfortable with.

• I am less picky in choosing who to box than who to wrestle, because there is less physical body contact.

• An attractive man does not equal a good match.

• I only want to wrestle men who put all of their effort into fighting. I'm not very good with interactions that don't fit that description.

• It's not by design that most of my opponents are 50+... it's just that they are who I happened to click with.


• The main reason I wrestle and box is because they're fetishes of mine. They are more exciting to me than sex and porn.

• Just because I'm gay and wrestling is my fetish, that doesn't mean I mix wrestling with sex. They are completely different things to me.

• The way I wrestle with gay or straight men is exactly the same. My sexuality does not come into play during action at all.

• I watch regular wrestling and boxing videos to get off to. I don't like erotic fighting videos.

• Though I don't do it myself, watching pro wrestling is a huge turn-on for me. Other forms of wrestling are also stimulating to me, but not as much.

Physical activities/sport:

• I have no talent for any physical activity. I'm an awkward bag of flesh and bones controlled by an even more awkward brain. I just act on instincts.

• I'd rather not do any physical activities at all, but I force myself to do so. It's never easy for me to do this! Anytime I fight, it's against my natural tendencies.

• I don't work out, I skateboard and bike (in good weather) and walk a lot. I have zero interest in going to a gym. I prefer a little chub over muscles!

• Martial arts are the only sports I like, but only because they're a turn-on.

• I'm quite anti-competitive. I just want both parties to have a lovely time!


• I love speedos more than anything else by far. Singlets are #2.

• I like to wear speedos, but I don't like to see myself in them. Hence, no pictures of me wearing them (maybe someday, though).

• I dislike any logos or writing on all gear, I'm aesthetically interested in minimal/plain presentation, because I'm a picky artist! :P

• I'd rather say "briefs" or "trunks" than "speedos," but I've accepted that the latter is the de facto term for the thing I like.

• I don't like "sexy" gear at all! I prefer everything to be look functional and safe-for-work.


• If we're planning to meet, and I seem noncommittal... well, that's because I'm a scatterbrain and I always mess up dates and plans and no, I can't keep a calendar to save my life.

• I never, ever flake out, because if I let myself do that, I wouldn't fight anyone at all, ever. I've only cancelled because of schedule conflicts or physical impediments.

• I respect people who want to wrestle because it's masculine and manly, but I don't care about that stuff. I just want some good fighting.

• I don't like images of myself, so I only have a minimal amount. I'd rather choose carefully than post a bunch up.

• I don't do pro or jobber/heel stuff because I just don't have the mindset to pretend to fight. It seems like a fun thing in itself, but I'm not very good at role-playing.

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pilsener urquell (1) 2/10/2018 5:42 AM

Love your comments as I feel very much the same way! Thanks for being open.


Peter69 (20) 2/10/2018 8:13 PM

Thanks for sharing this. I absolutely go along with some of your ideas but not with all of them
That's because we are human and are bound to have some things we disagree.
But thanks


Spruceman (64 platinum) 2/11/2018 2:19 AM

I'm not a prude; but I'm here to wrestle/grapple/"fight" so I do find one distinct advantage, however, to meeting up with "straight," post-sexual, or asexual guys – higher proportion of the time is spent doing what the site is name for. While I'd be up for sex with most guys ONLY AFTER were all fought out, why would I want to spend hours looking for compatibility both fight wise and sex wise here, when I could got to some type of a "fuksRus dot yuks" site and find the sex in a few minutes?